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"The first day of Spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another.  The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month."  Henry Van Dyke  




Heather at Bridal Falls


Weather Report

Someone needs to stop flipping the pages of the calendar so quickly.  It seems like yesterday was February and now April is only a couple of days away.  What happened to March?  I guess we were just so busy enjoying life we forgot to notice the time slipping by.  The weather was very nice and made outdoor activities all the more fun.  We only had 3 nights of below zero temperatures and it hasn't been below zero since the 16th of March.  We've had 4 days of 40 degree and warmer temperatures and it looks like there are plenty more of those where they came from.  We received less snow this March than we did last year but not as little as some years.  In 1998 we received 5.11", in 2000,  4.51", in 2005, 8.75", and this year 7.5" so far. In 1997 we received a whopping 28.75" of the white stuff, now wouldn't that be nice? I know.  Most of you are ready for Winter to be over and I should be ready too.  I just love Winter and all it has to offer.  I do this at every change of the season, I have problems adapting.  I cringe at putting my skis away just as I reluctantly store my paddle.  I almost cry when the snowmobile is put away, just like when the boat is taken out of the water.  I do adjust, it just takes longer for some of us but by the time my happy paddlers arrive, I will be ready to greet them at Voyageur.









While out walking the other afternoon we saw a male grouse in hot pursuit of it's female counterpart.  Spring is in the air and mating season for some of our forest friends is in full swing.  The grouse, snowshoe hare, river otter, and eagle are all mating about this time.  The black bears will come out of their dens and present themselves to the sky once again one of these days.  Probably sooner rather than later with all of this warm weather we have been experiencing.  As soon as there is water for the loons to land on we will hear their welcome call and be grateful for their safe return.  The birds are noisily singing in the trees and all of the critters seem to be happy that Spring has arrived on the Gunflint Trail.


   Spring Is Here


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Cutting Ice on Sag  








What's New?

March Travels- This March we made our way to Madison, Wisconsin.  Mike had meetings there as President of the Professional Paddlesport Association.  It was right before the start of Canoecopia, the world's largest paddlesport show, so I got to tag along.  Canoecopia was incredible.  It is put on by Rutabaga, a paddling store in Madison.  They rent the Alliant Energy Center and fill it with paddlesport manufacturers and their gear including, Wenonah, Smartwool, Bell, Carlisle, you name it, they were there.  The paddling enthusiasts crowded the exhibit halls and seminars for the 3 days of the show.  It is quite the place to be, surrounded by everyone who loves to get outdoors and paddle.  It is always fun to visit other places but it is even better to be back home. 

The Boundary Waters Blog- We've been busy hanging onto winter and not wanting to let it go.  Check out how much fun we have had in the snow by reading recent entries in the blog.   You can learn about our ice cutting adventure too. Be sure to watch for late breaking news and a new product to be announced soon.  

Women's Trips-  This year we have five scheduled trips into the Boundary Waters for women only.  It's a great way to get acquainted with the BWCA in a fun, laid back atmosphere.  Whether you have never paddled before or are an expert paddler you are welcome to join a trip this summer.  Check out our website for more information and to find out what dates are available.  Hurry up and sign up before the sessions are filled. 




Sto Away Grill






Product Review: 

Sto Away Grill- Mike was really impressed with this new campfire grill he found.  It is made out of stainless steel and is easy to clean.  The best part about it is how it is stored; it disassembles so it can fit compactly into a neat tube.  It comes in four sizes with the largest being 12 x 24 and the smallest is 6 x 12.  If you are looking for a new portable grill to take on your Quetico Trip, then check out the Sto Away. 



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Wilderness Skill:

Early Spring Trip- When taking a canoe trip in the Spring or early Summer staying warm should be your primary concern.  The water and air temperature can be dangerously cold so keeping afloat and dry is very important.  In order to keep warm you should be sure to dress in layers and keep your head covered.  The first layer of clothing should be breathable and insulating; this will help to keep the air closest to your body warm and dry.  Next wear a polar fleece or other warm top and then finish with a windproof and waterproof garment.  While you are paddling your body will most likely produce enough heat to keep you warm.  Be sure to drink plenty of fluids and eat plenty of food so you continue to make heat.  There are other things to consider when taking an early season canoe trip.  There aren't that many travelers in the wilderness at that time so you will want to give careful consideration to the route  you choose and how far from safety you are.  It is best to travel in a party of 2 or more watercraft in case of emergency.  That way if something happens to one of the watercraft or groups of paddlers then there is someone to go for help.  The solitude of an early season canoe trip is well worth the extra precautions and preparation it takes.  Plan a wilderness canoe trip with Voyageur this May and keep an eye on the Specials Page for last minute deals.





Sue's Lake Trout




Fishing Report

I finally made it out ice fishing.  We had an awesome day exploring the Canadian wilderness and catching Lake Trout.  We left from our place and headed North to Canada via Saganaga Lake and the Canadian logging roads and lakes.  After riding on some beautiful trails and lakes we found the lake we were looking for.  We drilled some holes and after an hour of no bites we decided to move on to another lake.  We went to the next destination and were pleasantly surprised to find two men with their limit of Lake Trout on the ice.  We found our own little spot on the lake and before long I pulled in the first fish.  Things were pretty quiet the rest of the day, but I was able to catch one more Lake Trout and we were all able to have a fabulous fish dinner.  Ice fishing closes in the Boundary Waters at the end of this month except for on border waters.  We can try for walleye until April 15th and fish for Northern anytime as it never closes on Saganaga.  Come try your luck at some early Spring Northern hunting with Voyageur Canoe Outfitters.    





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