"How silently they tumble down-  and come to rest upon the ground- To lay a carpet, rich and rare,
Beneath the trees without a care,- Content to sleep, their work well done,- Colors gleaming in the sun. 

At other times, they wildly fly- Until they nearly reach the sky.- Twisting, turning through the air
Till all the trees stand stark and bare.- Exhausted, drop to earth below- To wait, like children, for the snow." 
-   Elsie N. Brady, Leaves


Frozen Boundary Waters 

Fall Sun Reflecting on New Ice 






Snowfall on the Gunflint Trail

The Snow is Coming  
















         We're wondering if someone mixed up the months on this year's calendar.  October was cold and wet and it felt more like November than October.  We're over half-way through November and it has felt more like October should have felt. 

     This November on the Gunflint Trail has been warmer than any November in the past ten years.  The average daytime high temperature is currently 41.62 degrees and October's average high was 40.24 degrees!  Warmer in November than in October?  That is practically unheard of in Northeastern Minnesota.

     During October we had over 13 inches of precipitation with almost 10 inches in the form of snow.  While we sometimes receive over 20 inches of snow in November we've only received a quarter of an inch of snow so far.  It's been extremely dry for November with just over 2 inches of precipitation for the entire month.      

      The evenings have been cool the past few nights leaving a thick frost on my windshield and on the trees.  Due to the low angle of the sun the frost sticks around all day long in some places.  The leaves crunch beneath my feet and the ground is beginning to become solid along with some of the lakes on the Gunflint Trail. 

      We haven't had to shovel yet this November and it feels a bit strange.  Deer hunters in our area can't remember a year when there wasn't snow on the ground during the hunting season.  We are accustomed to not only white Christmases on the Gunflint Trail but also white Thanksgivings.  According to the forecast we may not have a white Thanksgiving this November or see white for the entire month.

     Mother Nature can do whatever she wants whenever she wants no matter what the calendar says.  It seems she was trying to make that point with us this year and I think she did a good job of it.  I wonder what she has in store for us this December?  Only time will tell and only Mother Nature knows.   


Gunflint Trail Hunter 


Abby dressed in Blaze Orange a few years ago.  



Deer on the Gunflint Trail 

Deer on the Gunflint 






 Open Season-

     November on the Gunflint Trail means the color of orange.  Not the leaves on the trees but the hunters amongst them wearing their blaze orange.  This coming weekend marks the end of the 3 week deer hunting season. 

     Mike and a crew of family members played deer camp last weekend.  Their spirits weren't dampened by the little bit of rain we received and they managed to get a buck and a doe to split amongst the group of seven.  While some families eat up to five deer in one year I will be content with just a taste of venison for our family. 

     Deer harvest numbers were expected to be smaller than normal this year due to a couple of colder winters.  According to the Minnesota DNR 96,000 deer have been taken so far this year as compared with about 222,000 deer last year. The peak harvest was 290,000 deer in 2003.

     While the deer harvest numbers are down the grouse population is up.  Hunters are experiencing good hunting throughout the state and the Gunflint Trail is no exception.  The drumming we heard in the spring was a good indicator of the number of birds out there.  The grouse are abundant and on a recent hike Rugby kicked up five.  They are a little bit difficult to see without any snow on the ground but you don't have to look very far to find them.  Grouse hunting season is open until January 3rd and the DNR is encouraging folks to get out and hunt some grouse.  













Wenonah Minnesota II Canoe 

Wenonah Canoe 


Northwoods Boat for Sale

Northwoods Boat


 Mercury Motor 

Mercury Motor


Winter Camping in the BWCA

Winter Camping in the BWCA


Boundary Waters Winter Camping

Winter Camping





What's New?-

     Voyageur's Online Store- We've been working on a new Voyageur Online Store and we're ready for you to check it out.  Not only do we have books, clothing and souvenirs but also used equipment.  We have a number of used canoes for sale including an Old Town, a Nova Craft, two Boundary Waters by Wenonah, a MN II and two MN III canoes.   We also have an adult kayak and a children's kayak for sale.

     We have a variety of boats and motors available for sale priced at $750.00 each.  The boats are all 16 feet in length and there are three by Alumacraft and one Northwoods Boat.

     We have Mercury motors to go along with the boats if necessary.  Three15 horsepower motors are priced at $1000.00 each and one 25 horsepower for $1300.00.

     New inventory will be added on a regular basis so be sure to check back often or e-mail us if there is something special you are looking for.

     Winter Camping Trip- A unique opportunity awaits you if you've ever wanted to try winter camping.  Mike will be taking a group into the winter wonderland of the BWCA March 17th-21st.  Group size is limited to just 8 participants who will spend their evenings in a canvas tent heated by a wood stove.  Daytime activities will include fishing for Lake Trout and exploring the ice and snow covered wilderness.  Please feel free to call with questions or book your spot on this winter camping adventure.

     Voyageur on the Web- There are quite a few ways to keep up with what is going on at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters.  Our blog is updated on a daily basis as is our home page's Tip of the Day.  If you are short on time then you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook.  Voyageur has a group page you can become a member of on Facebook.  There are new discussion topics introduced and we're currently talking about camp food so be sure to let us know your favorite. 

     Voyageur also has a business page you can become a fan of.  This page has updates and albums full of pictures.  We have a photo contest going on right now and we are asking folks to post their favorite photos of a campsite scene with people in it.  We'll be using them on our website and possibly for the cover of our annual Voyageur Tales Newsletter.  If you have a good photo to share then please e-mail it to us and post it on Facebook.  You may just win a goodie box from Voyageur.  

      Dates to Remember- We're gearing up for winter and if you don't feel like camping then come and stay with us at Voyageur.  Two great times to visit are during the 6th Annual Winter Tracks Festival or during the Mush for a Cure .  If Spring is more your style then mark your calendar for the 3rd Annual Ham Run Half Marathon and 5k, we'd love to see you on the Trail Less Traveled.   

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    Next Up... Ice Fishing- Now that the lakes are turning to ice we'll have to wait until it's solid enough to venture out on before we go fishing again.  It will be awhile before that happens which is OK since Lake Trout fishing doesn't open until January.     


Thank you for reading our newsletter.  We hope you enjoy it and tell others about it.  

  Mike, Sue and the Voyageur Crew  


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