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 Neighborhood Bear




Weather Report

Rain was forecasted for Memorial Weekend but it turned out to be beautiful and sunny.  Temperatures were in the high 70's with little or no precipitation. We had some beautiful weather and even made it into the water to swim.  The past few days have been cooler and we have had some significant rainfall.  More rain is in the 10-day forecast along with cooler than normal temperatures for June.  Temperatures are predicted to barely reach 60 degrees during the daytime with nightly lows into the low 50's.   The nice thing about cooler temperatures is there is less bug activity.  It is comfortable paddling weather so come on up to the Gunflint Trail and paddle the Boundary Waters.




 Big Brown Bat






Big Brown Bat:  Driving along the Gunflint Trail at dusk can be quite the experience.  It is common to see many different sets of red eyes in the ditch and even more common to see bats swooping down into your headlights.  Although I do not like bats inside my house I am thankful for the large bat population we have up here.  They eat tons of mosquitos each evening and a nursing female will eat their body weight in bugs each night.  Even though they are called Big Brown Bats they are relatively small in size measuring around 5 inches from nose to tail.  Their wingspan is around 10" and the skin on their wings is leathery.  To learn more about these mosquito eaters check out this website.



Gunflint Fox










What's New?

Animal Update- The neighborhood bear was no longer content with dandelions.  He started to make his rounds from our place, to our neighbors and other businesses looking for an easy meal.  One day we found him inside of our dog kennel eating our dog's food out of their dish!  When bears become this tame it is no longer a good situation.  The DNR was contacted in regards to this bear and we haven't seen him around since.  We are still seeing the families of fox around the trail and they are enjoying their time playing with each other.    

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Permit Availability: There are still permits available to get out and enjoy the Boundary Waters and Quetico Park.  We'd love to have you paddle with us so give us a call and we'll help you plan your trip today.




Sirocco Kayak





Product Review:   Sirocco Kayak- The Sirocco Kayak by Current Designs is a great boat for Boundary Waters paddling. It is 16'10" long, 23' 1/2" wide and weighs around 60 pounds.  This kayak has a great hatch system for storing all of the necessary gear.  The cockpit is large, the seat is comfortable and there are adjustable foot and back rests.  The retractable skeg is a great feature since you can leave it up for greater maneuverability or put it down for added tracking.  The Sirocco is stable in the water and is a perfect kayak for paddling in the Boundary Waters.



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Skills:  Kayaking the BWCA- Although it is called the Boundary Waters Canoe Area you can even enjoy it with a kayak.  The success of a kayak camping adventure depends upon proper preparation as well as a reasonable route.  Be sure to choose a route where there are minimal portages or a large lake to set up a base camp on.  When packing for the trip think light because there is not much room for gear in a kayak.  Choose small bags to stuff your gear into and tie a rope or string onto it so it is easily retrievable when stuffed into the kayak.  Bring along a Duluth Pack so when you are at a portage or at the campsite you have a place to store your things.  Food can take up alot of room so be sure to use non-bulky items like freeze-dried foods.  We are offering Complete Outfitting Packages with our Sirocco Kayaks so come on up to Voyageur and give it a try.




Craig Broda's Walleye



Fishing Report  

Walleye anglers have been finding fish around Voyageur in the early evenings.  They have had luck casting rapalas or jigging with leeches along the shorelines.  The walleye are still in fairly shallow water as the water temperature is still relatively cool.   Smallmouth Bass are starting to turn on as well.  To find the smallmouth this time of year you should look for an area that has both sand and rock on the bottom.  They are most likely on their spawning beds in shallow water so be sure to use a trolling motor to prevent spooking them.  When you find them try to stay away from them and cast beyond them.  Try different speeds of reeling in your bait because depending upon what stage of the spawn they are in you may need a slow presentation or a fast one.  To find out everything you want to know about smallmouth and more check out this site.  We'd love to have you come up and fish with Voyageur; we can even arrange a guide if you would like. 






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