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Paddling Time  



Weather Report

     May blew in with high, warm and dry winds.  The temperatures were hot and the forest was dry.  Lake levels were a couple of feet below normal due to the amount of snow we received over the winter and the spring rains.    

     Conditions were ripe for a forest fire and on May 5, 2007 the Ham Lake Fire was born.  The fire was encouraged by wind and warmer than average temperatures until the 14th when a significant rainfall fell to the parched earth.

     The rain continued to fall periodically throughout the rest of the month of May and into June. The temperatures returned to more average May highs and lows even dipping below freezing on a couple of nights.  The remainder of May the winds subsided, the dry earth was quenched and conditions returned to normal.

     Forecasts for June look favorable for enjoying the Boundary Waters and the Gunflint Trail so come on up for a visit.    




Wildlife Watching




Friendly Fox














 Wildlife Report:  Recent Sightings-

     Canoe guests are reporting record numbers of wildlife viewings.  The moose have been especially cooperative even with their newborn calves in tow.  A few lucky paddlers have seen a newborn on Saganaga and people driving to Voyageur have seen one as well.  They are such an awesome creature to see.

     Our guests staying at Voyageur have been greeted by our friendly fox.  He drops in frequently looking for a handout.

     As I make my many trips up and down the Gunflint Trail I see plenty of wildlife to keep me alert.  A moose darting across the road, deer eating browse, a bear in the ditch, porcupines hobbling along, turtles crossing the road, ducks in the water filled ditch and much more.

     It's a great time to come on up and watch some wildlife at the end of the Gunflint Trail. 



Paddling Seagull






Fishing Fun 






What's New? 

Ring of Fire Tour- This isn't the song by Johnny Cash but a real live canoe route designed to show paddlers the diverse forest at the end of the Gunflint Trail.

     Fire is a part of the wilderness and they have been happening for a long time in the Boundary Waters.  We have designed a trip where you can see the effects of forest fires, prescribed burns and the different stages of re-growth. 

     This is an incredible opportunity to see nature at it's finest.  Give us a call today to learn more about this exciting day trip or multi-day adventure.

Last Minute Trips- Did you find yourself with a free weekend and you need something to do?  Be sure to check out our Specials Page for great deals and last minute vacancies at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters.

Take a Kid Fishing- We have canoe trips available as well as bunkhouses for this weekend.  Any Minnesota Residents who want to fish with a youth under the age of 16 can fish for free.   Check out the specials page and head on up to Voyageur.

 The Boundary Waters Blog For more information about the Gunflint Trail, Voyageur Canoe Outfitters, Quetico Park, or the BWCA be sure to check out the Boundary Water's Blog. Find out about new products, campfire restrictions and much more by making a daily visit a part of your day.



Happy Trails 

Lotion $18.00 plus s&h







Product Review:  Happy Trails-  When I head outside during bug season I grab my bottle of Happy Trails. This is a great insect repellent that really works.  It doesn't contain deet so I can safely spray my kids before they head outdoors.  It's made with many natural ingredients that smell good.  It contains catnip, lemongrass, citronella and my favorite patchouli to name a few.  It comes in two forms; a 4 ounce spray bottle and an 8 ounce lotion that contains sunscreen.  They are a bit expensive but the protection they offer is worth it. 

We sell them both at Voyageur so feel free to call us and we'll ship them to you right away.  1-888-CANOEIT. 



 Happy Trails

Spray $10.00 plus s&h






Pink Paddles 



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Skill: Surviving Bug Season The snow has melted, the temperatures have warmed and the bugs have arrived.  They are aggressively looking for mates and food and like it or not we are a part of their diet.

     There are a number of ways to prevent becoming a part of a bug's meal.  You can stay inside, go outside and submerge yourself in water or protect yourself and head out into the great outdoors.

     Since I prefer the last option of going outside I have found a number of ways to protect myself from the stings and bites of our northwoods predators.  

     Dressing properly for the occasion is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to prevent being bit.  Wearing light colored, long-sleeve shirts tucked into a pair of pants, with pants tucked into a pair of socks, boots, and a headnet almost guarantees your safety.  Add some bug spray to possible areas of exposure such as your waist, ankles and hands and you are golden.  The only drawback to this method of dressing is that you may die of heatstroke while remaining bug free.

     I prefer to wear shorts and t-shirts during the summer and this exposes more feeding area for the hungry bugs.  There are a number of insect repellants on the market and depending upon your level of preference to the "natural" world and the natural colors of your clothing you have quite a few choices.

     100% Deet is a sure-fire way to prevent bugs from biting you.  Re-apply it throughout the day and you will most likely be protected and itch-free.  Just be sure not to get it on your clothing, map, or other items because it can eat away at various materials.  What does this do to your skin?  I don't know the long term effects but when I'm deep in the woods in a flurry of bugs I'm not thinking longer than surviving the next couple of minutes.

     There are two great products I have found for my children's skin, which I am concerned about the long term effects on.  One is produced by V'Tae and is called, "Happy Trails."  I like this product because it doesn't contain Deet, it's made from natural ingredients and it works.  The other product I like is made by Badger and is called the Anti-Bug Balm.  It too does not contain Deet, is made from natural ingredients and it works.  

     The great outdoors is a wonderful place to explore but it can become miserable if you have become the target of human seeking bugs.  If you properly plan and prepare for your outdoor experience then you will enjoy yourself even more.  Think about dressing properly, adding some bug repellent and then get outside where you will thoroughly frustrate and repel those nasty bugs.




Fishing Success 


 Fishing:   Fishing Licenses-    Since the Ham Lake Fire burned through the telephone line along the Gunflint Trail we do not have a land line telephone.  This prevents us from being able to process fishing licenses for our guests.  Guests must purchase their licenses prior to their arrival at Voyageur and can do so at various convenience stores, bait shops or resorts along the way.  You can also purchase your fishing license online from the Minnesota DNR Website. To purchase licenses by telephone you can call 1-888-665-4236 for a DNR Licensing Agent.





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