Voyageur Quote: "It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold:  when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.  ~Charles Dickens



  Snowshoeing on the Gunflint Trail 

 Gunfint Trail Winter is Almost Over














     March is half-way over and Spring has sprung on the Gunflint Trail.  The snowbanks are disappearing and the ice on the lakes is no longer covered in snow.  Bare ground can be seen in some rare places where the hot March sun shines but in the shade there is still 3-4 feet of the cold white stuff.

     Had it not been for all of the snow that fell in March we may have been seeing bare ground everywhere.  We received 10 inches of snow on March 10th, 2009 just in time for the Mush for a Cure.  

     We may see more snow during March but it won't last long.  Spring is in the air and the sun is hot.  Before long the lakes will be free of ice and summer will be upon us.  Plan now to come enjoy Spring or Summer on the Gunflint Trail.


More Mush for a Cure Fun 

Pink Fun!




Run the Trail Less Traveled

Run the Trail Less Traveled 






What's NEW?

Mush for a Cure-  Over $23,000.00 was raised at the 3rd Annual Mush for a Cure on the Gunflint Trail last weekend.  We were ecstatic to exceed our goal of raising $20,000.00 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation during the one day event on March 14th.  To find out more about it be sure to visit the website, it was great fun for an even greater cause. 

Ham Run Half Marathon- Make your reservations to join us on the Gunflint Trail this May 1-3rd for the Gunflint Green Up.  Be sure to register for the 2nd Annual Ham Run Half Marathon or 5k Fun Run on May 3, 2009, it's going to be a great event. 

Stay with Voyageur- Be a guest of Voyageur in our Riverside Cabin.  This cabin sits right on the edge of the Seagull River just to the north of our lodge.  You can drive right up to the cabin and there's even a trail from the lodge to the cabin.  Riverside has it's own deck, dock and campfire ring on the lakefront for maximum privacy.  This two-bedroom cabin has a gorgeous view of the river and is completely modern with linens and towels provided.   Mention this article when making a new reservation in Riverside for a special rate of $995.00 for up to 4 people for a four-night, five-night, six-night or seven-night stay.  Call today as this offer expires on 3/23/09. 1-888-CANOEIT

Twitter- When you look at the bottom of the Voyageur Home Page you'll see something new.  My face with a little box of words from my Twitter site will appear.  If you already have Twitter then sign up to follow me.  If not, then just check out our Voyageur Home Page or the Boundary Waters Blog to see what I'm doing on Twitter.


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Boundary Water's News-

Time to Reserve Your Permit -If you are planning to paddle and camp in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness this summer then you better hurry. There are some dates in June that entry point quotas are already filling up.  It seems kind of early for that to be happening but it's happening nonetheless.  

     Even if you do not know what services you will need you can still call us and have us reserve your permit for you.  Then once the permit is taken care of you can work out the details at a later date.  If you aren't fussy then you can usually find a permit to paddle but it's better to be safe than sorry so give us a call soon.

Exempt Day Use Motor Permits- Saganaga Lake is in the BWCA but allows a limited number of motor permits for boats with motors up to 25 horsepower.  People who own property on Saganga are exempt from the quota as are their guests.  In the past we were able to issue Exempt permits for these folks but now only the employees at the USFS Ranger Station in Grand Marais will be allowed to issue them and you must have a special access number from the people you will be staying with.  If you are planning to visit and stay on the Canadian side of Saganaga or U.S. side and need an exempt motor permit then be sure to stop in Grand Marais.

Boundary Waters Bargain Package- Only a few of these specially priced packages are still available.  If you want an affordable BWCA Canoe Trip then check this out because before long it will be gone.

Women's Trips Filling Up- Everyone deserves the chance to experience a BWCA canoe camping trip.  Don't worry about if you are strong enough or if you can handle it because I'm here to tell you, you can.  Join one of our Women's Trips and enjoy a canoe trip in a relaxed atmosphere with other women.   This is the perfect opportunity to learn to paddle and camp in a wilderness setting, so please join us on one of Voyageur's Women's Trips.


 Boundary Waters Boy

Josh. Our Bare Foot Boy




swimming in the bwcaw

Abby. BWCA Mermaid








Becoming a Boundary Waters Family

Boundary Waters Family





 Becoming a Boundary Water's Family-      Becoming a Boundary Water's Family hasn't been a difficult task for our family.  Then again we live just a hop, skip and a jump from the BWCA and my children have never lived anywhere else.

     My son Josh is 7 years old and is most comfortable when he's not wearing shoes.  Just the other day with the thermometer reading 36 degrees and the road still cold with frost and wet from melting snow he chose to run the mile home from the bus stop barefoot.  Some people call him Huckleberry Finn in the summertime because his hair bleaches blonde and his body is tanned from the sun.  You never know what he's up to but chances are it has something to do with one critter or another.  Perhaps it's his frog collection, snake pen, live well for fish or net full of butterflies he'll want to show you, you just don't know.

     Aren't all kids afraid of the dark?  Not my 9 year-old Abby girl.  Some nights I can't get her to come inside because she is too busy pointing out Orion's Belt and looking for other constellations in the sky.  If she's out camping and needs to use the latrine then no worries, she'll grab her head lamp and go.

     These kids know all about being a Boundary Waters Family because they live it every day.  They drink the water from the lakes, can squat behind a bush if need be, know the dangers of a careless campfire and can recite the Leave No Trace Principles forward and backward.

     Now your family can learn all about Becoming a Boundary Waters Family while vacationing on the Gunflint Trail.  The outfitters and resorts are offering seminars that will help your family learn the ropes of Becoming a Boundary Waters Family.  With the help of the USFS and outfitters on the Gunflint Trail we've even published a small activity book.

     Be sure to check out the website for more information and come visit us at Voyageur.  Our family will gladly help your family Become a Boundary Waters Family.



Donna Nelson's Early Lake Trout Catch

Benefits of Fishing Lake Trout just after Ice Out


Early Season Lake Trout-

There's never an easier time to catch Lake Trout then right away in the spring.  Well, okay, maybe during spawn, but unfortunately fishing season isn't open then. 

Lake Trout like cold, clear water and during the summer they must go deep to find this.  In the spring when the water temperature is 40-50 degrees on the surface the trout will move up very shallow.  Oftentimes they will appear in less than 10 feet of water and can be caught right from shore.

When fishing after ice out you can try various methods.  Troll a spoon, spinner bait or stick bait like a rapala.  Or put a ciscoe on your line and try some casting.

Last year our guests the Nelson's had a successful early season Lake Trout fishing trip.  They enjoyed having the lake to themselves and catching tons of nice Lake Trout.   

If you're itching to get out for an early canoe camping trip and are interested in catching some Lake Trout then you might just want to join the Nelsons right after the ice goes out.



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