Paddling in Cherry Lake in the BWCA

Sag Cherry

Saganaga, Cherry, Ottertrack

Boundary Waters Canoe Route - Saganaga, Cherry, ottertrack

BWCAW  Entry Point 55 Saganaga Lake(17 entry permits)
Minimum Trip Length 4 Days

Route Description coming soon.

BWCA Maps Needed:
  • Fisher Maps: F-19
  • McKenzie Maps: 6, 8, 26
  • Voyageur Maps: 6

Fast Facts:
Lake DNR # Fish Species Maximum Depth Acres Elevation Campsites
Saganaga 16063900 Walleye, lake trout, smallmouth bass, northern pike, whitefish 280 13832.23 1430 77
Swamp 38001200 walleye, northern pike 25 208 1432 0
Ottertrack 38021100 Walleye, lake trout, smallmouth bass, northern pike 116 1103 1385 6
Ester 38020700 lake trout, northern pike 110 388 1448 5
Hansen 38020600 lake trout, northern pike 100 284 1447 4
Cherry 380166006076800 Walleye, Lake Trout 90 147 1435 2
Topaz 38017200 Lake Trout, Smallmouth Bass 70 130 1433 1
Amoeber 38022700 Walleye, Lake Trout, Smallmouth Bass 110 386 1419 2
Knife 38040400 Walleye, Lake Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike 179 4919.75 1382 54

Portages out of Saganaga
Portages out of Swamp Portages out of Ottertrack Portages out of Ester
-North 600 rod to Saganagons
-NW 130 rod to Saganagons Silver Falls
-West 5 rod 3rd Bay to Zephyr
-West 5 rod 3rd Bay to Swamp
-SW 10 rod RR Bay to Red Rock
-South 40 rod to Roy
South 38 rod to Seagull via Seagull River
-SE 10 rod to Tenor
-SE 80 rod James Bay to Morris
-SE 38 rod to Maraboeuf on Granite River via Sag Falls
-East 25 Currans Bay to Wantelto
-NE 20 rod Northeast Arm to Northern Light Lake
--West 80 rods to Ottertrack
-SW 155 rods to Ashdick
-SW 5 rods to Saganaga
-South West 50 rod portage to Gijikiki
-NW 152 rods to Plough
-South East 80 rod portage to Ester
-North 100 rods to Jasper
-NE 80 rod portage to Swamp
-South West 5 rod portage to Knife
-North 80 rods to Ottertrack
-NE 55 rods to Ashdick
-West 15 rods to Rabbit
-South to Hanson

Portages out of Hansen Portages out of Cherry Portages out of Topaz Portages out of Amoeber
-North to Ester
-West 110 rods to Cherry
-SW 10 rods to Clam
-South 120 rods to South Arm of Knife
-North 45 rod to Lunar
-NE 110 rod to Hanson
-West 5 rod to Topaz
East 5 rods to Cherry
-West 20 rods to Amoeber
-NW 20 rods to Knife
-SW 75 rods to Knife
-East 20 rods to Topaz
Portages out of Knife      
-NE 5 rods to Ottertrack
-SE 20 rods to Amoeber
-NE 120 rods to Hanson
-East 15 rods to Toe
-East  5 rods to Toe
-East 130 rods to Nave
-SE 25 rods to Eddy
-Central 30 rods from South  of Knife  to Knife
-Central 50 rods from South A of Knife  to Knife
-SE 130 rods to Sema
-South 33 rods to Bonnie
-NW 180 rods to Crawford
-SW 200  rods to Vera
-SW 25 rods to Portage
-West 75 rods to Seed Lake

Route Description:

A Short Story:
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