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Seagull Falls


Weather Report

Water is the word on the Gunflint Trail.  The ice is off of all of the lakes and the Boundary Waters are ready to be paddled once again.  It is very unusual for the ice to be off this early as it usually goes off during the first week of May on Saganaga.  The temperatures soared into the 60's and even into the 70's from April 12th through the 20th with nighttime lows barely dipping to freezing.  The warm, sunny, windy days were all it took to free the lakes of their ice.  The temperatures have returned to normal and we even woke up to snow on the ground on the 26th.  The flurries continued off and on throughout the day and are forecasted for the next couple of days.  The temperatures will warm up again into the 50's during the day and down into the 30's at night for the next week.  With the ice off and mild daytime temperatures it is a perfect time to visit the Boundary Waters.





Neighborhood Moose 









More Returning Wildlife:  I heard a familiar sound the other day as a large shadow was casted in front of me on the ground.  It was the shadow of our neighborhood loon who was flying overhead and saying hello after a long winter's absence.  Other loons have been reported on area lakes since the ice has gone off and we welcome the return of their beautiful song.  While out on a walk the other evening I heard a strange sound in front of me.  It sounded like a munching or crunching and when I rounded the corner I found the culprit.  The moose was eating weeds and branches on the side of the road and barely took a break to look up at me.  I asked her if I could continue on my way and she didn't seem to care so I continued on while she continued on munching.  Since then I have seen her numerous times as well as a different cow and calf that reside near our house.  The moose are once again out and about along the Gunflint Trail.




A Lucky Find








What's New?

Special Lodging at Voyageur- For those of you who want to come up and enjoy the Boundary Waters but aren't excited about sleeping in a tent this early in the season, Voyageur has something for you.  You can experience all of the comforts of home with our lodging  or you can rough it in a Camper Cabin.  These cabins are used as bunkhouses for our outfitting guests but provide a great option to sleeping out in the woods.  They are private for your group, equipped with electricity, have comfortable bunks, and are close to the shower and bathhouse.  There is also a picnic pavillion and refrigerator building available for your use.  Call us for the special May rate on a Camper Cabin Vacation. 

Early Season Trip- Friends of ours took an early season boat and motor camping trip this past weekend.  The weather was mild, bugs were non-existent, the moon was full and the adventure was awesome.  Their two boys had a great time perfecting their casting methods and trying to lure a Northern Pike to bite in the process.  On a walk in the woods they were thrilled to find a shed of a moose to bring home as a souvenir. Their dad provided them with some evening campfire entertainment by talking with some wolves who were howling nearby.  The conversation could have lasted longer but the boys urged him to quit so the wolves wouldn't come any closer!  

This is a great time of the year to enjoy the solitude of the wilderness and we're still running an early ice out special on complete outfitting. If you book a May trip then you can choose from any of the specialty outfitting packages and only pay the price of the Standard Expedition Package.  Come up and see us this May.




 Magic on the Rocks





Book Review:   Magic on the Rocks by Michael Furtman  This is a comprehensive book about the pictographs and petroglyphs in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and the Quetico Park. The rock paintings and rock carvings have intriqued all who have ever had the chance to see them.  The book contains directions on how to reach each of the sites as well as photographs of them.  Reading about existing pictographs prior to a canoe trip and then searching them out in the wilderness can really add to the excitement of the wilderness.  If you get lucky, then you may be like work crews and visitors who report new locations nearly every other year.  To purchase your copy of Magic on the Rocks  call us toll-free at 1-888-CANOEIT or e-mail us, you can charge it to a card or send us a check for $16.00.



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Obtaining a Canadian Fishing License- In order to fish in Canada or the Quetico Park everyone 18 and older must must have a Canadian Fishing License in posession.  Children under the age of 18 can fish under an adult who has a Canadian Fishing License but their limit falls under the adult's limit.  If a person under the age of 18 wants their own limit of fish, then they may purchase their own license.  If there is a group of children(5 or more), then there is a special License for Member's of an Organized Camp.  The adult in the group must have a Canadian Fishing License and these licenses should be obtained in advance of the trip.  We can help your group in obtaining these licenses when outfitting with Voyageur.  You may purchase Canadian Fishing Licenses at a Canadian Ranger Station or through the mail by calling 1-800-667-1940. There are a variety of licenses to choose from and you can check out the options at the Ontario Parks Website




Jaret & Wyatt Casting



Fishing Report  

Anglers are excited about the early ice out.  We had a guest come up and try their luck at Northern Fishing last weekend who did fairly well. Fishing for Northern and Smallmouth is open year round on the Minnesota Canada Border Waters so there are many fishing destinations to choose from before the regular fishing openers.  Water temperatures are still very cold with the main lake in the 30's and bays in the upper 40's.  On a recent trip to the Seagull Falls we saw one walleye ready to spawn, soon the others will follow.   The Minnesota Fishing Opener is May 14th, the Canadian Fishing Opener is May 21st, and the Seagull River opens Memorial Weekend.  Get out your tackle boxes, rods and reels and come on up to Voyageur for some early season fishing.