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April 1st Snow on the Seagull River 

 April Fool's Joke




Seagull River on the 13th of April

Slowly but Surely














     On the Gunflint Trail there is a season between winter and spring we call "Mud."  It can last anywhere between a week to 2 months depending upon how warm it is, when the ground thaws and how much precipitation we get in the meantime.  It seems like this mud season has been quite long and unfortunately it isn't over yet. 

     While the nights have been cool the days have been warm.  The remaining snow in the woods stiffens up quite nicely, enough for a morning trek through the woods.  You can stay on top of the snow pretty well without punching through until the sun warms the earth around 10am.  Then you better get onto terra firma or you're in for a workout. 

     With the exception of the 2-4 inches of snow we received as an April Fool's Joke, there has been very little precipitation.  There's just so much snow in the snow banks the water is continually running and keeping the ground muddy. 

     The good news is all of that run off from the snow banks is working its way to the lakes.  As it rests on top of the lake it deteriorates the ice and after awhile "poof" the ice is gone. 

     It has been a rather long winter on the Trail but my guess is the ice will go out when it normally does. The average ice out date for Saganaga is May 3rd.  Sag is usually one of the last lakes to go out due to its size and depth.

     The earliest the ice has gone out on Saganaga was in 1996 when it went out on the 14th of April.  In 1998 it didn't go out until May 16th; the latest date in the past 37 years of data.  You can find more historical data on the Climatology website but I wouldn't expect to be breaking any of the records this year.  We're right on schedule for Spring and Summer as soon as Mud Season is over.


Run the Trail Less Traveled

Run the Trail Less Traveled





Boundary Waters Canoe Area 

Women in the Woods





Women in the Canoe Country

Power and Empowerment



Pink Paddles for Breast Cancer

"May your new beginning bring you strength, peace and tranquility and may your journeys over water always be safe."







 What's NEW?

Go Green Go-

     Celebrate Earth Day on May 3rd by participating in the 2nd Annual Ham Run Half Marathon  

     The Ham Run is what I am calling the “Greenest of Them All.” Like, Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the Greenest of them all?” There are other races that are recognized for having some eco-practices but none have as many as the Ham Run. We use very little paper with our online registration and focus on web link advertising. Our racer bags are re-usable, our cups are compostable and even our bib numbers are re-used. We have bins for sorting all recyclable and compostable material and encourage participants to bring their own water bottle along for the run. We’re supplying transportation for spectators and participants from Grand Marais and giving each participant a tree seedling. Endurance Magazine has given us their seal of approval by including us as one of only 5 Without a Trace events. We’re doing everything we can to keep our race the Greenest of them All so come and join us on the Trail Less Traveled.


Special Specials

An Opportunity Like No Other~ You've heard of our Women Only Canoe Trips but one session this year will be very special.  The July 19-23rd session will be a journey you won't want to miss.  It will not only be a wilderness journey but also a journey within.  A Journey Within to Women's Empowerment with Linda Vandenbrook, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Life Coach in Grand Marais. 

     Linda is a phenomenal speaker who has incredible insight into struggles women face today.  Stress, trying to do too much and over scheduling to the point of exhaustion is all too commonplace for today's women.  This trip will help women to relax and focus on what's important, themselves. 

     Through special readings, discussions, meditations and exercises individuals will have the opportunity to learn and grow while experiencing the wilderness of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  As with all of our Women's Trips everything will be provided for this 4 night 5 day canoe camping experience.  The last night of the trip will be spent being pampered at Voyageur.

     This trip is limited to only 5 participants.  Reservations must be accompanied by a deposit of $300.00 with full payment by June 30th.  This life changing experience is offered for an investment of  $1195.00.  Call today to reserve your place on this one of a kind journey to women's empowerment.

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Mother's Day Isn't Far Away- Here's a Mother's Day Gift for the paddling enthusiast.  This one of a kind Pink Paddle is a graphite, bent shaft beauty.  The purchase of a Pink Paddle is actually two gifts in one; one for the Mom and one for all people who have been affected by breast cancer.  A portion of the proceeds goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  Be sure to learn more about this wonderful gift opportunity by visiting the Pink Paddle website. 



Non-Native Invasive Specie

Spiny Waterflea



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 Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer







Welcome Back and Not Welcome-

     It's great to welcome back the critters and winged wonders that have been away for the winter.  The red squirrels are scurrying about and birds, eagles and ducks are flittering in the sky.  While we look forward to the return of the loons and even the plants there are some things we do not wish to see on the Gunflint Trail.  

     We do not welcome non-native invasive species on the Gunflint Trail.  While some exotic species may cause no harm there are other non-native invasive species that continue to be spread by humans that wreak havoc on our land and in our waters.
     A non-native species is one that doesn't normally belong in the environment where it ended up.  It somehow made its way to a new place through the fault of a human.  Sometimes loggers transport plant species on their equipment or campers carry them on their firewood like the Emerald Ash Borer.
     Minnesota residents are to be on the look out for the Emerald Ash Borer(EAB).  According to the Minnesota DNR the first report of the EAB in Wisconsin near Lake Michigan was last summer.  This species is responsible for killing millions of ash trees in Eastern States.  With over 900 million ash trees in Minnesota residents better be alert for this harmful beetle.
     Aquatic invasive species are also on the rise.  First it was the Spiny Water Flea swimming in our lakes and now the Zebra Mussel could be on its way.  These invasive species often find their way from Europe or Asia in the ballasts of ships coming to the US via the Great Lakes.  Once in the Great Lakes they are spread to interior lakes and streams by hitching rides on recreational or fishing boats.
     The MN DNR says, "Boaters can help prevent further spread of zebra mussels and other invasive species by taking a few simple extra precautions: inspect and remove all visible aquatic plants, animals and mud from boats, trailers and equipment such as anchors before leaving a water access; inspect and remove all visible aquatic plants, animals or mud from docks, boat lifts and swim rafts before transporting to another water; drain all water from boats - including live wells, bilges and bait buckets - before leaving a water access; spray or rinse boats with high pressure and/or hot water, or let them dry thoroughly for five days before transporting to another water."

     It sounds like quite a bit of work to some people and it is probably more than they are used to doing.  But if recreation in the lakes and streams is desired whether it's for fishing or boating then it is important for everyone to want  to keep the invasive species out. 

     Invasive species can greatly affect not only the ecology of an area but also the economy.  Farmers lose crops, forests are deforested, homeowners struggle with their shorelines and waterways become clogged damaging the fisheries. 

     We welcome back the critters that belong on the Gunflint Trail and two legged visitors as well.  However, invasive species are not welcome, so please don't bring them along with you.







Fishing in the BWCA

Father and Son Fishing Trip



Boundary Waters Fishing

Take Your Kid Fishing


Fishing Opener Coming Soon- 

     The Minnesota Fishing Opener is just a few weeks away on the 9th of May.  There are permits available for the BWCA if you're interested in camping out and if you'd prefer to stay in a cabin then come stay in our Water's Edge Cabin.

     Water's Edge is a private and spacious 2-bedroom cabin.  It is perched above the Saganaga Lake Channel and it has its own private deck and dock.  Saganaga is in the BWCA but allows boats with motors up to 25 horsepower.  This year when you book Water's Edge for the opener you will also receive the free use of a canoe or boat and motor for your stay.  Be sure to mention this newsletter for this exceptional deal.

     If you're looking for a new twist on a Boundary Waters canoe camping and fishing trip then look no further.  Plan to join Mike Prom, owner of Voyageur Canoe Outfitters for an experience of a lifetime.

     This is the first time in our 17 years of owning Voyageur that Mike has offered to go camping with guests and it may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. The trip is limited to just 8 people and I’m guessing it will fill up fast. If this is something you are interested in then please do not hesitate.  I wouldn’t want you to miss out so please visit our website or give us a call for more details.





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