"Wilderness is more than lakes, rivers, and timber along the shores, more than fishing or just camping. It is the sense of the primeval, of space, solitude, silence and the eternal mystery.  -Sigurd Olson


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 Gunflint Trail Moose

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Sorry You Missed It-

          May has been marvelous on the Gunflint Trail.  The only thing bad about it is that you haven't been here to enjoy it.  Mother Nature provided us with an entire week of temperatures in the 70's and 80's with abundant sunshine.  The majority of our days have seen blue skies and calm winds that have been perfect for day tripping or overnight camping in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  We honestly say we wish you were here.

     We received some much needed precipitation earlier this month.  Some parts of the Gunflint Trail received an inch of snow on the 7th of May while others received over an inch of rain on the 13th of May.  It was just enough to moisten the ground and reduce the fire danger in these northwoods.  The fire ban was removed much to the delight of our wilderness campers.

     The forecast calls for more temperatures into the 70's and 80's this coming week.  The forest is drying up rapidly with the warm sunshine and water levels are quite low.  The rapids we pass through to get out to Saganaga are quite challenging for our new tow boat drivers.

     We could use some precipitation to quench the ground's thirst and to bring water levels up a little bit.  There is a chance of rain before Memorial Weekend but we're thinking we should all do a little rain dance to hurry it along.

Summer Residents Return-

     The Gunflint Trail is getting busier with the return of all of the summer residents.  The spring peepers are back in the swamps, the loons are in the lakes and even the hummingbirds are buzzing by. 

     The traffic is increasing on the roadways and sometimes it comes to a complete standstill.  A grouse decided to show off for me in the middle of the road the other day.  He puffed himself up to twice his normal size and strutted about the center line. He stood proudly as still as a statue as I drove into the other lane to get around him. 

     Malachai the moose has been stopping traffic quite frequently too.  He'll stand in the roadway staring at you like he's playing a game of "Blink" with a kid.  Sometimes he'll saunter off on his own accord while other times you just have to drive up to him slowly and tell him to move it or lose it.

     Freddy the fox and all of his family members are working the roads like a clean up crew.  With varmints in their mouths they cruise the shoulder in search of more tasty morsels.  They'll give you a quick glance before continuing along their way.

     The neighborhood is getting busier every day as more and more summer residents return.  Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to travel the Gunflint Trail because you never know who you might run into.                  




Black Bears in the Boundary Waters 

Northwoods Neighbor 









 Care to Dance?-      

     Have you ever done a two step with a black bear? I hadn't either until recently.

     "There's a bear in the back of the garbage truck." That's not something you hear every day but it is what we heard on Sunday.  To our surprise  a bear found a bag of garbage in the back of our pick-up truck.  He was busily rummaging through the bag in search of something tastier than egg shells while the Voyageur Crew gathered to gawk.  He wasn't having much luck but wasn't interested in giving up on the search for food either. 

     I decided I wanted to see how close I could get to the bear to take a picture.  When he put his head down I advanced to within a few feet of his face.  He didn't appreciate my advances and jumped out of the truck pretty close to my side.  He took two steps forward and I took two steps back as a high-pitched screech escaped my mouth.  Then the bear took a bow and the dance was over as quickly as it began. 

     Into the woods he went perhaps with thoughts of doing the two step with some other silly gal.













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 The Voyageur Crew is Ready To Serve You-

     You'll find both familiar and new faces when you visit Voyageur this summer.  Adam, Andrew, Chelsea and Tessa have all returned and are excited to offer the exceptional customer service you have come to expect from them. 

     Our new Crew members are looking forward to meeting our guests and are ready and waiting for your arrival.  Be sure to introduce yourself to Chris T.,  Elsa, Ron, Kristi, Chris S., John and Eric.  

     We can't wait to see you for your vacation at Voyageur! 

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     We invite you to come and stay with us this summer not only for the opening of Chik-Wauk over the 4th of July but also for any vacation time you have.  There is always something to do or you can relax and do nothing while vacationing at Voyageur.

     You don't need a special occasion to come and be our guest at Voyageur.  Whether you want to fish, hike, paddle or just get away from it all we have the perfect vacation destination for you. 

     Our cabins are clean and have everything you need for a short or long stay including full kitchens, towels, linens and a canoe rental for your entire stay.  There are plenty of restaurants nearby if you would prefer to have someone else cook for you.  We can even help you make reservations for a different place to dine for each night of your stay.  

     Check out our calendar of events for more reasons to come vacation with Voyageur, we'd love to see you here!





BWCA Fishing in the Boundary Waters

Shore Lunch Anyone?



Fishing Tips-      

     The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness lakes are teeming with fish.  There are a variety of different species of fish in the BWCA but most sought after are Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Smallmouth Bass.  While some people come to the canoe country just to paddle and camp in the wilderness others come for the sole purpose of fishing in the Boundary Waters.  There are as many ways to catch fish in the BWCA as there are Boundary Waters lakes but here are four tips to help you catch fish on your next Boundary Waters canoe camping trip.


     There are thousands of lakes in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and most contain a population of fish.  There are a few lakes in the BWCA that do not support any fish.  The first step in a successful Boundary Waters fishing trip is to paddle, camp and fish in lakes that contain the species of fish you are interested in fishing for.  It can be disappointing to fish all day for Lake Trout only to find out later the lake only contains Northern Pike.  Find out what type of fish are in each of the lakes you will travel by asking an outfitter or looking at online resources.  This research and knowledge can make a big difference in the success of your BWCAW fishing trip.

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  Mike, Sue and the Voyageur Crew  

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