Voyageur Quote: "How easy and simple it is to live enjoyably when the simple, interminable blue of the sky, with its long wisps of white clouds, become a pleasant thing to behold, a thing of beauty that thrills you every time you care to look skyward." John Schindler 




Cloud Filled Sky







Summer Day














     Mother Nature has been keeping the weather forecasters on their toes this summer.   Their predictions seem only to be pulled from a hat as conditions are constantly changing.

    The heavy rains in June added up to over 8 inches in some parts of the wilderness.  The temperatures were slightly cooler than normal averaging in the high 60's during the daytime.  The water level was at its high water marks on the rocks and even the old timers couldn't remember it ever being that high.

     July started out hot and dry and we were convinced summer weather was here.  Then it cooled off after the first week and we saw a nightly low of 48 degrees on the 10th and a daytime high of only 60 degrees on the 11th.  On the 11th Mother Nature also gave us two and a half inches of rain along with hail and strong winds.  The winds came and stayed with us for a number of days challenging paddlers to gusts and waves. 

     What does Mother Nature have in store for us the rest of the summer?  Only she knows what her mood will bring, but we're hoping she chooses some sun during the day, sprinkles at night and calm windless days for paddling.



Practicing for the Races











What's NEW?

Canoe Races- The annual canoe races to benefit the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department have come and gone.  The Voyageur Crew did an excellent job and we were well represented in all age divisions.  The evening was cut short due to rain but fun was had by all and money was raised for the GTVFD.  Another successful event thanks to the homeowners on the Gunflint Trail.

Last Minute Deals- One person's junk is another person's treasure and so it is with misfortune and fortune.  Due to many different reasons guests have had to cancel their vacations and we've had last minute openings.  We have posted these openings on our Specials Page and people have taken advantage of them.  Don't miss out on a great opportunity for an awesome vacation at a great rate.

The Boundary Waters Blog- Canoes for sale, tips on being green and much more can be found on the Boundary Waters Blog.  We know you will enjoy reading it so check it out today.

What's Blooming? The more appropriate question may be what isn't blooming.  There are wildflowers of all colors as well as wild strawberries and those ever famous blueberries.  Come and pick 'em while they last!


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The Quetico Park  

     There is a place that exists where troubles seem to drift away.  Where every day cares and concerns are no longer important.  If you are one of the few people who get to experience this place then you are a lucky individual.  The place is the Quetico Park.

     The Quetico is a pristine wilderness where it is possible to paddle for days without seeing another individual.  Most campsites are rarely used and have grass growing in the fire pits.  The fish are game to bite on artificial lures and wildlife seems to be peeking around every corner.  Every where you look there are hidden bays and wooded sites inviting you to explore.

     We invite you to explore the Quetico Park with Voyageur this summer. We are here to help you plan a wilderness camping and canoeing adventure. You will need an RABC Permit , a Quetico entry point permit and will have to pay overnight camping fees of $20.00/person/night.  Believe me, this is a small price to pay for such a big experience. 




Cache Bay





Mack Lake









Canoe Country Pictographs-

     Messages from an earlier time can sometimes be seen on the face of sheer rock walls in the canoe country.  Many of these stories were told by using red ochre to paint on the rock's surface, hence their red color.  Some of these pictographs were discovered years ago while some of them are still waiting to be discovered.

     Some of the pictographs can be easily seen while others are a bit more difficult.  There is a well preserved pictograph in Cache Bay while one we saw on Mack Lake isn't as good.  Our attempts to see pictographs in Kawa Bay have been unsuccessful due to inclement weather and big waves.

     There is an individual who is attempting to put a book together about the pictographs in the canoe country.  He was out on a trip recently and ran into some folks that had information about something in Kawnipi Lake that he was unaware of.  If you know anything about this or were the people who he is referring to then please contact me and I'll get you in touch with him.

The person we are seeking was part of a group of four awaiting tow from Hook Island the morning of June 22.  We gave him a sample copy of one of our sheets and he asked about the white painting on Kawnipi.  Without going into the whole conversation, he showed me on his camera a picture of a very bright, white maymaygwishi and told me it was near the marked site on the west side of Kawa Bay, which he could not find. He said it was chipped about 1/16 inch into the rock (unusual!).   He said he would be happy to give me a copy of the picture and a description of the location as best he could.  We are going to Kawnipi in August to check out the new site in the west end of the lake and revisit some others  and would like to chase this one down as well.  We scoured that location until we found the noted site there and have not seen this bright white figure.   We really could use some accurate information of the image he saw so we can try to find it and try to authenticate it.


Adam's Catch



     There are fish in those lakes and they are hungry.  Just ask our staff member Adam.  He and Billi go fishing every chance they get and they almost always catch something.

     On a recent outing Adam experienced a little role reversal.  He loves to troll large lures for large fish.  He was trolling and hooked into a big northern pike.  He brought the fish into the boat and the fish thrashed so that the hook not only had the northern but also Adam's hand.   A few minutes of frenzy and the lure let loose of the northern but was stuck fast in Adam's hand.

     The lure did not let go and showed no signs of loosening its grip.  Adam and Billie, paddled, portaged, paddled some more, took a towboat ride and then drove to Grand Marais where Adam finally was released.  I like to say, the bigger the lure the bigger the fish, but maybe Adam should consider a lure just a wee bit smaller next time.



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  Mike, Sue and the Voyageur Crew