"We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand... and melting like a snowflake.  Let us use it before it is too late."  By Marie Edith Beynon

 Cross Country skiing on the GUnflint TRail

Winter Wonders





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Winter Solitude





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Winter Slips By-

          Like the snowflake that touches our warm skin winter is quickly melting away.  For some winter is a dreaded, bleak season filled with blustery cold and wind.  Winter can be long for those who lock themselves inside and shut out the rest of the world.  Breathing stale air day after day and never allowing the sunlight to shine on their faces these people slowly decay.  Their minds fill with grumbles and their heart hardens like the ice of a frozen lake.

     For others winter is a welcome time when the cold air rushes into their lungs and makes their heart pound with excitement.   Their eyes notice the beauty in the shadows and the sparkle of each tiny flake of snow beneath the winter sun.  Outside these people become filled with a sense of happiness only known to those who can truly say they love winter.

     I am one who truly loves winter.  Twenty degrees is too warm and I crave fresh fallen snow.  There's nothing better than winter in the wilderness when you can hear branches snap in the cold and the snow crunch beneath your feet.  The silence of a cold winter's night beneath a star filled sky can fill a mind with awe.

     While winter may make critters scurry quicker or birds flitter faster it allows others to slow down.  Gone is the guilt when I choose to slow down as the temperatures drop.  The life of an outfitter is hectic in the summer but when the liquid becomes solid canoe trips cease to exist.  This is a welcome time in my world when I have time to appreciate all life and the natural world has to offer.

     Every day a life slips away like that snowflake on the skin.  Live life like a snowflake that just misses a warm hand and is allowed to shine beneath the sun and bring joy to all who experience it.


     Not too cold, not too warm but just right.  Winter is just right this year on the Gunflint Trail and the snow conditions are perfect.  Plenty of snow covers the earth for winter enthusiasts to enjoy.  The lake trout are biting beneath the ice and the trails are in excellent condition for cross-country skiing and snowmobiling.  The forests are filled with snow to explore by way of snowshoe or dog team.

     February 2010 most likely won't break any records as far as weather on the Gunflint Trail is concerned.  The average highs and lows are just that, average.  We've received around 5 inches of snow this month and with another 5 inches we'll be right at the average amount of snowfall as well. 

     Maybe the last part of February will bring about some interesting weather but the extended forecast calls for more of the same.  Just some average February temperatures and chances of snow.   



snowshoeing in Grand Marais, MN

   Snowshoeing at School   




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Average Winter is Still Better Than Average on the Gunflint Trail-

     If a person knows how to dress appropriately then winter can be extremely enjoyable, especially on the Gunflint Trail.  It's difficult to think about leaving the county to vacation when there are so many fun things to do in our very own backyard.

     We've spent quite a bit of time outside enjoying winter on the Gunflint Trail lately.  I've enjoyed the numerous cross country ski trails in the Upper Gunflint Ski system where I rarely see another person.  I was rewarded one day with the chance to enjoy a close look at a timber wolf on the ski trail.

     Mike went winter camping and had an excellent adventure in the Quetico Park.  Frigid temperatures and cold wind chills didn't discourage the guys from ice fishing and they were happy to enjoy a shore lunch of fresh lake trout. 

     We finally got our snowmobiles out for a ride on the trail the other day and for a buzz out to Saganaga for some ice fishing.  My snowshoes have been strapped on a couple of times and I recently enjoyed taking Josh's class snowshoeing in the school woods.  

     There's so much to do on the Gunflint Trail in the winter.  You must plan to visit.  Call us today to find out where you can stay at Voyageur this winter.  1-888-CANOEIT.      














Mush for a Cure on the Gunflint Trail National Breast Cancer Foundation Fundraiser

Mush for a Cure Fun





 Mush for a Cure Cut for a Cure

 Cut for a Cure 




 When To Visit?-

        If you are looking to experience everything winter on the Gunflint Trail has to offer then be sure to come during the Gunflint Trail's 6th Annual Winter Tracks.  We have lodging available for February 25-28th and we'd love to have you as our guest.  Join a USFS Ranger and learn about tracks in the wild while on a guided snowshoe trek.  Glide across the cross-country ski trails during one of the free ski days or challenge yourself to race at Bearskin Lodge.  There are snowmobile trips, broomball games and even an ice fishing contest to participate in.  We hope you will come make some tracks of your own at this year's Winter Tracks.

     There's another opportunity to enjoy some wild winter fun on the Gunflint Trail.  The white snow is dotted with pink during the 4th Annual Mush for a Cure Sled Dog FUNdraiser March 12-13, 2010.  It's an event you won't want to miss as it's filled with fun for a great cause.  Last year's mushers raised over $25,000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. 

     The weekend starts with a Pink Prom Pasta Party and The Bold, The Bald and The Beautiful contest.  Mike is being a good sport by offereing to have his head shaved during the Cut for a Cure if the price is right.  You can learn more about this great event and help support it by visiting our website.    If you would like to donate money or items for the event or pay to see Mike bald then please call Sue at 1-888-CANOEIT or email me at sue@mushforacure.com


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How to Ensure Success on a BWCA Canoe Camping Trip-

     Your living room looks like a Boy Scout campsite struck by a tornado.  A sleeping bag sits with feathers popping out, bent tent poles poke out through a bag, blackened cook kits grace the floor and miscellaneous camping gear are strewn from wall to wall.  The smell of mildew mixed with campfire permeates the air as you try to sort through your gear that was put away after last year’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness camping trip.  Your thoughts drift back to the last day of your last BWCA canoe trip when you packed up your gear in a downpour promising yourself you would dry it and wash out your pots and pans as soon as you returned home.  With black soot on your face and pine needles in your hair you wonder how on earth you will be packed and ready to go on your wilderness canoe trip by the weekend.


     That’s where folks like Mike Prom from Voyageur Canoe Outfitters http://www.canoeit.com  on Minnesota’s Gunflint Trail comes in.  He’s been outfitting paddling and camping enthusiasts into the wilderness canoe country for almost 20 years.  He purchases the best equipment for Boundry Waters canoe trips, sends it out on trips and then cleans it up so it’s ready to do all over again.  The best way to ensure a successful BWCA camping trip is by using a canoe outfitter.     

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Wenonah Brings Back a Favorite- It seems everyone has a favorite type of canoe they like to paddle and if your like us then it's a canoe made by Minnesota's own Wenonah Canoe Company.  We outfit trips primarily with canoes made by Wenonah whether it's a kevlar or royalex.  We love their Boundary Waters canoe in royalex as well as their Minnesota II and III in kevlar.       This year Wenonah has brought back an old favorite, the Sundowner 17.  It's a great boat for folks who like to paddle rugged rivers and lakes at fast speeds.  It's a little too speedy for a Boundary Waters trip but I won't be surprised if I see them around this summer.  


Shore Lunch not in the Quetico Park

Shore Lunches- The best part of fishing.




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Ice Fishing- 

     Imagine pulling a 30 pound lake trout through a hole in the ice.  That's what Saganaga resident Larry Marxen of Chippewa Inn did just a couple of weeks ago.  Talk about a lunker of a lake trout. 

     Lake trout are being caught elseswhere in the Boundary Waters and in our neighboring Canadian Lakes.  Nothing as large as the 30 pound trout but there's been great action for smaller ones on Saganaga, Gunflint and other lakes on the Gunflint Trail. 

     The temperature is perfect for spending a day out on the ice so come on up and wet your line.  This year lake trout fishing is open until March 31st inside and outside of the Boundary Waters.  There's plenty of time to enjoy ice fishing on the Gunflint Trail so grab your jig stick and get out your tip-ups and try your luck at some wilderness ice fishing.    

Thank you for reading our newsletter.  We hope you enjoy it and tell others about it.  

  Mike, Sue and the Voyageur Crew  


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