Voyageur Quote: Wilderness areas are first of all a series of sanctuaries for the primitive arts of wilderness travel, especially canoeing and packing. -Aldo Leopold



Jenna Richardson at Silver Falls 


Weather Report

Summer re-visited us on the Gunflint Trail September 2nd and 3rd.  Temperatures soared up into the 80's and provided us with some awesome camping conditions.  Campers enjoyed swimming in the fresh, cool Boundary Waters and sunning themselves on the warm rocks.  The week of August 24-30th saw a range of temperatures from the mid-50's to the high 70's.  The extended forecast calls for lots of sunshine with warm daytime temperatures in the 50's and 60's and lows in the 40's.  There isn't much rain in the forecast but we did receive a little bit on the morning of the 5th.  The days are getting shorter and the nights longer as fall approaches.  We have lost an hour of sunlight since the beginning of August;  Sunrise isn't until 6:34 AM and Sunset is at 7:39 PM.  The paddling days are shorter but there is still plenty of time to get out and paddle during the daylight.













Strange Occurence- Ed Wessinger returned from his trip on September 4th with an interesting story.  He and his paddling partner were watching a seagull flying around with a fish in its' mouth when suddenly two eagles appeared out of nowhere and attacked the seagull.  The seagull dropped the fish and one of the eagles rode the seagull down to the water where a struggle occurred.  The seagull either drowned or was killed by the sharp talons of the eagle.  The eagle then paddled to shore using its' wings with the seagull in its' claws.  Once the eagle made it to shore the seagull became the eagle's lunch.  Quite a scene to watch, anything can happen in the wilderness!



 Abby & Sue at the State Fair








What's New?

Family Fun- As the paddling season slows down we have more time to get out and enjoy ourselves as a family.  We took a break and visited the highest falls in the state of Minnesota.  High Falls State Park is located on the Pigeon River, the border between Ontario, Canada and Minnesota.  We also had the chance to attend the Minnesota State Fair where Josh, Abby and Sue milked a cow!  We ate tons of tasty food and enjoyed the sights and scenes of a different kind of wilderness!  Our family sometimes gets neglected during the busy summer season, so taking the time to enjoy each others' company is priceless.

Court Ruling- A recent court ruling will cut the number of day use motor permits available on Saganaga Lake almost in half.  This sounds good to some people, however there is more to the story than meets the eye.  The access that was once granted to homeowners, property owners and business owners has been denied and these people will now need to reserve permits.  What this means for guests of Voyageur is more paperwork, planning and money spent to enjoy Saganaga Lake while staying here.  Guests must reserve a day-use permit for each day they wish to fish or explore on Saganaga Lake.  The cost of the permit is $12.00 and permits will have to be reserved far in advance to ensure access to the lake during their vacation.  This means planning ahead because there will not be enough permits for the number of people who normally head out onto Saganaga Lake.



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Product ReviewG. Loomis Rod

Mike's favorite all round rod for fishing in the Boundary Waters is the SJR7821MX by G. Loomis.  It is a versatile spinning rod that is 6'6" in length.  It's short enough to jig with and long enough to cast or bobber fish with.  It is light enough to feel a light bite with and heavy enough to pull in a northern or trout.  This rod is a perfect choice for fishing top-water baits as decribed in the fishing section of this newsletter.  If you want to purchase this rod this week you will receive a free lure and free shipping for the price of $230.00.  Check out G. for more information about this and other great rods.  Give us a call today!










Wilderness Permits: After September 12th permits are no longer needed to enter into the Quetico Park via Cache Bay.  Paddlers will still need to pay for overnight camping fees at the Ranger Station.  It is best to bring small bills for payment as credit card expiration dates sometimes expire by the time the payment is picked up from the drop-off box.  Anyone entering Canada will still need to have their Remote Area Border Crossing Permit.  The Boundary Waters requires paddlers to reserve permits until October 1st.  Then users are asked to fill out a self-issuing permit that can be obtained at an area outfitter or at the entry point itself.  Fees are no longer required to camp and canoe in the BWCA after September 30th. 




Rhody Brothers and their Smallmouth Bass


Fishing Report  

Top-Water Bass Fishing-  This is the time of the year to come and try your luck for smallmouth bass.  Our guests Charlie Bohlen and Robin had some great success top-water bass fishing last week.  They did really well right before sunset as the best time to fish using a top-water technique is when there is low levels of light, such as at dawn or dusk.  You can usually catch smallmouth in 5 feet of water or less but it isn't uncommon to lure one up to the surface from over 30 feet of water if the lake is clear.  Try fishing where there is good shoreline cover such as weeds, logs or other structure for the fish to hide in.  You can also cast right where there is a drop-off from a long, tapering point.  Top-water bass fishing is an exciting technique to use as you can see, hear and feel the excitement of catching the fish.  Try different lures and techniques to make the most of your day fishing.  One technique called, "Walking the Dog", is especially successful when using a Zara Spook.  The Zara Spook is a cigar type stick bait that doesn't have any action of it's own.  Walking the Dog is a technique used where you cast out the bait, let it sit for a couple of seconds, then with the rod tip down, lightly twitch the lure so it causes your bait to dart from side to side.  Repeat this movement while retrieving the lure to irritate any nearby smallmouth.  Experiment reeling in at different speeds and by using different twitching movements.  There are a number of good top-water baits to choose from as well as techniques so be sure to check out this great site for some more information on an exciting way to catch smallmouth.