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Ice Out on Saganaga


Weather Report

I can't believe it is May! I thought February and March went by quickly but April just flew by.  They say April Showers bring May Flowers but unfortunately we only received about an inch of rain total during April. That amount of rain is pretty typical but we usually receive more snow during the month and this year only a quarter of an inch fell to the ground. We did have a day when it hailed and an afternoon thunderstorm.  The temperatures have been warm with many days in the high 60's and very few evenings below 30 degrees.  The warm weather and windy days made for one of the earliest ice outs ever.  Gunflint was pretty much ice free on the 17th of April and Saganaga by the 19th; the ice usually goes out around the 7th of May.  The early ice out means more time to paddle this year and I didn't waste any time before I hopped into my kayak for a cruise around the lake.  Come on up to Voyageur and take advantage of the open water.  This week's forecast looks especially nice with sunny skies and temperatures up into the 70's.  Hope to see you here. 






Blondie, The Sag Lake Trail Moose















Wildlife is always plentiful on the Gunflint Trail but this year it seems like even more so than normal.  Our Sag Lake Trail Moose, Blondie, likes to greet Abby and I each morning on our way to the school bus.  She just hangs out alongside of the road waiting for us to pass by.  Our fox friends are everywhere and in spite of their healthy population the grouse also appear to be thriving.  The deer are moving away from the Gunflint Lake area and have already returned to the end of the Trail.  I've heard reports of wolf and bear sightings, and I've seen eagles, loons, beavers, turtles and more.  The Spring Peepers have even begun to sing their chorus in the swamps and ponds.  You can hear what they sound like by going to this website or read more about them on the Boundary Waters Blog.   







Watching the Walleye Spawn











What's New?

Walleye Spawn- It's that time of the year when the female Walleyes head to the falls to lay their eggs.  The males come in right behind them to help the process along and fertilize the eggs.  It's a springtime ritual we all love to keep track of  by heading down to the Trail's End Campground to see how they are doing.  

May Specials- May on the Gunflint Trail is one of the best months up here.  There are very few bugs, fewer people, and the weather and wildlife are awesome.  Be sure to check out our special's page for an even better May on the Trail.


The Boundary Waters Blog- When a sound rang out in the middle of the night from outside of my bedroom window the shrill noise gave me goose bumps.  What was it?  You'll have to read Terror on the Trail in our blog to find out.  Want to know when there's a fire ban or when the walleye are spawning, then read the blog.   The Boundary Waters Blog is updated on a daily basis and you're sure to find something fun or interesting in it each day, so make it a habit and check the blog every day.





Pink Paddle





Product Review: 

Pink Paddle- Here it is.  Our very own pink, graphite, bent-shaft paddle.  This is a must have paddle that Mike and I are having made to help raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research.  Imagine the message of hope you will help spread by paddling with this unique paddle. The logo on the paddle represents a wish for all who have been affected by the devastating disease, "May your new beginning bring you strength, peace and tranquility and may your journeys over water always be safe."  To make a difference in someone's life today order your paddle by visiting the Pink Paddle Website.



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Wilderness Skill:

Sizing a Bent Shaft Paddle- A bent shaft paddle is an excellent choice for paddling since it increases the efficiency of the stroke.  In order to get the most out of your paddle you will want to have the proper size. A person's height is important when choosing a paddle size but more important is the length of one's torso.  

How to measure for a bent shaft paddle

Sit up straight in a chair and use a tape measure to determine the distance from the surface of the chair between your legs to your nose.

When you have this distance in inches then you can choose the proper length of paddle

26" torso = 48" paddle

28" torso =50" paddle

29" torso = 51" paddle

30" torso =52" paddle




 Northern Fishing on Saganaga





Fishing Report

Saganaga Lake is ice free and open for Northern Pike fishing.  Since Sag is on the border of Minnesota and Canada it is open year round for Northern fishing as are other border waters on the Gunflint Trail including Gunflint Lake and the Granite River.  We took advantage of the early ice out and headed out onto Sag to try our luck at catching a Northern. It was a beautiful day and there wasn't another boat on the lake.  The Northern had just finished spawning underneath the ice so they were resting in shallow bays where the water had warmed up.  We tried to entice them while bobber fishing with ciscoes and Mike caught a nice one so we were able to have a fish dinner.  It's an awesome time of the year to get out on the lakes and fish.  The Minnesota Opener for Walleye and Lake Trout is on the 13th of May and that is Take a Mom Fishing Weekend. The Seagull River doesn't open until the weekend of the 27th due to spawning and the Canadian Opener is on the 20th. 





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