"Each moment of the year has its own beauty . . . a picture which was never before and shall never be seen again."  Ralph Waldo Emerson


Beautiful Day in the Boundary Waters

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Hiking the BWCA

Hiking the Boundary Waters Canoe Area 


















Summer is Here-

          The weather this month has been almost perfect.  Daytime high temperatures are averaging around 55 degrees and the nightly lows are only slightly below freezing.  The sun has been out more than I can ever remember and the water is warming up quickly.

     The only downside to this beautiful weather is the lack of precipitation.  We have received less than an inch and a half of rain and/or snow combined.  That's the least amount of precipitation we've ever seen in April and that's after a very dry March where we broke records for being the driest in 15 years with less than an inch of precipitation recorded. 

     The other record broken this year was for the early ice out on many Minnesota Lakes.  Saganaga was ice free by April 10th this year, the earliest date anyone can remember.  The average date ice goes off on Sag is the 3rd of May and we've seen it stay as late as May 16th in 1996.  

     It's a strange feeling to have it look like summer outside and have no guests around.  It's been perfect paddling and camping weather and I really feel badly no one has been up to take advantage of having the Boundary Waters all to themself.  It's wonderful being able to sit on the deck or dock and enjoy the quiet without anyone here.  I think I could get used to it so you better come and visit us at Voyageur soon or the next thing you know I'll be eating bon bons and sunbathing on the middle dock when you want to be getting a tow out to the wilderness. 

 Take a Hike-

     One thing I love to do this time of year is hike.  I enjoy hiking in most seasons but there are some distinct advantages to being out in the woods before the trees are dressed in their summer foliage.  You can see things you can't see when there are leaves on the trees and vegetation covering the trail.  Just ask our crew member Adam Maxwell.

     Adam and his two friends thru-hiked the Kekekabic Hiking Trail this spring.  They started near Snowbank Lake outside of Ely and made their way to the Gunflint Trail through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.  The trail is remote and rugged and is just under 40 miles in length.  While out there Adam and his friends discovered the perks of spring hiking. 

     The best thing about hiking in the BWCA this time of the year is they were the first ones on the trail.  This allowed them the rare opportunity to discover two shed moose antlers and an intact moose skull.  They were thrilled to have been able to see antlers up close and personal.  They weren't bothered by bugs and didn't see another soul while out there.  They enjoyed the challenging terrain and exploring the BWCA by foot.

     The hiking trails of the Boundary Waters are seldom used.  Known for being a canoe area most folks don't think about hiking here.  That means the trails can sometimes be difficult to follow as directional signs are not abundant.  It is rewarding to find your way through the wilderness with little guidance and to feel as if the woods are yours and yours alone.        















 Portages Aren't a Walk in the Park-      

 But they can be made easier and more fun with a little bit of planning and thought.

     The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is famous for its drinking water fresh lakes, feisty fish, pine studded islands and many other reasons. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area is infamous for one reason alone. Connecting these BWCA lakes are footpaths known in the Boundary Waters as portages. These portage trails allow wilderness canoe country campers to travel through some amazing BWCA routes. Each portage is as unique as each Boundary Waters lake. Carrying a canoe and gear across wilderness portages isn´t an easy feat but it can be made more fun by following these five simple steps.

     One way to make BWCA portages more fun is to make them a bit easier. By limiting the amount of weight and number of items you carry on portages the trek will be less difficult. The golden rule in BWCAW travel is to pack light. Unless you are a French Voyageur reincarnate, a Sherpa or a masochist it is difficult to look forward to carrying a 120-pound canoe, 3 five-gallon buckets, 2 coolers and 6 100-pound Duluth Packs across a Boundary Waters portage. Pack light and not only will your load be lighter but your outlook will be as well.

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Making Your Voyageur Vacation Even Better!

     The early spring on the Gunflint Trail has allowed us to get alot of outside work done this year.  We've had the help of a talented carpenter for the month of April and he has done wonders in the short amount of time he's been here. 

     Some of the projects he has worked on not everyone will notice.  I, on the other hand, notice them all.  He's done some major remodeling in Black Bear Cabin and the small cabin at Water's Edge II.  They look absolutely amazing as do the new doors in Riverside Cabin.  This year's staff is being treated to some nice flooring courtesy of John and he's still going strong.

     We have a great crew hired for the summer to make your experience even better.  We hope you will plan to spend a week with us or take a canoe trip with us, we'd love for you to see how we're working to make your vacation the best it can be.      

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     There is still time to join us for some Ham Run Fun on the Trail Less Traveled.  You can run the half-marathon, 5k or have your children run the kid's race.  Join us for a Ham Dinner and live music provided by the Trail's End Band.  It's going to be alot of fun so come stay with us this weekend for the Ham Run

     If you're busy this weekend then how about next weekend?  Bring your Mother or a friend up for  Gunflint Green Up.   We have lodging available and we'd love for you to join us in celebrating the Greening up of the Gunflint Trail.  

      We have a 3-night vacation package for you to enhance your Voyageur Vacation.  We want to see you at Voyageur this May so make your plans to visit today.

Fishing Fanatics- Saganaga Lake is located on the border of Minnesota and Canada and that means you can fish for Northern Pike year around.  The big ones will be lurking in the shallows due to the spawn and they'll be waiting to bite.  We'll get you set up to catch one.  Included in this 3-night package is boat and motor rental, gas, bait, map and tackle for Northern Pike fishing. 


Love Your Family- Bring your kids to Voyageur Canoe Outfitters and breakfast is on us.  Enjoy two mornings of hot breakfasts and one morning of a continental breakfast during your 3-night stay.  We’ll even give your child a toy they can take home.  We know vacationing with a family can be expensive and that’s why we’ll throw in 8 gallons of gasoline for your vehicle when you book this special package.


Truffles and True Love- If you’re looking for a romantic weekend then look no further.  During your 3-night stay you can enjoy chocolate truffles, a complimentary bottle of champagne and a cheese and cracker tray courtesy of us.  We'll also pack you a trail lunch to take on a day canoe trip or hike.  If you need flowers for a special occassion then let us know as we can even arrange to have flowers ready and waiting for you upon your arrival for an additional charge.


All of these packages are available through May 25, 2010.  Rates depend upon which accommodations you book for the published rate of a 3-night stay in that unit.  Best of all, when mentioning this newsletter you'll also get the 4th night free.  Better hurry because the weekends are filling up fast.



An average day fishing in the BWCA




Fresh Fish for Dinner- 

     I'm hoping we'll have plenty of fish on the menu for our crew dinners this summer.  We have two crew members who have previously worked and guided fishing trips on Lake of the Woods.  We shall see how their fishing skills work here on our Gunflint Trail lakes. Either way we'll be hearing lots of fish tales around the dinner table for sure.

     The walleye are spawning in the river and with this consistent weather it's going to be a great spawn.  Last year guests were catching lots of nice eating sized walleyes and that year's spawn will be even bigger this year. 

     Lake Trout fishing has been amazing on Saganaga Lake.  I don't expect this summer to be any different than in previous years.  Folks will most likely be catching them all summer long.

     Northern pike and smallmouth bass seem to always be biting up here.  Remember, we live on a border lake so we can fish for those species year around.  

     The Minnesota and Canadian Fishing Opener is on the 15th of May but lake trout opener isn't until the 22nd in Canada except for in the Quetico Park.

     Grab your rod and reel and come wet your line at Voyageur.  There's fish in the water and they are ready to be caught.     

Thank you for reading our newsletter.  We hope you enjoy it and tell others about it.  

  Mike, Sue and the Voyageur Crew  

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