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Hiking the Border Route Trail 

Fall Fun



Weather Report

The Fall temperatures on the Gunflint Trail have been absolutely incredible.  I can't remember a year with such warm weather.  The forecast for today calls for a high of 56 degrees and it is November 11th!  We have had some cooler weather and a couple of hard freezes, but overall, it has been gorgeous.  Temperatures are suppose to dip this coming week with lows in the mid 20's and highs only in the 30's.  The forecast is also calling for a couple of rain and snow showers of which we have only had a few of so far.  I've really enjoyed the extended Fall season and have been able to get out and hike in the woods numerous times. 


 bob's moose

Magnificent Moose  




Wildlife-  Abundance on the Trail 

Along with the great weather it has been a Fall full of wildlife encounters.  We are so grateful to live where we can frequently see moose, bear, fox, wolves, grouse, eagles, deer, loons, and other wildlife.  Our fox friends are doing excellent and have beautiful red fur coats in preparation for winter.  The deer population is thriving and it is near impossible to drive the Trail without seeing a few.  The moose didn't seem to notice the hunting season and even during the hunting weekend could still be seen hanging out in the ponds alongside the road.  Birders absolutely love the Gunflint Trail where a large variety of winged wonders can always be found.  It is time for us to get our feeders filled and ready so we can watch them all Winter long.



Don & Marilyn

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What's New?

Long Delay in Newsletters- I apologize for the extremely long delay in getting this overdue newsletter to my valued readers.  I try to put two issues out each month that feature, Weather, Wildlife, What's New, Product Review, Wilderness Skill and a Fishing Report.  Today's format is going to be a bit different but the next issue will be back to normal. 

The Long Haul- The Alpine Fire was out, the season was winding down, and it was time for Don and Marilyn to take a well-deserved break away from Voyageur.  Summer at an outfitters is very intense and the Alpine Fire added to the already long days and short nights. Don and Marilyn were heading to Chicago after Labor Day weekend and ended up staying what was suppose to be one night in Eau Claire.  The next morning, Don awoke and began to feel extremely sick.  Marilyn called 911 and he was rushed to a hospital where he spent almost 2 weeks in intensive care after surviving an aneurysm. It was an extremely long two weeks as Marilyn was in a city without family or friends helping Don to fight for his life.  Back at Voyageur we were helpless as we had not only the Fall business to take care of, but also feeding the USFS during the Fall's prescribed burns.  It was a long  haul and over a month later Don returned to Voyageur where he has since been slowly regaining his strength.  We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who expressed their concern through thoughts, prayers, cards and gifts, we really appreciate the love and support from all of you.

The Boundary Waters Blog- I really try to update the Blog on a daily basis.  If there is something important going on here at Voyageur, in the BWCA, or on the Gunflint Trail then I will be sure to keep our guests and readers up to date.  If you would like more information on anything that was going on up here over the past couple of months then you can do a search on the Blog to find it.  I will continue to update the blog each day so please visit the Boundary Waters Blog today.    





Abby & Josh's Northern 







Fishing Report  

We were able to get out and enjoy some Fall fishing this year.  The kids and I ventured out onto Saganaga Lake in the motor boat a few times.  We were lucky enough to find some really nice Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass.  Even the Walleye fishing picked up during the Fall for our guests.  With the great weather it was a joy to be out on the lake even throughout October.  Locals enjoyed the quiet days of reeling in fish when they were the only ones out there.  Now we are anxiously awaiting the ice on our wilderness lakes so we can get out and do some ice fishing.







 Thank you for reading our newsletter.  We hope you enjoy it and tell others about it. 

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