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"If you know wilderness in the way that you know love, you would be unwilling to let it go...   This is the story of our past and it will be the story of our future."  - Terry Tempest Williams



Sunset on Pine Lake



Weather Report

What beautiful paddling weather we have been having on the Gunflint Trail.  The temperatures have been so nice and warm, in the 70's during the daytime and cooling off into the high 50's at night.  We've had a couple of thunderstorms and rain showers so far this July with a total of about 2".  Thankfully most of it has fallen at night;  that's what I like, rain at night, sun during the day.  The weather has done wonders for the blueberries as there are many patches with ripe ones ready to be picked.  Fire danger is moderate and we haven't had any fire bans yet this paddling season.  This weekend the temperatures are suppose to creep up into the 90's.  I'm not sure I want it that hot, but at least we have the river and lakes to keep us cool.



Loons with Chicks 















Wildlife:  Canoe Trip Journal- While we didn't see any big animals out on our recent camping trip we did see some very little ones. We spied not only one, but two baby loon chicks travelling with their parents.  They always say loon chicks are born around the 4th of July and these were just in time.  They were tucked safely beneath the wings of their parents and you could hardly tell they were there.  They are so cute and fuzzy and we probably would not have seen them except they crawled out to take a quick swim before getting back to safety on their parent's back.  We did see many winged wonders including several eagles, mergansers, golden eyes, and seagulls.  We saw more little critters at our campsite including a mouse, red squirrel and chipmunk. It's always fun to see wildlife on a canoe trip no matter how big or how small.




Pink Paddles

Purchase a Pink Paddle today and help find a cure for breast cancer tomorrow.



Sue's Pink Paddle




The Boundary Waters Blog








What's New? 

Gunflint Trail Annual Canoe Races- If you are in the area then be sure to stop by Gunflint Lake on July 19th to participate in the canoe races to benefit the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department.  You will have the chance to paddle and cheer on Team Voyageur as they go for the trophy again this year.  It's a great time with food, beverages, raffles and fun.  The grand prize for the raffle is a canoe donated by Wenonah Canoe, so get your tickets and get ready to race.

Voyageur's Website- There is always a good reason to check out our website frequently.  The Tip of the Day, last minute specials on lodging, late breaking news, and contest announcements to name a few.  Don't forget the opportunity to see if someone is available for a live chat.  There's always something new at

Pink Paddles Available for Shipping- The Pink Paddles have arrived and are ready to be shipped out to you. There's plenty of time to paddle this Summer so why not make a difference and paddle with a Pink Paddle.  Sue Prom appeared in a recent issue of Northern Wilds with her Pink Paddle and urges everyone to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation by purchasing one today.  These unique bent-shaft graphite paddles can be purchased at Voyageur or online at Pink Paddles.Com.  They will also be available in Grand Marais on July 29th, as the Pink Paddles team competes in the Dragon Boat Races.  Each person who purchases a paddle can leave a tribute to someone on the website.  The logo will inspire you by its meaning, "May your new beginning bring you strength, peace and tranquility and may your journeys over water always be safe."

The Boundary Waters Blog What makes a fly-in trip to the Quetico Park even more exciting right now?  Fireworks in the Boundary Waters on the 4th of July? Another fire on Seagull Lake?  Find out what is going on by reading the Boundary Waters Blog  every day.



Moose in the House 





Product Review:  There's a Moose in the House  This is a great game that everyone in my family loves to playEven though the box says it is for ages 8 and up both Josh who is 5 and Abby who is 6 have no problems playing.  The object of the game is to end up with the least amount of moose in your house.  Once an opponent places a card with a moose walking through the door in front of you the fun begins.  Players will then place empty rooms in front of you and try to put a matching moose card in the room.  If you put a closed door on the empty room before someone gets a moose in then they cannot play the moose there.  If they place a moose there and you have a Moose Trap then go ahead and get rid of that moose.  The game lasts about 15 minutes but you'll probably want to play it again and again.  You can order Moose in the House by calling us toll-free at 1-888-CANOEIT or emailing us.  The cost is $10.00 plus shipping.  The money is well spent as this game will provide many hours of entertainment for people of all ages.



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Wilderness Skill:  Wilderness Camping with Fido   When our two Huskies, Jasper and Ambri, were alive we never took them on an overnight canoe camping trip.  They each weighed over 100 pounds and ate way more than they could carry on a given day.  They also had the bad habit of pulling on the leash when they saw something interesting and of howling with the wolves.  When they moved around in the canoe you knew it and were lucky if they didn't tip it over.  They got very excited when a fish was caught or when they saw wildlife on the shore so we did not choose to bring them with us.  Now that we have Rugby, an 8 pound dog, we decided to try canoe camping with him.  He sits very still in the canoe and when he does move you don't even notice it.  He doesn't eat much therefore he is quite easy to clean up after and his food takes up very little space. He is so small that most people are not afraid of him and he doesn't pull me out of control when I hang onto his leash at a portage.  He is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and a King at Leave No Trace ethics.  His presence is barely noticeable since he doesn't bark or tear up a campsite.  It's a big responsibility to bring a pet into the Boundary Waters.  It is necessary to leash them while at portages and to keep them under control and quiet at campsites.  Some dogs do well in a new environment and some do very poorly.  There aren't too many things worse than having to listen to the sound of a dog barking across a wilderness lake except for stepping in a pile of dog poop maybe.  Some people have a difficult time picking up after themselves while out in the wilderness so I can't imagine them having an animal to pick up after too.  As the pet's owner you will know best how your canine will respond in the canoe country.  It is a big responsibility to bring your pet into the wilderness but if it's a well-behaved, quiet pet and you're willing to clean up after it then it can make your canoe camping experience even more enjoyable.   



 Another Smallmouth Bass




Fishing Report

I have a feeling I will be turning this portion of my newsletter over to Josh someday real soon.  He has really gotten into fishing and it's the first thing he wants to do in the morning and the last thing he wants to do before he goes to bed at night.  It's difficult to get him to come inside for lunch when he's catching bass after bass from our dock.  He had the same luck while fishing from our campsite on Pine Lake.  Almost every cast would treat him to a nice Smallmouth and kept his dad very busy baiting the hook and taking fish off of the line.  I tried my luck and caught a few Smallmouth before I caught the tree above me.  Our guests are still catching plenty of Lake Trout, Smallmouth and Northern Pike out on their canoe trips.  A recent party who visited the Quetico did real well on Walleye fishing until a thunderstorm passed through.  I'm sure with some more stable weather the Walleye will once again be ready to bite.  Mike's Grandpa always used to say you couldn't catch a fish if you didn't have your line in the water, so come on up and get yours wet! 





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  Mike, Sue and the Voyageur Crew