Voyageur Quote: "It was cold out there, bitter, biting, cutting piercing, hyperborean, marmoreal cold, and there were all these Minnesotans running around outdoors, happy as lambs in the spring.” Charles Kuralt



 First Swim of the Season at Voyageur 

First Swim of the Season

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 Weather- The temperature has finally started to warm up on the Gunflint Trail just in time for summer to start.  It took almost two weeks of June before the mercury reached 70 degrees and now that it has made it we're hoping it will stay there. 

     Needless to say it has been a cold June this year.  The average daily high is just under 60 degrees and is almost 5 degrees cooler than the lowest average high.

     We still have half of the month left so I imagine the temperature data will change.  Currently the average low temperature this month is 39 degrees with the average temperature at 49 degrees.

     All of these cold air temperatures aren't doing too much to warm the water up.  The water temperatures are still very cold and are hovering in the 50 degree range.  Too cold for me to swim but not for some.

     The water level is high and has remained pretty high due to the cold days, high humidity, lack of sunshine and two inches of rain.  With the sunshine and warmer temperatures the levels should start dropping.  

     The bugs have been minimal so far this season but with the temperatures warming up that will most likely change. 

     Summer is almost here and the forecast looks great. Come on up and see us soon.


 Ruffed Grouse


 Ruffed Grouse




 Do you have your permit?

Photo by Paul Dumont

 Do you think the fox has a permit?





Black Bear Buffet 

Black Bear Buffet








Wildlife Update- And this week's Worst Parent Award goes to Gertrude Grouse who led her young uns into a busy lane of traffic.  With a brood of nine or ten newborns she waddled her way in front of my Subaru.  I hit the horn, swerved left and right without touching one feather.  When I looked in my rear view mirror not one but two vehicles each pulling a trailer with a boat were following me.  I'm sure feathers flew and although I can't be sure my guess is Gertrude is child-free for the rest of the summer.

     Survival of the fittest is what I don't like about the animal kingdom.  Genevieve Grouse has a brood of her own on our property.  Or should I say had?  A dozen chicks trailed after her on Friday and by Sunday only one could be spotted. 

     It's the same with the ducks in the river. Ducklings flitter about after their mom and each day as the tow boat goes by it seems another one has disappeared.  A meal for a northern pike, seagull, pine marten or eagle is what becomes of most of mother duck's offspring.

     Momma Madge the Moose has twins on Sag Lake Trail.  They are tiny and look like colts with their dark brown fur.  Madge darted in front of my vehicle with Mork and Mindy following closely behind.  She obviously hasn't taught them to look both ways before crossing the street and she didn't bother to teach Malachai to do it before she deserted him either.

     While the mom's of the Animal Kingdom don't seem to be doing a very good job one must praise them for being there.  The fathers don't even bother to stick around and see what happens to their young.

     I guess I should be grateful that some of the animal mom's at least don't teach their young bad habits.  Take the black bear for instance.  The sow has a tendency to show her cubs just where to go for an easy meal.  A BWCA campsite, resort dumpster or garbage cans at a campground are where some mothers take their children to lunch.  Once they get a taste of the buffet they don't have much time for picking berries. 

     While we can't control natural selection we can control our part in the survival of our wildlife.  Driving slowly to avoid moose calves, turtles and even suicidal fox is the least we can do.  These animals are a part of our Gunflint Trail community and we want them around for everyone to enjoy.



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Dragon Boat Races

Dragon Boat







Top 10 Reasons to Visit Voyageur in July  Not that anyone needs another reason to visit the Gunflint Trail but just in case you have to convince someone here are some great reasons to visit in July.

     10  The 4th of July in Grand Marais. The annual Tofte Trek for the athletic types or the parade in Grand Marais should be reason enough to visit but the fireworks add to the allure.  While it isn't the most spectacular or longest firework showing you'll ever see, it is a beautiful display.  Flashes of light in the sky reflecting in the water of the harbor below create an intimate one of a kind fireworks experience. 

     The 19th Annual Grand Marais Arts Festival happens July 11-12th.  Food, music, demonstrations and over 60 artists flock to the harbor for a great weekend event for all.

     8 Voyageur has canoe trips designed especially for women from July 5-8th and July 12-15th.  This is a great way to experience the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

     Become a Boundary Waters Family with Voyageur Canoe Outfitters on trips beginning July 7th & July 14th.  It's a great time to bring your family for some camping fun.

     6 We're celebrating 100 Years of wilderness for the Superior National Forest and Quetico Park and we invite you to join us.  On Monday, July 13th, we'll be at Chik-Wauk at the end of the Gunflint Trail.  You can be a part of the welcoming committee and enjoy presentations, slide shows, Voyageur games, canoe rides, food and more. so please come and be a part of this exciting event. 

     5 Warm water, great fishing and ripe blueberries make July a favorite paddling month for many.

     4 The Gunflint Trail Canoe Races to benefit the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department are another reason to come stay on the Trail.  Wednesday, July 15th we want to see you with paddle in hand ready to participate in an extremely fun Trail Tradition.

     3 July 19-23rd are the dates of the Women's Empowerment Canoe Trip.  It's limited to just a few participants and I'm hoping there will be a spot open for me.  Relaxation techniques, stress reducing skills and quality conversations around the campfire are just a few of the highlights of this trip.

     2 The Dragon Boats are coming to Grand Marais July 23-26th.  If I'm lucky then I'll be paddling again this year.  It is so much fun and I would hate to miss it.  Come paddle or watch either way it's a blast.

     Last but not least is the Fisherman's Picnic beginning July 30th in Grand Marais, Minnesota.  Parades, music, ball games, street dances and more make up the most attended event in Grand Marais. 








Fishing in the BWCA 

Fish Fear Us






 That's A Keeper

That's a Keeper


 Go Fish- 

     The fishing and catching has been wonderful so far this summer.  Mike's even been able to get out and catch some walleye recently. 

     Two weekends ago was Take a Kid Fishing Weekend and being the over achiever I am I decided to take three kids with me.  While we didn't actually catch any fish we all had a great time hanging out in the boat, eating snacks and dreaming about reeling in a big fish.  We were plenty happy to just be spending time in the great outdoors together.

     Our guests have been enjoying the awesome fishing.  Craig Broda caught a nice 28" Walleye along with over 20 other walleyes during his 4 day stay at Voyageur.  Todd Drake's group caught lots of fish as well as Ron Clemman's Crew from Iowa.     

     The fish are quite shallow due to the cold water temperatures.  People fishing in 20 feet of water aren't going to find many fish right now since they are hanging out in less than 10 feet.  The bays are beginning to reach surface temperatures of 60 degrees so things are heating up and fishing will get even hotter. 

     Come fish with us and see what you can catch while staying at Voyageur or paddling the canoe country wilderness.




Thank you for reading our newsletter.  We hope you enjoy it and tell others about it.  

  Mike, Sue and the Voyageur Crew



It is good to realize that if love and peace can prevail on earth, and if we can teach our children to honor nature's gifts, the joys and beauties of the outdoors will be here forever.
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