Voyageur Quote: "Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events of their lives." Thomas Berry


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Weather Report

     Mother Nature has been generous with rain this June, more generous than she has been in the past 10 years during the month of June.  We have received over 7 inches of rain so far with more in the forecast. The lake levels have come up and are more on the normal side for this time of the year.

     The temperatures have been mild with an average high of 71 degrees.  It's been perfect paddling weather except for a couple of windy days.  The water is warm enough for swimming and cool enough to be refreshing.   We're looking forward to more beautiful days to enjoy the great outdoors.       








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 Wildlife Report: Caution: Traffic Ahead-

     When we're driving on the Gunflint Trail and notice cars backed up in the middle of the road we know there is a traffic jam.  We also know the most likely cause for this jam is a moose.  It could be on the road or it may be in a pond but there's definitely a moose on the loose.

     The moose is an incredible animal to see.  He stands tall with his legs appearing long enough for a small car to travel underneath.  She may travel with twin youngsters alongside of her.  No matter where they are or what they are doing the moose is a majestic creature.

     The sight of a moose can make some people do strange things.  Vehicles may come to a complete stop or be abandoned in the middle of the Gunflint Trail.  Some people try to pull over or stand on the side of the road but normally they are in such awe that the common part of their sense leaves them in the middle of the road. 

     The Gunflint Trail is a narrow road with even narrower shoulders.  We want people to come enjoy our wildlife and woods, but we want everyone to be safe at the same time, including the animals.  Driving slowly will allow you to see the incredible creatures hiding around the corner and will help you avoid running into any of them as well.  Come visit the Gunflint Trail, but please don't become part of a northwood's traffic jam.  



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What's New? 

BWKA? Kayaking the Boundary Waters- This isn't too new to Voyageur since we've had our kayaks for a number of years, but what is new is more and more people are enjoying kayak camping trips in the Boundary Waters. 

     Kayaking is a great way to travel the larger lakes of the wilderness.  Wind and waves do not affect kayaks as much as canoes and most people feel more secure as they sit low in the water in their kayak.  The kayaks we rent are spacious and stable and we even have a special kid's kayak for children under 110 pounds.

     Our great location at the end of the Gunflint Trail allows our kayakers to choose from two great Boundary Waters entry points, Saganaga and Seagull.  Saganaga is a beautiful island studded lake terrific for exploring with many hidden coves and bays.  Seagull offers a unique opportunity for viewing the different stages of forest re-generation thanks to previous forest fires.  Both lakes are great for fishing and have scenic hikes as well.

     We know you will enjoy your trip to the BWKA.  No fancy skills are needed to paddle a kayak, just a desire to try something new and have fun while doing it.

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 The Boundary Waters Blog What's the best way to fillet a Smallmouth Bass? Is there a fire ban in effect?  Any new gotta have gadgets out there?  These questions and more are answered on the Boundary Waters Blog so be sure to read it today.









Product Review:  Kid's Kayak by WenonahI wish I weighed 110 pounds so I could try the new Raven we have on our rack.  It's a beautiful 12 foot long kayak built especially for kids.  It's 20" wide so it's fairly stable and easy for kids to maneuver.  It works well for day trips and has two bulkheads for bringing gear along on an overnight camping trip.  The Raven is a great way for kids to gain confidence in their paddling ability and spend time in the great outdoors. 




A Few Tips for Planning a Wilderness Canoe Camping Trip with Children


  • Find a life vest that is comfortable and fits properly.
  • Pack a good set of raingear, hat, and sunglasses. (head net if necessary)
  • Bring plenty of sunscreen, bug spray, and itch balm
  • Involve the children in menu planning and food preparation.
  • Bring along special snacks and treats for good behavior rewards.
  • Learn about the area, plants and animals before the trip.
  • Bring identification books for birds, plants, trees and wildlife.
  • A deck of cards, a flashlight, and a couple of good books are perfect for tent time.
  • Spend time in the canoe creating stories of your own where everyone takes turns adding to it.
  • Let the children have their own disposable camera for capturing their own memories.
  • Have the children write in a journal each evening.
  • Don't forget the S'mores.



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Skill: Have You Paddled with Your Kid Today?      

     In a world where children know characters on television better than their own family members and can name locations in their favorite video game but can't tell you the name of everyone in their class, something is wrong.  It is time to teach your child a lesson, time to get the paddle out, get outside and introduce them to the many benefits of the great outdoors.

     A great way to experience the great outdoors is to plan a canoe trip in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness or Quetico Provincial Park.  Paddling the crystal clear lakes and camping beneath the star-filled sky is a perfect way to introduce your children to nature.  The positive effects of time spent with nature are many and when you're out on a canoe camping adventure in the wilderness it is impossible to not reap these benefits.

     Normal day to day life is filled with distractions and children are constantly inundated with noise and information.  The constant noise of traffic, telephones ringing, and music blaring has a way of dulling one's senses.  In the wilderness senses become more aware as they are no longer listening to the din of electric appliances but can actually hear a bird singing in a tree or the sound of wind rustling the leaves.  Sitting on a rock in the middle of the canoe country their ears can begin to appreciate the quiet and the sounds of nature in the woods.

     While a child is paddling a canoe on a wilderness lake their mind has a chance to experience peace and quiet.  They have time to use their brain freely and can think, learn and imagine on their own.  Spending time at a campsite without a computer, telephone, iPod, or Gameboy allows a child to think creatively; pinecones on the forest floor become toys, sticks become swords and the setting becomes the background for their imaginative play.  Children can create their own play world and develop a bond with nature as they explore their surroundings.

     Children of days past spent time actively playing outdoors.  They ran through woods, climbed trees and swam in streams.  They were constantly exercising both their mind and their bodies while outside.  Today many children spend a large amount of time in front of a screen and that is causing obesity at an early age.  In turn children are being diagnosed with obesity related illnesses at a very early age and an alarming rate.  It has been said the more outdoor activities a child participates in is directly related to better physical health.  While the physical activity required during a canoe camping adventure may appear minimal it presents the opportunity for outdoor activity and a positive challenge.  While participating in paddling and portaging a canoe a child is engaging in an outdoor activity.  They are moving about and working together towards a common goal.  Whether the goal is travel, gathering water, firewood, or trying to catch a fish, it doesn't matter, what matters is the feeling an individual experiences by accomplishing the goal.

     A canoe trip provides children with the opportunity to reach many goals.  Through the attainment of these goals their self-esteem is built and their mental health is improved.  Their confidence in themselves and their abilities soars as they learn to live in the great outdoors. 

     Children need to be introduced to the great outdoors at an early age.  The earlier they experience activities the more apt they are to continue with them as they get older.  There is no need to wait until a child is a specific age to get out and paddle with them.  If there is a life vests that fits them then they are good to go as long as you plan and prepare accordingly.  Every child deserves to be taught a lesson, this lesson is to get outside, appreciate nature, and reap the many benefits a canoe camping trip can offer.




Take a Kid Fishing


 Fishing:  Take a Kid Fishing-    I have more fun introducing kids to fishing than catching fish myself, well almost as much fun.  Fishing is a wonderful way to spend time with a young person in the great outdoors.  It's a life long sport that is relatively inexpensive and great fun at any age. 

     I've been fishing with kids quite a bit this year;  Josh had a fishing birthday party, friends of the kids have visited and my nieces were here as well. We've been able to take the boat out on the lake and try our luck at fishing from the dock. 

     Even when the fish weren't biting the kids and I had a great time; watching turtles sun themselves on logs, seeing eagles soar overhead, and exploring campsites were just a few of the things we enjoyed.  

     Fishing with kids is great fun for everyone involved.  It's a terrific way to re-connect with children and experience the solitude of nature at the same time.





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