Voyageur Quote: "Oh, how fresh the wind is blowing! See! The sky is bright and clear, Oh, how green the grass is growing!  April! April! Are you here?"  Dora R. Goodale 







April Stream


Weather Report

April is here on the Gunflint Trail and the forest has transformed almost overnight from a winter wonderland to a spring haven.  One minute we're out cross-country skiing and the next we're out biking and hiking. The ice is melting fast and except for the occasional snowbank, the wonderful white stuff has disappeared and mud has taken its place.  With a little rain the grass will turn green and the forest will change once again.  The temperatures have obviously been warm with almost two weeks of highs in the 50's and 60's and lows barely dipping below freezing.     The Ojibwe word for April is ickiganisigegizis or "maple sugar-making" month literally translated to boiling month.  The sap is running, pussy willows are popping, and spring is here on the Trail.





Spring Deer Moving On 









Returning Wildlife:  On a drive to town last week we were treated by a close up view of a few bald eagles.  There was an area of open water right next to the road and hanging around it were 3 bald eagles.  Two had white heads, which usually means they are 4-5 years old and one was mainly brown; an inmature eagle.  They are huge up close, weighing around 10-15 pounds each.  They were fishing and one was soaring overhead keeping an eagle eye out for something to appear in the water.  Their vision is 6-8 times sharper than ours and they can dive up to 100 miles per hour.  Another eagle was diving right into the water with its strong sharp talons ready to grab whatever appeared near the water's surface.  Along with the return of eagles we have seen various birds, seagulls, squirrels, ducks, and more critters emerging from the frozen forest.  April and May are a great time for birding and wildlife watching on the Gunflint Trail, so come on up and see what you can see.




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What's New?

Stay with Voyageur- In spite of the still frozen lakes, there is plenty to do on the Trail this time of year.  The hiking is peaceful and there is always the opportunity to find an antler shed before the ants or mice get to it.  Biking on the logging roads or ski trails is another great springtime activity to enjoy.  Birding is a favorite pasttime of many springtime visitors to the Trail.  And of course as soon as the ice goes out, anglers can make their way to the border waters to try their luck at some trophy northern pike.  It's an excellent time of year to land some big monster pike.  We have lodging available as well as boat and motor rental at a special rate for April and early May, so be sure to call and book your Spring vacation with Voyageur.

Ice Off Canoe Trip- Have you always wondered what it would be like to be the first one to cross a portage after a long winter?  I certainly have and I am looking forward to a Spring trip this year.  Mike and I hope to get out and enjoy the Granite River where we can fish for Northern and enjoy the peace and quiet of an early season canoe trip.  With the ice decreasing at a rapid rate, we hope to be able to paddle during the first week of May.  It's a great time to see nature, wildlife and find moose antlers that were shed during the winter.  We're running an early ice out special on complete outfitting. If you book a May trip then you can choose from any of the specialty outfitting packages and only pay the price of the Standard Expedition Package.  Come up and take advantage of the early paddling season this May.

Voyageur Crew- Do you know a female college student that would enjoy living on the Gunflint Trail for a summer?  Voyageur is looking for someone to fill a vacancy on our crew.  Please contact us for more information about employment opportunities at Voyageur this summer or have them check out our website.




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Product ReviewVoyageur Pink Hooded Sweatshirt  Are you looking for a nice Mother's Day gift or just a new spring sweatshirt?  Our pink, hooded Voyageur sweatshirt is just the thing.  It is comfortable, pretty in pink and available in sizes small to extra large for only $50.00, shipping included.  To place an order call us toll-free at 1-888-CANOEIT or e-mail today! You can pay by check or credit card.










Obtaining a Minnesota Fishing License- Voyageur Canoe Outfitters and most other resorts in Minnesota as well as gas stations and convenience stores sell Minnesota Fishing Licenses.  In order to purchase a license you must know your Social Security Number and if you are a resident of Minnesota then you must also have your Driver's License Number in order to purchase a resident license.  There are a variety of licenses to choose from for both residents and non-residents and you can even purchase them online. 






Fishing Report  

Ice fishing is pretty much over on Saganaga.  With the ice pulling away from the shore and the recent rain making the ice unsafe we've hung up our jig poles and ice auger for another season.  Now the focus is on when the ice will go out and how soon we can search for some trophy Northern Pike.  This is an excellent time of the year to catch large Northern and we can fish them anytime on the border of Minnesota and Canada.  The twenty plus pound monsters like to hang out in the cool, shallow waters before the summer heats the water up.  Northern can be found feeding on smaller baitfish or hanging around shallow weed beds.  Searching around rocks, reefs and structure can oftentimes result in a successful hunt.  The early season  Northern may be scattered so use a presentation that covers alot of water.  Try spinner baits, or minnow baits and be sure to use a steel leader.  All we need is for the ice to melt so we can go out hunting for the early season Northern Pike.