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Another Benefit of Rain


Weather Report

It seems appropriate to say, "Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day."  We have had a very wet May and it seems like it has rained almost every day of the month.  The moisture has helped to ease the fear of wildfire in the wilderness and it has enabled campers to enjoy campfires while they are out paddling in the BWCA.  It has also provided for some great spring flowers and the greenest forest you could ever imagine.  I guess I shouldn't complain about the rain since high water levels keep everyone happy, but it would be nice if it rained at night and was nice during the day.  The forecast calls for some more wet weather through Memorial Weekend and then sun and warmer temperatures are expected.  Rain or shine the Boundary Waters is a wonderful place to visit. 









Spring Sights:  One doesn't need to paddle and portage deep into the wilderness in order to see awesome wildlife.  I often see all of the wildlife I want on the 56 mile drive to town.  On a recent trip I encountered a timber wolf walking along the Trail.  He glanced my way before cutting up into the woods and out of my sight.  I spotted several grouse; one that was up in a tree roosting.  On lakes along the Trail there were loons, ducks, and eagles soaring overhead.  I even saw a black bear eating grass in the ditch.  This was an unforgettable trip to town.  Another day I had the rare opportunity to see not one, but two families of newborn fox.  Their dens were over 30 miles apart but the fox looked the same and were all very cute and playful.  I almost forgot to mention our resident moose and deer.  The sightings of these are so common I rarely slow down anymore, unless they are in the way!  The Gunflint Trail is a great place for watching wildlife so come on up and see for yourself. 



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What's New?

Summer Staff- It's that time of year again when the Voyageur Crew begins to take shape.  Don and Marilyn keep things running smoothly the whole year through but in the summer we need the help of additional staff.  This year sees the return of 3rd year employees Brad Kremske and Alex Beebe-Giudice.  Back for a 2nd year are Scott Ewen and Mike Boynar.  We have all new female staff this year and are excited to welcome Theresa, Hannah, Valerie, Alyson and Maria to the Voyageur Crew.  We have a wonderful bunch of people to ensure your wilderness trip is a success.  

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Granite Gear Compression Sack





Product Review:   Granite Gear Compression Sack- This product is one of my favorites for any type of travel but especially for wilderness paddling.  We use these in our outfitting packages and our guests just love them.  The compression sack is used to compress bulky items such as sleeping bags and clothing.  This leaves you more room in your pack for other items.  The nice thing about the Drylite Rock Solid Compression Sack is that it is lightweight and watertight.  It's seams are sealed so everything stays dry inside.  There are 4 sizes available and prices start around $27.00.  Be sure to check out the Granite Gear Website for more information about their great products.



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Skills:  Saving a Life- Every year when the ice goes out I remind people of the dangers of the cold water temperatures of the Boundary Waters.  This year it took an emergency call to remind me about how life-threatening hypothermia can be.  Mike and I are First Responders and along with Don are members of the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department.  On May 12th there was a 911 call for two individuals who were suffering from hypothermia due to capsizing their canoe and having to swim to shore for close to an hour in 40 degree water.  Don was the first on the scene and helped to save the man by having him remove all of his wet clothing, removing his own clothing and crawling into a warm, dry, sleeping bag with him.  His body heat warmed the man's body temperature enough to help reverse the effects of hypothermia.  The female was also attended to and both of the paddlers were brought to the hospital.  Thanks to quick thinking their lives were saved.  To learn more about hypothermia and how to possibly save a life be sure to check out this site




Spring Walleye



Fishing Report  

Fishing fun has begun.  The walleye reports are in and even Mike has been able to get out and catch some.  During the early season walleyes can be found in shallow water, usually under 10 feet. This is because fish are cold blooded and even a few degrees warmer water will bring fish into a bay and out of the colder waters of the main lake.  You can look for fish where there are new green weeds since this type of area is more likely to hold baitfish such as minnows.  Walleyes tend to be a bit lethargic at the beginning of the season so presentation of your bait or lure should take this into consideration.  Choose a method of fishing like drifting or slowly trolling with a lindy rig topped with a minnow or leech.  Artificial lures that look and act like minnows are a good choice early in the season too; especially in the evenings when casting or trolling.  You can find out more information about early season walleye fishing on this great website.