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Keeping Cool at the Beach


Weather Report

Hot and Humid!  It has been unbelievably hot this summer and the highs the past couple of days have been up into the 90's.   Evening temperatures didn't even bring relief because it only got down into the 70's.  We did get some rain last Saturday to wet things and then a little shower on the morning of the 3rd, but other than that it has been dry.  The forecast calls for more sunshine with temperatures in the 70's and 80's during the daytime and down into the 50's in the evenings.  The water temperature is balmy and in some shallow spots it barely brings relief from the heat.  Our guests have enjoyed paddling in the wonderful weather and it looks like it will continue through out August.  The 4th of August is a New Moon so be sure to look to the sky for the dancing Northern Lights.




Spotted Knapweed




Spotted Knapweed:  This looks like a beautiful flower but it is really an invasive plant that has been found on the Gunflint Trail.  Spotted Knapweed secretes a chemical that kills roots of other plants and poisons the soil so that other plants cannot grow.  Each plant produces up to 1000 seeds that are viable in the soil for five or more years.  Once the Spotted Knapweed is introduced in an area it is very hard to get rid of.  In the state of Montana it covers over four million acres of land and has caused elk to alter their migration route.  A group of concerned citizens are working on the Gunflint Trail this week to remove and destroy the invasive plant.  The key to keeping the Spotted Knapweed away is in following up on areas that were treated to make sure it doesn't return.  To find out more be sure to read this website.



  Dragon Boat Team 


Northeast Arm of Saganaga







What's New?

Dragon Boat Races- We had a great time participating in the Dragon Boat Races in the Grand Marais Harbor last Saturday.  I was in charge of organizing 20 paddlers, a drummer and a steersperson for a boat representing the Gunflint Trail. This was the 2nd year I was able to paddle, and if you ever have the opportunity to get involved in Dragon Boat Races then I highly recommend it.  We did awesome in our first heat and took first place out of all 18 teams.  The next heat wasn't quite as good since we were in the lane right against the inside breakwall and had a hard time with the waves.  However, we did do well enough to take 4th place overall, and we all had a terrific time.

Fishing on Saganaga- Mike, the kids and I went out fishing for Lake Trout one afternoon on Saganaga.  We set out with downriggers and tried to find water between 40-60 feet deep.  Not only did we find that water but also a few Lake Trout hiding out there.  We took a hike up to Horsetail Falls, but it didn't even have a drop of water going over it.  It did, however, have the same beautiful view of the Northeast Arm of Saganaga.  We picked some berries, caught some fish and had a great day on Sag.

The Boundary Waters Blog- I've been looking for feedback from the Blog readers and haven't had too much yet.  I am interested in finding out what my reader's favorite campsites, beaches, and shoes are.  I want to write about what people want to read about so give me some feedback after you have visited the Boundary Waters Blog .




Chaco Sandals





Product Review:   Chaco Sandals-  I recently added a pair of Chaco Sandals to my footwear selection.  I have been a Teva person forever but my staff convinced me to try Chacos this year.  I chose the new style with the open back so I can slip them on and off quickly.  They are comfortable and I like the strapping system because it allows for a perfect fit across the top of my foot.  I didn't know if I would like the toe loop but it does provide for a very secure fit even with the open back.  Chaco has a variety of styles and soles to choose from.  My Tevas have always fit well and have held up for almost ten years of rugged use.  The Chacos cost a little bit more than my Tevas, but if they last then they too will be worth it. 



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Skills:  Catch and Release Fishing-  Most people who are fishing in the BWCA and Quetico practice catch and release fishing.  This is because they do not usually bring ice chests to keep the fish cold and fresh until they get back home.  In order to successfully catch and release a fish you should consider the following main points:

  • Play fish quickly to preserve their strength and use a net.
  • Wet your hands prior to handling the fish.
  • Hold the fish gently and avoid putting your fingers in the gills or eye sockets.
  • Keep the fish in a horizontal position and grasp it across the back and head with the belly up to help preserve stomach organs.
  • Cut the lure if the fish swallows the hook.
  • Return the fish to the water within 10-15 seconds.
  • If  the fish is unconscious then hold it upright in the water and move it forward and backward so the water can run through the gills.

For more about catch and release fishing check out this website.



Lake Trout



Fishing Report  

Get the Lead Out!  The next time you are out shopping for fishing tackle make sure it is lead free.  Lead has been used for many years in the tackle industry and when the tackle is lost into a lake it can poison wildlife such as loons and eagles. Lead is a toxic metal that can cause damage to both the nervous and reproductive systems.  Loons and other birds use pebbles from the bottom of a lake to help grind their food.  Since lead sinkers can be similar in size and shape to pebbles they are sometimes accidentally ingested by loons, swans, and other species.  There are many options to choose from for fishing lead free.  Tackle is made from non-poisonous materials such as tin, bismuth, steel, and tungsten-nickel alloy.  You can find and purchase lead free sinkers and jig heads at this site. Next time you visit your favorite bait shop be sure to look for lead free tackle.






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