Voyageur Quote: "Kindness is like the snow-it beautifies everything it covers."  Author Unknown


Happy New Year



Weather Report

     The New Year brought us some unseasonably warm weather for the first week of January.  Temperatures hovered around freezing and less than an inch of snow fell.  Thanks to the big snowfall in December there is still plenty of white stuff to play on.  We've been able to get out and cross-country ski, downhill ski and snowmobile on the trails.  Ice fishing has started up and there have been reports of some fish being caught.  The warm weather won't last long and before we know it we'll be shivering as we shovel the snow once again. 





Winter Wildlife 













 Wildlife Report:  What's Happening-

     The birds are busy all day long visiting our feeders and it looks like we may have to take out a loan to keep them fed.  We find ourselves filling the feeder almost every other day and someone decided it's easiest to just keep the 50 pound bag of food in our living room. 

     A pileated woodpecker is attempting to fell a tree in our front yard.  Wood chips lay scattered near the base of the tree as the bird pecks relentlessly near an exposed root.

     A new friendly fox visits at night and peeks through the window of our patio door.  It waits for awhile to see if we have any leftovers from supper, last week he enjoyed some ham.

     The deer are dropping their antlers and the moose are busy licking salt off of the Gunflint Trail.  Wolves have been seen crossing ski trails and a pine marten has taken up residence in our outfitting building.

     We love our wild neighbors at the end of the Gunflint Trail and invite you to come and introduce yourself to them.   




Make your own Tracks 




Run the Trail Less Traveled






What's New? 

Winter Tracks- Before we know it the Winter Tracks Festival will be here.  If you haven't already made reservations to stay on the Gunflint Trail during this awesome event then I highly recommend you do so soon.  There are so many great winter activities to participate in that you won't want to miss a single one.  Play broomball, watch curling, sled down a hill, go on a snowshoe wolf howl, cross-country ski and dance the night away at the Snow Boot Ball.  Come make your own tracks this February 28-March 2nd, 2008 during the Gunflint Trail Winter Tracks Festival

The Boundary Waters Blog I hope you have made a New Year's Resolution to make the Boundary Waters Blog a part of your day.  Why not make it your home page?  While you're at it, tell your friends about it too.

Winter Lodging- Special deals to stay and play at a special place.  February is almost booked up but if you still have time in January and March then you're in luck.  We would love to have you as our winter guest so please give us a call today, 1-888-CANOEIT.

Ham Run Half Marathon- The Ham Run Half Marathon website is up and running.  There are still a few details to be added but you can find out all about it and register for it online.  If your New Year's Resolution is to get in shape, then start training because it's going to be a great run on the Gunflint Trail.

Mush for a Cure- Join us on the Gunflint Trail this March 15th, 2008 for a day of dog sledding fun.  Proceeds of the event sponsored by Voyageur's Pink Paddle and Black Magic Kennels  will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  Stay tuned for more information.


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Outfitting News:  Some people wonder what we could possibly do to keep busy all winter long when we're only busy in the summer.  There are even a few people who think we may have other jobs during the down time.  While winter is a much more relaxed time of the year at an outfitter there are still plenty of things to keep us busy.

     This is the time of the year when many orders are placed.  New canoes and other equipment are purchased for the upcoming season and freeze dried food orders all have deadlines this month.  There are clothing companies to meet with, souvenirs to be purchased and employees to be hired.

     The new rates need to be updated and then uploaded onto the website and put into the new rate sheet and reservation system.  There are permits to reserve, inquiries to answer and reservations to be processed.  

     Of course there's the shoveling, plowing and typical repairs that need to be done after the long summer.  Spring projects must be planned and budgeted for because before we know it another season will be upon us.

     This is also the time of the year we have more time to spend as a family.  We watch the kids play hockey, take them to piano lessons and girl scouts, volunteer in their classrooms and spend as much time playing with them as we can.  Bored is one thing I don't think a business owner or parent could ever be.



 Winter Waterfall






Reservations: We can help you plan your next wilderness vacation with Voyageur.  We have openings in our cabins and lodge units for many weeks this summer.

     If you are ready to reserve your permit to enter the BWCA or the Quetico Park then give us a call.  As long as you know the day you want to enter and the entry point we can determine your outfitting needs at a later date.  Remember, Quetico Park permits can be reserved 5 months in advance of the start date of your trip. 

     We are ready to help you plan your trip so give us a call, email or check our website to see if we're available for an online chat.





Where's the Walleye?


Ice Fishing:   One thing we haven't had too much luck with is catching walleye through the ice up here.  People have attempted to find and catch them on Saganaga, but rarely have they succeeded.  I'm not sure why, but most people winter fish for Lake Trout.  It's a favorite among many folks to snow shoe or cross-country ski into lakes such as Tuscarora and JAP in search of Lake Trout.  Most anglers are rewarded for their effort with many smaller sized lake trout.  It's time to make a trip of my own and I can start outside the BWCAW on January 12th.  Why not try your luck at finding a walleye or two?  We'd love to see you up here. 





 Thank you for reading our newsletter.  We hope you enjoy it and tell others about it. 

  Mike, Sue and the Voyageur Crew