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Weather Report

The forecast for the next week looks wonderful for canoe camping in the wilderness.  Temperatures are predicted to be in the 70's during the day with evening lows in the 50's.  Mainly sunny skies are predicted with only a chance of showers for this Labor Day Weekend.  We have had quite a bit of rain this past week and a good 2" soaking on the 17th of August.  This much needed moisture helped to control the Alpine Lake Fire and firefighters were able to contain it by August 20th.  The extended forecast calls for moderate temperatures with some precipitation, enough that the USFS will lift the fire ban tonight at midnight. 



Ruby Throated Hummingbird  




Wildlife-  Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Thanks to some recent guests of our Black Bear Cabin I have a new hummingbird feeder.  Another thanks to my kids and a staff member and I finally have a hummingbird feeder up this year.  I know, summer is almost over, but feeding hummingbirds before their migration is almost more important than feeding them during the summer.  During the summer there are many flowers and small bugs for them to eat but as the weather gets cooler their food source diminishes.  The hummingbirds have already visited our feeder and are busy trying to consume up to 50% of their weight in nectar.  Can you imagine drinking 50% of your weight in pop?  I drink alot of Diet Coke, but I would need to drink 64, 20-ounce bottles a day in order to provide as much fuel as a hummingbird would need.  They are an amazing bird with an extremely fast metabolism.  Their heart beats 1260 times per minute and their rate of respiration is 250 breaths per minute.  Compare that with a person's average heart rate of 60-90 beats per minute and a rate of respiration of 12-20 breaths per minute and you can see why they can flap their wings 50-60 times per second and fly up to 50 miles per hour.  For more information about this amazing creature check out this website.





September Specials

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What's New?

Alpine Lake Fire Out- I'm happy to report the Alpine Lake Fire was contained by the 20th of August.  Firefighters had good control of the fire and with the help of mother nature the Alpine Lake Fire was contained.  There are a few firefighters left in the area who are cleaning up hose and checking for hotspots but for the most part, the show is over.  The Alpine Lake Fire was relatively small in comparison to other wildfires in the area, but due to the close proximity of businesses and homes it received alot of attention.  We're grateful to the fast-acting USFS and other agencies who responded to the fire and protected us from it. These people worked quickly to ensure our safety and prevent the fire from spreading.   

Hurricane Katrina- Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this devestating hurricane and aftermath of it.  Voyageur has plenty of bunkhouse space available, food and showers, so if you know of someone in need of  housing then please contact us so we can work on the details.   

The Boundary Waters Blog- Thanks for visiting the Boundary Waters Blog.  The Alpine Fire information was viewed and appreciated by many people.  I will continue to update the blog each day so please visit the Boundary Waters Blog today.    

Fire Ban Lifted!- Just in time for the Labor Day Weekend the USFS has decided to end the fire ban.  Effective time is 12:01 AM on September 2nd, or tonight at midnight. The forecast calls for intermittent precipitation and cooler temperatures so combine that with the precipitation we have already received and we can once again roast a marshmallow over a campfire.











Product Review-  It is a tradition to have a T-Shirt made for each major forest fire that fire crews work on.  Since we were so closely involved with many of the crew we were asked who was making the T-Shirt for this one.  Unfortunately, no one had volunteered to do this so in our spare time we put one together and now have the one and only "Alpine Lake Fire T-Shirt."  These will only be available for a limited time so if you would like to purchase one, then please call or e-mail by September 7th and we will place an order for you!  The cost is $15.00 and includes shipping. 



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Wilderness Skill-

Leave No Trace:  The principles of Leave No Trace can be found at this organization's website.  It is important to adhere to these suggestions not only when you are in the BWCA or Quetico, but also when you are anywhere in the great outdoors.  If we want future generations to enjoy outdoor recreational opportunities like we have, then we need to take care of the resources we have.  You can do this by following the Leave No Trace Principles.

  • Plan ahead and Prepare- Proper preparation before a trip can help minimize waste.  Re-package items into smaller containers and be sure to adhere to the special rules and regulations of the area.
  • Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces-  In the BWCA there are established campsites where you must camp, try to keep them as small as possible.  When portaging, just concede to the fact your feet will get wet and muddy.  Minimize the size of the trail by walking in the middle of the trail even if you have to walk through a mud puddle.
  • Dispose of Waste Properly-   Remember this simple phrase, "If you pack it in, then pack it out." Take the phrase a step farther and if you find something that doesn't belong in the woods then pack it out too, it doesn't have to be yours.  When washing yourself or your dishes do it at least 200 feet from the water or trail.  Try to scatter your dish water, not dump it all in one place.
  • Leave What You Find- Although rare, it is possible to find artifacts in the wilderness.  Be sure to preserve the past and leave these for others to enjoy and do not damage plants or rocks by removing them from their environment. 
  • Minimize Campfire Impacts- If possible then use a stove for cooking or use an existing fire ring.  Keep your fire small and do not burn live wood or garbage.  Make sure your ashes are cool to the touch before leaving your site.
  • Respect Wildlife- It is always fun to see wildlife close up but never approach, chase, or feed wildlife.  Control your pet and stay away from animals who may be nesting or mating.
  • Be Considerate of Other Visitors- Travel quietly and considerately.  Never crowd a portage or a landing by eating or resting there.  If you see a group loading or unloading then remain in the water in your canoe until they have left.  


Kevin's Nice Northern



Fishing Report  

September is a great time to come and hunt Northern Pike in the BWCA.  Our guests have been catching some big ones in the 10-20 pound range this past week.  Trolling the shorelines with plugs or spoons has been producing some great fish.  The favorite lure?  The standard red and white spoon.   Canoe groups have reported the walleyes are biting, something they have been a bit reluctant to do this summer.  A group that spent time in the Quetico last week reported their son caught over 30 walleyes during their trip.  Smallmouth and Lake Trout are still biting so come on up and try your luck at some great Fall Fishing.






Thank you for reading our newsletter.  We hope you enjoy it and tell others about it. 

  Mike, Sue and the Voyageur Crew