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"No angler merely watches nature in a passive way. He enters into its very existence."  - John Bailey





Weather Report

Mother Nature made up for the lack of rainfall in April by giving us 5.1 inches of rain so far this month.  The water level is a little bit higher than normal and a little bit cooler thanks to the cold temperatures we have been experiencing this month.  Many of the nightly lows have been down into the 30's and we've even had some frost and snow this month.  Of course it was cold, windy and miserable for the fishing openers both in Minnesota and Canada. We hadn't even had a daytime high of over 70 degrees until the 23rd of May.  It looks like the temperatures will be warming up and the forecast for Memorial Weekend calls for a high up into the 90's.  Minnesota's Mother Nature just doesn't seem to believe in a Happy Medium.  We'll take what we can get because the lakes are free of ice and open for fishing and paddling.





Traffic on the Gunflint Trail 















Wildlife & Flora: 

After the good amount of rain we received we should be in for a great season of wildflowers.  The white blossoms of the strawberry plants and the pinkish blossoms of the blueberries are a sign of an awesome year for berry picking.  Although our wild strawberries and blueberries are quite small, they pack a big flavor for us to enjoy.  The Marsh Marigolds are blooming and soon the woods and ditches will be aglow with color.  The black bears are out of hibernation and are beginning to make their rounds to their favorite fast food places.  This is the time of year to take down bird feeders when you live in bear country, unless you want to feed the bears on a regular basis.  One fox friend has convinced our guests that he is a pet that deserves to be fed on routine.  He doesn't pay much attention to our dog or our cat, but still makes his strange screaming noise some nights. Loons can be seen on their nests protecting their eggs that will soon hatch and it won't be long before the moose and deer have their young.  It's a great time of the year to be in the woods. 





 Jasper and Rugby


Sid, Pat, Sue and Mike Prom  







What's New?

Ambri & Jasper- Some of you may recognize these names as the names of our beloved dogs.  Our big huskies will no longer be at Voyageur to greet you as they are now both in doggy heaven.  I imagine they are having fun together chasing bears and running free as they loved to do. We do have a new dog named Rugby; he's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  He weighs about ten pounds and won't get much bigger than that.  He probably won't be chasing bears or moose, but he sure is cute. 

Trading Post Specials- It looks like I purchased too many new clothes for the store this year so in order to make room for all of the new inventory on the shelves I need to get rid of some of last year's clothing. For a limited time only if you purchase one sweatshirt or T-shirt at the regular price then you can purchase a 2nd one of lesser or equal value for half price.  The best part of the deal is we will pay for the shipping.  Check out the store today and place your order before the sale ends on June 20th.


The Boundary Waters BlogWant to know what award Mike is holding and why Sue is in a dress?  How about what the fish are biting on or last minute specials at Voyageur?  If you read the blog everyday then you would know this and other interesting facts and news from the Northwoods.  It's a great way to start the day so read the Boundary Waters Blog everyday! 





Lost in the Wild





Product Review: 

Book Review: Lost in the Wild- This is a great book written by Cary J. Griffith.  For anyone who has ever paddled or hiked by themselves this is a must read.  The author follows two stories of two men who became lost in the woods on different occasions.  One man was guiding a Boy Scout Troop in the Quetico Park when he became separated from his group.  The other man was hiking a trail in the Boundary Waters when he became disoriented.  Both of them were lost and alone in the woods without food, water, and shelter.  Their stories are amazing and will keep you on the edge of your seat.  I won't ever look at a solo hike in the woods the same after reading their wilderness stories.  You can purchase a copy by calling us at 1-888-CANOEIT or by going to our Voyageur Online Trading Post.



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Wilderness Skill: Loading Gear into a Canoe- Over the years we have seen all sorts of ways people pack things into their canoe and all sorts of items brought on a canoe trip.  Some people pack their belongings into a cooler, a paper bag, a rubber maid, a five gallon bucket, a duffel bag or a garbage bag.  Some people have so many loose articles strewn about the canoe that it looks like a floating rummage sale.  Of course there is more than one way to pack your gear for a canoe camping trip but if you follow a couple of basic rules then your time spent at portages will be much more pleasant.

Keep everything in its place- Consider your canoe your home for the days while you are on your trip.  You have a place you put your purse or keys at home so you remember where you put them, so be sure to do the same while paddling.  Keep your camera in the same place, maybe it's your fanny pack or in a bow bag, but put it there each time you put it back. Store your map in a case that can attach to your pack so that when you get to the portage you can just clip it on and go.

Put items you will need on the top of your pack- This may sound obvious but I don't know how many times we have picked people up who were soaking wet because their rain gear was at the bottom of their pack.  Keep your rain gear and other important items at the top of your pack for easy access.  Snacks, binoculars, first aid kit, camera, sunscreen, bug spray, toilet paper, shovel, and a tarp should all be close to the top of your pack.

Follow the same procedure at every portage- When Mike and I reach land we have a routine.  I have my life vest on, grab my pack, take the fishing poles and our paddles and I begin the portage.  Mike puts the other pack on, gets the canoe up and is ready to follow.  There are no loose articles, no discussion about who takes what, and we both know that everything is accounted for.  

Keep these simple rules in mind and you will have a much more enjoyable time both paddling and portaging on your next canoe camping trip. 




 Sue's Walleye




Fishing Report

Fishing is now open in both Minnesota and Canada.  We experienced typical opening weekend weather for both of the openers.  Anglers were dressed in layers in order to keep from freezing.  I went out one night and dressed the same as I would for snowmobiling, minus the helmet, and I was still cold.  Fishing has started out slowly but I was able to catch one 21" Walleye.  We were using lindy rigs with crawlers when I caught that one.  Trolling rapalas and smithwicks after dark usually produces some nice Walleyes, but so far the Northern Pike have been the aggressive ones.  Guests have also caught Lake Trout and Smallmouth Bass in spite of the cold water temperatures.  The fishing should improve as the weather gets warmer and the water temperature heats up. 





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