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Larch Creek


Weather Report

Hot, Hot, Hot.  It has been very hot in the canoe country the past couple of weeks.  Temperatures were consistently in the 80's and 90's during the day and some nights it didn't even drop below 70 degrees.  The water temperature on Saganaga is even a balmy 76 degrees, which almost never happens. The sun has been shining almost constantly with rarely a cloud in the sky to filter out the strong rays.  All of this hot, dry weather combined with a night of lightening and only a few sprinkles of rain did cause one forest fire to flare up.  While out on Saganaga on the 19th we could see a plume of smoke in between Sag and Northern Light Lake.  They brought in some Beavers and other fire fighting aircraft to keep the fire contained, and luckily, that evening we got a good soaking of rain to wet things.  The forecast calls for more warm weather with high temperatures reaching the upper 80's and lows in the 60's at night.  A few showers are almost always possible, but it doesn't look likely for the next few days.  Come on up and paddle the canoe country; there's nothing else like it. 








Blueberries:  The blueberries are everywhere this year.  I have never seen such an amazing crop of large and plentiful bushes.  I am sidetracked anytime I go outside.  It is almost like a compulsion because I can't walk a portage or a trail without stooping over to pick a couple of the delicious berries.  Once you start picking berries then the competition begins.  "How many quarts did you pick today?"  "You're kidding me!"  Then out you go to pick for another hour or two in the hot sun with mosquitos buzzing around your head.  These wild blueberries may be smaller than the store bought version but they are so packed with flavor it doesn't even matter.  Now you can find a bush with a bloom still on it, a green berry and a large ripe blue berry.  They are in all stages of development, which means we will be picking berries for quite a few days and weeks to come.  They make a great addition to a batch of pancakes, a malt or even salsa.  To learn more about the unique history of the blueberry you can go to this website.  To pick some of your own, come on up the Gunflint Trail. 




 Family Paddling 








What's New?

Granite River Trip- Mike, the kids and I were able to get out on a quick canoe trip last week.  We put in at Larch Creek about 8 miles from Voyageur.  The creek winds its way to Larch Lake, and then there is a portage into the Granite River.  We paddled and portaged the river up to Marabeouf Lake and set up camp on the Canadian side of the river.  We had an awesome island campsite that was loaded with blueberries, and we were even able to catch Smallmouth Bass from our site.  The next day we paddled, portaged, and fished our way North to Saganaga where we waited for our tow boat to pick us up.  We had a great time swimming and relaxing and can't wait to get out and do it again. You can check out a map of our trip on our website.  (Most paddlers enter the Granite River via the BWCA entry point 57, Magnetic Lake, which is accessed through Gunflint Lake.  Since there wasn't an overnight paddling permit available in the BWCA we paddled, fished and camped on the Canadian side of the river.  In order to do this you must have a RABC permit, Canadian Fishing License and purchase Crownland Camping Permits).

The Boundary Waters Blog- Even though I have been writing in the blog for over a month it is still new.  People are enjoying the daily updates about life on the Gunflint Trail and the wilderness adventures of our Voyageur family. Some of the blog entries are about the weather, wilderness trips, camping products, or just what has been happening at Voyageur.  If you haven't been able to check it out yet, then please take a moment and tell us what you think.  We want to hear stories from our readers and we want your help in making it a blog people love to return to each and every day. Boundary Waters Blog




Taste of the Gunflint Trail





Product Review:   A Taste of the Gunflint Trail-  This is an awesome new book written by some incredible women who have spent time living on the Gunflint Trail.  They put together a wonderful book that combines the unique history of  the lodges on the Trail, the people who ran them, their colorful stories, and their favorite recipes.  The book contains more than 45 businesses and more than 200 delicious recipes.  Once you start to read it you will not be able to put it down.  The best part about this book is that proceeds from each sale will be donated to the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department.  So for twenty dollars you can own a fantastic book and feel great about donating money to the GTVFD.  Give us a call to order yourself a copy or find one in a bookstore near you. 



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Skills:  Safe from the Sun- With all of the hot weather and sunshine we have had this summer it has been near impossible to be outside and not get a sunburn.  I probably go through more sunscreen in a summer than most people go through in a lifetime.  I was one of those kids who spent hours at the pool or lake slathered in baby oil trying to get the best tan.  Now I fear all of those years of worshiping the sun will come back to haunt me in the form of wrinkles or even worse, skin cancer. I try to stay out of the sun from 10 AM - 2 PM when the sun is the harshest and I have been religious in using sunscreen everyday.  I slather on SPF 45 all over my face and body, and if I am going to be outside very long, then I always wear a hat and sunglasses.  I should wear clothing that will protect me from the sun, but I haven't gone that far yet.  They even make clothing with SPF right in it; Solumbra is a brand to check out.  For more information about staying safe in the sun be sure to check out this site.



Northern Pike



Fishing Report  

We experienced some great fishing on our family canoe trip.  We were able to catch Smallmouth Bass right from our campsite just bobber fishing with crawlers.  Our crawlers didn't fair too well in the heat so the next day we moved on to artificial lures.  (Did you know crawlers are an invasive species that are not native to Minnesota soil?  It is illegal to dump them out onto land because they will destroy the forest.  Throw them in the garbage and spread the word, not the worm.)  When we were paddling through Marabeouf we trolled with some rapalas and picked up a couple of really nice Smallmouth and Josh caught a beautiful Northern.  The lucky lure of the day was the Rebel Crawfish floater/diver and of course we only had one along.  You can cast this lure or troll with it and it just keeps producing fish, that is until it decides to dig its hooks into a log or rock at the bottom of the lake. This is exactly what our lure decided to do.  That's the challenge with fishing in the wilderness; you never know what the fish are going to like and you can't bring your entire tackle box along.  No matter what, we had a wonderful time fishing, catching and releasing some great fish. 






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