Voyageur Quote: "I find that in contemplating the natural world my pleasure is greater if there are not too many others contemplating it with me, at the same time." Edward Abbey


Wilderness Sunrise



Weather Report

     Glorious summer days are what we have been experiencing so far this July.  The sun has been shining and daytime temperatures have been averaging around 74 degrees.  The wind has been generous with just enough of a breeze to keep us cooled off.  The nights have been comfortable and just perfect for sleeping in a tent.  We've received about a half of an inch of rain so far this July and as I type we're getting a nice shower to freshen things up.  The wilderness waters have warmed up and are refreshing to swim in.  July is a great time to enjoy the canoe country so come on up and take advantage of Mother Nature's kindness this month.




Ruffed Grouse 














 Wildlife Report: The Fox and the Grouse

     The red fox and the ruffed grouse both seem to be thriving on the Gunflint Trail.  This is a bit strange since red fox are a major predator of ruffed grouse.  One would think the over-abundance of red fox would be negatively affecting our ruffed grouse population, but observations and recent studies prove otherwise.

     According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources the ruffed grouse population in Northeastern Minnesota went up 40% from last year's count.  They determine the population by making stops along established routes to listen for the male ruffed grouse to drum.  This unique drumming sound is performed to attract a female and detract other males during the spring mating season. 

      There must be some good drummers out there on the Gunflint Trail.  The ruffed grouse are definitely on the upside of their 10-year cycle so come on up and check them out.


2007 Voyageur Crew



Pink Paddles 


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What's New? 

Annual Canoe Races- The Voyageur Crew is busy preparing for the annual canoe races to be held at Gunflint Lodge on the 18th of July.  The races are more fun than serious and there is a raffle to benefit the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department.  It's a great year to come support the department who volunteered for more than 2200 hours during this year's Ham Lake Fire.  And while you're there, don't forget to cheer on the Voyageur Crew!

Voyageur Specials and Contests- A free stay in our Riverside Cabin?  Yep, you read it right on our Specials Page.  These deals are updated frequently so be sure to check them often.  Make sure you visit the Contest Page to find out what to wear where. 

 The Boundary Waters Blog Find photos of the crew, updates on what's happening on the Gunflint Trail and much more on the Boundary Waters Blog.  What do people think about the Blog? 

"I love reading the blog, it brings back wonderful memories for me. I awake, have my coffee and go to the blog. It makes me smile."

 If it is as easy as reading the blog to feel like smiling, then go ahead, read it more than once a day!



Canoe Country Books 






Product Review:  Great Reading-I love to read books about wilderness adventures and our great canoe country.  I especially like to do this while I am out on a canoe trip where I can get the feel of what this area was like years ago.  There are a number of great selections for you to check out on our online Trading Post.  

     On a recent canoe trip I read aloud a terrific book to the family.  This book is filled with terrific stories told by Bill Magie who spent many years in this area first as a guide, then as a surveyor and later while working at CCC camps.  According to the disclaimer on the book and the old-timers in our area,  Bill was known to stretch the truth.  Whether these tales are fact or fiction it doesn't really matter since they are highly entertaining. 

     You can purchase "A Wonderful Country, The Quetico-Superior Stories of Bill Magie" for $22.95 by calling us at 1-888-CANOEIT or e-mailing us at



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Skill: Staying Safe in the Summer Sun-        Outside paddling on a lake is a great place to be when the sun is shining overhead on a warm summer's day.  The sun and heat combined can be dangerous but as long as you take the necessary precautions to stay safe then it can be an awesome adventure.

     There are a few dangers of exercising in the heat and sun but the good thing is they are usually avoidable.  Dressing in light protective clothing can protect you from the sun as well as the heat.  Wearing a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses will help your eyes from the damaging sun's rays.  Sunscreen applied liberally and often can prevent painful burning and blisters.   Staying out of the strong mid-day sun, drinking plenty of fluids and resting often during portages can help prevent heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Taking time out to relax in the shade or cool off in the water is a great way to stay safe on a warm summer's day. 

     The next time you are out enjoying a warm summer day be sure to protect yourself from the possible dangers of too much sun.  Sit down by a tree, drink a bottle of water, re-apply your sunscreen and enjoy your time outdoors safely. 




Walleye Dinner


 Fishing:  Wonderful Walleye-  While we were out canoeing over the 4th of July we had plenty of time to fish.  We were a little bit skeptical on how we would do fishing for walleye since reports weren't great.  I am happy to report we were pleasantly surprised with the luck we had.

     Mike and the kids spent time drifting in the canoe in pursuit of walleye.  Josh jigged with a crawler while Abby used a Lindy rig with a spinner and crawler.  They were fishing in about 8-18 feet of water and were able to pull in a few walleyes in the 21"-24" length.  They had a couple of 30" walleyes on their lines but Abby's wrist got sore reeling one in and Mike's line broke so the big walleyes escaped.

     We were able to keep enough small walleyes for a great dinner and for breakfast on the last day of our trip.  Fishing is always fun and catching is even better, so come on up and try your luck.





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