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"What is life?  It is the flash of a firefly in the light.  It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime.  It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset."  Blackfoot  



Seagull River



Weather Report

This January has been a strange one for weather.  We normally experience cold temperatures throughout the month with many days below zero and lots of snow.  Last year we received 32.9" of snow in January and the average temperature was just .71 degrees.  In spite of the fact we still have a couple of weeks of January left our snowfall has only amounted to 4.45" total and the average temperature has been 20.18 degrees with only one below zero day.  Thank goodness we had that good dumping of snow in December or we wouldn't be out experiencing all of the fun activities that snow allows us to participate in.  The key to having fun outside this winter has been not overdressing or overheating while outside playing.  The cross-country ski trails are in terrific shape, the snowmobile trails are groomed, and the lakes have a good covering of ice.  Saganaga and Gunflint were the last lakes to freeze and we were a bit concerned with their ice depth until last weekend when people reported 8-10 inches of ice.  It is winter on the Gunflint Trail so come on up and enjoy it.



Black Capped Chickadee  





Winter Birds- We live in a wonderful place for watching birds.  This year we bought Mike's parents a few bird feeders, a bird book, and even a compact disc of bird sounds so they can start to enjoy all of the birds that frequent the feeders in our Boreal Forest.  We often see the bright red Pine Grosbeak that contrasts so beautifully with the white snow.  The Blue Jays and Whiskey Jacks are always swooping to the ground to steal Jasper's dog food.  We can hear the sound of the Woodpecker as it echoes through the quiet forest.  Our feeders are frequented by a number of feathered friends and it continually amazes me how much food they can eat in a day, especially those little Black Capped Chickadees.  They are such a small bird but they store their food away so they are in constant motion to and from the feeder. They are friendly and will even take food out of your hand if you take the time to let them.  William Athenton Dupuy aptly described the chickadee in Our Birds, Friend and Foe, 1925.   "The chickadee is a symbol of faithfulness. It lives the year around in the same region. It never deceives it's human friends, as so many birds do, by changing its coat and colors. In the summer, to be sure, it is not much seen. .... But with wintery blasts, time the others go south, the Chickadee begins to be noticed. Then there comes a time when it is almost the only thing to lend a touch of life and a note of gladness to a bleak outdoors."




Tettegouche Cabin








What's New?

Happy New Year- It is now 2006 and January is passing us by quickly.  We hope you all had a great holiday season and we wish you the best in 2006.

Birthday Present- Last year Mike and I cross-country skiied into a yurt on the Banadad Trail for my birthday.  I really enjoyed the 20 mile ski, the lack of electricity, and using the outhouse at night.  It was a great wilderness adventure and I highly recommend it.  This year Mike surprised me again with another cross-country ski trip.  This time we skied into a cabin at Tettegouche State Park  Although the ski was short, less than 2 miles, it was very difficult because of the steepness of the hill and the fact we had to pack in our own things.  The trip in was the only challenge of the trip.  The cabin had electricity, heat, water and a bathhouse with flush toilets right across from it.  This place was luxurious and wasn't like roughing it at all.  So, if you are interested in doing something like this, start with the cabin and if you like that, then try the yurt.

The Boundary Waters Blog- You can read more about our Tettegouche Trip and other wilderness experiences in the blog. I try to write in it every day so if you are interested in the latest happenings at Voyageur or on the Gunflint Trail, then be sure to check it out.     




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Product Review: 

Outdoor Retailer Market- Mike is sure to find some new products to review next weekend when he attends the Outdoor Retailer Market in Salt Lake City, Utah. He will be attending meetings as the President of the Professional Paddlesport Association but will surely spend time browsing the over 670 booths.  All sorts of company reps will be there trying to sell their outdoor goods to outdoor retailers and businesses. There will be outdoor equipment, shoes, accessories and they are even having a fashion show for their new clothing lines.  Speaking of clothes, this sweatshirt normally retails for $44.95 and would make a perfect Valentine's Gift.  While supplies last we will send it to you for only $28.00.  Give us a call toll-free or e-mail us today to purchase one. 



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Reserving a Permit:

Boundary Waters- The lottery for BWCA permits is now closed.  The reservation system goes live online on January 20th at 8:00 AM and you can begin calling reservations in on February 1st.(877-550-6777).  There are plenty of permits available for entry points on the Gunflint Trail so don't worry if you don't have your dates for your canoe trip figured out yet, there is still time.  We can reserve your BWCA permits for you or you can reserve one yourself.  Just be sure to know your entry date, entry point, estimated exit date, exit point, estimated number of people in the group(maximum 9), and have an alternate party leader for the trip.  A credit card is required to reserve a permit and you will be charged a total of $32.00.($12.00 to reserve the permit and $20.00 to be applied to user fees).

Quetico Park Permits- Remember, these permits can be reserved up to 5 months in advance of the start date of your trip. You can find information about the Quetico Park online but you can only reseve a permit by calling the reservation line(888-668-7275).  When reserving a Quetico Permit you will need to know where through Cache Bay you want to travel, Man Chain, Knife Lake, Boundary Point/Saganagons, or the Falls Chain.  You will be charged $112.00, ($12.00 to reserve the permit and $100.00 to be applied to overnight camping fees), so have a credit card ready.  Be sure to start the application process for the Remote Area Border Crossing Permit a minimum of 4-6 weeks in advance of your trip.





Winter Tracks Festival



Fishing Report

Lake Trout fishing outside of the BWCA in Minnesota opened this past weekend.  We had a number of anglers head out onto Saganaga to try to irritate some Trout. We were happy to hear they had luck in catching some and that there was 8-10" of ice on the lake.  Other anglers caught Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Splake, and Rainbow Trout on some of the other lakes along the Gunflint Trail and in the Boundary Waters. The temperature was perfect for being out on the lakes, even with a little bit of wind.  Even though there are a number of great trout lakes to choose from a good number of anglers are anxiously awaiting the Canadian Opener which isn't until February 15th.  I can't wait to get out and ice fish, maybe we'll even get to use our new ice fishing house one of these days...





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