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April 14th at Voyageur 

How Much Snow is Left?  Check out this website. 


 April 22, 2007 

Last year on April 22nd... Is the ice out yet?  Check out this website to find out.



Weather Report

     April Fool's Day passed with no pranks at Voyageur.  The only fools to be found were us in thinking Spring was here to stay.  Mother Nature proved otherwise by dumping two feet of fresh white stuff on us over the weekend of April 12th.  It was heavy, slushy snow that piled up high.  Mid-Trail only received a little over thirteen inches, but that's more snow than we've had in any April for the past ten years.  We're thinking that was the last snow for the year and as the days get warmer and longer we are hopeful once again that Spring is on its way.  

   According to Hal Borland, No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn."  We should be able to see the bare ground once again very soon.  The ice will break up and brilliant blue water will take its place.  I've hung up my snowshoes, put away my ski boots and pulled out my paddle and fishing gear.

     It's time to start thinking about the summer weather and the great recreational opportunities it provides.  There are trails to be hiked, fish to be caught and lakes to paddle.  They are all calling for me and I'm getting anxious looking at the maps and all of the places I plan to paddle this summer. 

     Make some plans of your own and come visit us on the Gunflint Trail.  The ice will be out soon, ready or not!



 Green Race

Ham Run Half-Marathon 




Run the Trail Less Traveled














What's New? 

Ham Run Half Marathon- The Ham Run Half-Marathon and 5k Fun Run are proud members of Runner's World Magazines, "Green Team" and Endurance Magazine's,"Race without a Trace." 

     These organizations encourage races to be environmentally green.  Organic cotton t-shirts, reusable bibs and a bin for recycling old tennis shoes for Nike's Reuse-A-Shoe Program are just a few of the ways the Ham Run is going green. 

     Combine those with the fact the Ham Run is part of the Gunflint Green Up May 2-4th when spring will be making things green too and you've got yourself a very green race. 

     Everyone is invited to participate and join in the fun and festivities of the Ham Run Half Marathon and 5k Fun Run on May 4, 2008.  

Boundary Waters Blog The Mush for a Cure Dogsled Event raised $13,000. for the National Breast Cancer Foundation?  The Ham Lake Fire is still burning at the trestle?  These and other stories can be found by reading the Boundary Waters Blog.


 Quetico Park

Quetico Park




Voyageur Canoe Outfitters

"Where the Trail Ends Your Voyage Begins"
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A Quetico Park Canoe Trip 







Outfitting News:  The Quetico Park is a beautiful place to paddle.  There are very few people allowed to enter each day, the entry points are for specific routes that spread people out and the campsites are not designated.  It's a place to find quiet and solitude in a world otherwise filled with noise and distractions.  The lakes are filled with fish that are ready to bite and the wildlife is abundant. 

     I used to think of Quetico as Heaven on earth because it is such a magical place and not too many years ago permits were almost impossible to reserve.  In order to "get in"  or reserve a permit we'd find ourselves hitting re-dial on our telephones like we were trying to get tickets to the hottest band concert of the decade. 

     It is easier to get a Quetico Park permit these days than ever before.  This is probably because of the extra paperwork, effort and money it takes to enter and camp there.

     Believe me, it's worth the extra effort to travel into the Quetico and prepared people have access to one of the most incredible places on the earth.   

     In the good old days it was easy to travel into Canada on Saganaga Lake.  Just take a straight shot up to the Customs on the border, check in and you were ready to go.  With Canadian Customs gone a Remote Area Border Crossing Permit is necessary to go into Canada.  It may only cost $30.00 but it takes 3-5 weeks to apply for by mail and 4-6 hours to do so in person at the Pigeon River Immigrations Office.

     The cost of overnight camping permits has been on a steep incline with adults paying $20.00/night to sleep directly on top of  Mother Earth.  I consider this a bargain because I would much rather sleep on the ground in the Quetico Park than in a hotel in the city. 

    The American dollar is no longer worth as much in Canada and fishing licenses are somewhat expensive.  The hours of entertainment and the shore lunches that a license provides are more than enough to call it a deal. 

     We can't forget about the border issue which is probably the number one deterrent for people looking to take a Quetico trip.  There has been much confusion regarding what is needed to go back and forth between the U.S. and Canada.  Passports are not required this year but that may change as soon as the Government gets their ducks in a row.  Homeland Security requires  I-68's for people returning to the U.S. from Canada via a remote lake.  We've heard about them before but didn't think they would be necessary.

     The Border Patrol in our area feels they are necessary and would like to see people carrying their I-68's by 2009.  It shouldn't be too big of a deal for most people at a cost of  $16.00 per person or $30.00 per family but the challenge is you have to apply for these permits in person in Grand Marais, MN.  Currently their open hours are from 9am until 5pm but they are hoping to expand their hours.  In addition to the I-68 a phone call upon your return to the U.S. is required.

     An RABC Permit $30.00.  Quetico Park permit and overnight camping fees for a married couple for 4 nights $172.00.  Two 7-day non-resident conservation fishing licenses $50.00.  An I-68 $30.00.  A canoe camping trip into the Quetico Park with a loved one?  Priceless.


Women's Canoe Trips

Join a Women's Trip





BWCAW Women's Canoe Trips
Women in the Woods







Calling all Women!  You've heard about the Boundary Waters, you've always wanted to take a canoe trip, so just do it.  This is an easy and affordable way to experience the BWCAW at only $400.00/participant.   Our women's trips are filling up fast but there are still openings during each of the sessions. 

     These sessions offer the perfect opportunity to canoe and camp in the BWCAW.  Gain confidence in the great outdoors, learn how to read a map and spend time in the company of other women who want to find the peace and solitude a wilderness trip has to offer.

     Bring along a friend, ask your mother or daughter or join a trip by yourself.  We know you will have a wonderful experience that will leave you wanting to return again and again.

Arrive & Paddle Paddle & Camp Off Water & Lodge Stay Depart
June 15 June 15-June18 June 18 June 19
June 22 June 22-June 25 June 25 June 26
June 29 June 29-July 2 July 2 July 3
July 6 July 6-July 9 July 9 July 10
July 13 July 13-July 16 July 16 July 17
July 20 July 20-July 23 July 23 July 24



Fishing Opener Soon

Fishing Opener is Coming Soon 






Fishing:    If you're looking to fish in Canada and don't want to spend valuable fishing time inside getting a license then apply now.

     You can order your Ontario Fishing License and have it mailed to you before you leave for your trip.  It saves time, not money, but for the few extra dollars it costs, I think it's worth it. Non-resident fishing licences are available through the mail by calling the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources at 1-800-667-1940.

Conservation Fishing Licence - valid for the calendar year 2000+ licence issuers throughout the province $40.26
Eight-day Sport Fishing Licence * 2000+ licence issuers throughout the province $42.22
Eight-day Conservation Fishing Licence * 2000+ licence issuers throughout the province $24.55

     If you would rather purchase your license from a business then there are options as well.  1000 Island Bait Store in Ontario allows you to submit your information via fax or e-mail.  A business in Ohio also sells Canadian Fishing Licenses.   

     You can always wait until you get up here to purchase your license.  Chippewa Inn on the Canadian Side of Saganaga sells licenses as well as the Cache Bay Ranger Station in the Quetico Park.   

     It won't be long before the lakes are ice free so order your fishing license today.




Thank you for reading our newsletter.  We hope you enjoy it and tell others about it. 



  Mike, Sue and the Voyageur Crew