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Weather Report

     Mother Nature deserves a huge thank you for giving us the much needed rain this first week of September.  The rain dancers did a great job and the fire ban has been lifted in the Boundary Waters.  Many parts of the forest have received over 6 inches of rain this past week with some roadways in Northern Minnesota flooding from the 5-8 inches that fell yesterday.  While no one likes to paddle in a downpour we are grateful for the rain to quench the dry earth and help raise the low water level that has resulted during the drought this summer.

     Fire danger is no longer extreme and that is a blessing to my ears.  I hope the rains will continue to fall throughout the month to keep things wet and fire danger low.  The most rainfall we have received in September over the past ten years was 5.2 inches in 1998.  I'm pretty sure all of that rain fell while Mike and I were stuck on an island somewhere in the BWCA.  Luckily we had a deck of cards and a couple of good books along to read.

     The forecast for the week looks favorable for paddling but a little bit cool.  High temperatures are only expected to be in the 60's during the daytime so if you are planning to come up and paddle then be sure to pack some extra warm clothing.  September is one of those months where it might be 80 degrees and sunny one minute and cold and rainy the next.  I'll stick to the old weather forecast saying, "If you don't like the weather, then wait a minute, it will change." 




Smelly Bears




















 Wildlife Report:  More Bear Encounters-

         Those of you who read the last newsletter heard about a bear encounter one of our guests had on a portage trail.  I guess I didn't knock on wood when I told everyone we hadn't had any bear problems at Voyageur this year.  Since then we've had a small one hanging around our place and a big one living the good life at the dumpster site.

     Our crew member Jessica informed us about a bear at the dumpster earlier this summer.  Neighbors had told us of mishaps with our dumpster and garbage being strewn around it.  I finally decided to check it out myself and clean up any mess that was there. Garbage on the ground at a site with six dumpsters is to be expected.  What I saw there was not to be expected.

     It was obvious a bear had been in our dumpster and made a huge mess of the place.  I wasn't too happy to be cleaning up a mess I didn't make, but as a parent I was used to it.  I followed trails of trash all over and into the woods.  At the end of one trail I found myself in a meadow looking eye to eye with the mess maker.  A big black bear sat comfortably in the tall grass looking not at all ashamed of himself.  This angered me so I let him know I was upset by chasing him off.  Unfortunately he was at the end of another trail I went down and I had to run him off again and again and again. 

     Since we've figured out a way to better bear proof our dumpster we haven't seen him.  That and the fact I have brought my camera along on every trip since should ensure he will not return.  

     This last week we have had a bear visiting us at Voyageur.  He even walked up the steps of the deck to check out some garbage our guests had placed outside of the lodge unit.  The next morning he tipped the garbage can over and pulled the bag into the woods.  I found him snacking on the trail to our neighbor's house.  Rugby isn't quite the bear deterrent as our huskies were but between the two of us we were able to shoo him away. Unfortunately it wasn't for long and the bear was back up on the deck stealing another bag of garbage.

     We haven't seen him for a few days now and we're hoping he is gone for good.  If not, there will be more bear encounters for the next newsletter.   




Pink Paddles  


Billi & Adam


Boundary Waters Blog






What's New? 

Hello Adam and Billi- Guests this fall will have the pleasure of meeting Adam and Billi who have joined the Voyageur Crew for the fall.  Adam has been on numerous canoe camping trips and his enthusiasm for fishing is a bonus for any anglers who are planning a trip or staying at Voyageur.  Billi's smile and positive attitude shines though in all of the work she does.  Having her at Voyageur will be a great addition to the start or end of any trip. Be sure to introduce yourselves when you get to Voyageur, they are great people.

Quiet Time- The woods are yours and yours alone to enjoy during this quiet time of the year.  Visitors are few and far between and even the bugs are quiet because they are almost non-existent.  Come and enjoy the peace a wilderness trip offers.

Voyageur Specials- Want to get away?  No phones, no computers and no televisions will allow you to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life.  We have last minute openings and specials so be sure to keep an eye on our Specials Page.

The Boundary Waters Blog Do you like reading about the black bears around Voyageur?  Be sure to check out the Boundary Waters Blog for stories about animal encounters and more.



The Last Season 

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Book Review:  "The Last Season" by Eric Blehm- This is a must read book about a wilderness ranger and his mysterious disappearance.  I read this book in April and have been trying to order it for my store ever since.  I placed the order in May and have been persistent in trying to get the books in my store.  Finally, just in time for us to close the doors they have arrived!  I didn't want to send them back because it is such a good book. I've wanted to do a review for my readers and have everyone be able to purchase it conveniently through Voyageur.

     I couldn't put "The Last Season" down.  The main character is Randy Morgenson who spent 28 seasons as a wilderness ranger at Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park.  The author does a terrific job in describing how Randy appreciated the wilderness and believed in keeping the trails, wilderness and people who visited the area safe.  The mystery of Randy's disappearance and the search for him are weaved around Randy's search for himself.

     An incredible read that I know anyone who has spent any time in the woods is sure to enjoy.   




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Skill: Camping Gear Storage-  By no means am I suggesting you put away your camping equipment right now, there's still plenty of time to get out into the woods. However, when and if you put it away there are a few things you should do to keep your equipment in top shape.   

     Make sure all of your equipment is clean and completely dry before you store it for the winter.  It would be a most unpleasant surprise to pull out your tent in the spring only to find mold and mildew inside. Moisture can wreak havoc on tents, sleeping bags, packs and therm-a-rest pads. 

     Sleeping bags should be stored outside of their compression sacks; if you can hang it then that is the best way to store it.  This will help the sleeping bag keep its loftiness and cold rating.  Sleeping pads should be stored flat with the valve open in order to retain their shape and inflate quickly as they are meant to do. Tents can be stored in their bag and folded in the same manner as when you purchased the tent.  Packs are quite easy to take care of and only ones with leather straps would need re-conditioning every once in awhile. 

     A little time spent on your equipment at the end of the season is well worth it when you pull it out for your first camping trip of the year.  Make sure it's clean and dry when you store it for the winter and you'll be on your way to the woods with equipment in tip-top shape.



Sue's Smallmouth


 Fishing:  Smallmouth Bass-  If you like to catch smallmouth bass then Voyageur is the place to be.  Our guests have had unbelievable success this summer with catching lots of big bass.

     It hasn't mattered how they have fished or what kind of bait they were using; as long as their hook was in the water they were able to catch smallmouth. Surface lures have worked well, slip-bobber rigs have been successful, trolling spoons and rapalas have even produced large quantities of large smallmouth bass.

     Smallmouth are probably one of my favorite fish to catch.  Even the smallest of them are great fighters as they jump up and out of the water.  They provide plenty of action for kids who are impatient as well as adults who bore easily when the walleye aren't biting.  

     There's still time to fish for smallmouth yet this fall so come on up and cast, troll or jig today.





 Thank you for reading our newsletter.  We hope you enjoy it and tell others about it. 

  Mike, Sue and the Voyageur Crew