Voyageur Quote:  "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."Albert Camus  



Saganaga Lake



Weather Report

We are not sure where the summer temperatures went, but as fast as they arrived they seem to have left.  I guess the ozone layer protecting the Boundary Waters is still intact and we do not need to worry too much about global warming!  Some of the leaves on the trees and ground cover have started to turn and the maple tree leaves are transforming their colors to their gorgeous red.  The temperatures have been in the 60's during the daytime and during the evenings there have been lows in the low 40's.  These cold mornings do provide beautiful scenery if you are up and about to appreciate it.  When the sun starts to peak over the trees and a mist hangs onto the calm water it looks like a picture perfect postcard.  Paddlers have had to contend with some unusual wind this August.  Wind is much more common in the late fall, but for some reason it has really been blowing.  Lucky for some it was at their back, and for others, well, let's just say they weren't quite as lucky.  There is still some nice paddling weather left and the 10-day forecast calls for temperatures in the high 60's and up into the 70's during the daytime.  We're hoping for a nice long fall with good paddling conditions in both September and October so come on up and join us.



Voyageur's Sue Prom and Brad Kremske(white sunglasses) 










Recent Rovings- The bears are back in the neighborhood, or that is what the dogs have been telling us the past couple of nights.  They have been barking in their bear bark voice, hopefully protecting our blueberry patches from the pesky bears.  We spotted a skunk just around the corner from Voyageur the other day and a large doe just down the road.  The moose are in the water eating plants and have been happy to pose for photographers.  Lots of loons, bald eagles, ducks, and beavers have been seen by paddlers this past couple of weeks.  As the canoe country quiets down we will see more and more of this awesome wildlife.




Gunflint Trail Dragon Boat Team








What's New?

Voyageur's Website- Thanks for all of the compliments on our new website, we're glad you like it.  Be sure to set your computer to open up to Voyageur's new homepage, there is a tip of the day for all 365 days of the year.

Dragon Boat Races- We had an excellent day at the Dragon Boat Races in Grand Marais.  Our team was made up of Gunflint Trail folks and we took 5th place amongst the 16 teams.  The first four teams were all professionals from Canada so we were quite proud of our accomplishment. It was alot of fun paddling with 20 other people in that long sleek boat.   If you would like to check out the race times, then visit this website. 











Product Review: Cache Lake Camping Foods

"Camping food so good, you'll want to eat it at home."  This is a true statement about Cache Lake Camping Foods.  They make a variety of excellent products for camping including Fryin' Pan Breads, soups, and salads.  We love their fryin' pan breads that only take 5 minutes to make and come in a variety of flavors including my favorite, cinnamon.  They have numerous items that are made with wild rice including their Blueberry Wild Rice Pancakes and another one of my favorites Wild Rice Vegetable Salad.  This salad is the perfect item for a long canoe trip when you are craving some fresher fare after a few days of freeze dried food.  Cache Lake's products taste great and are inexpensive compared to normal freeze dried foods.  Try some on your next camping trip and you may find yourself eating it at home too!



Voyageur Canoe Outfitters

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Camping Food: My favorite part of the day when I'm out camping is mealtime, I love to sit around the campfire and watch Mike cook dinner!  Voyageur has a huge menu selection we provide for our guests and it is always fun to pick and choose from the fresh and freeze dried items.  We have added some great items to our menu and enjoyed grilled lobster tail on our last trip.  Having an outfitter pack your food is an easy way to go since they know the good foods and will have them all ready for you upon your arrival.  However, some people love to pack their own food for a canoe camping or backpacking trip.  They spend weeks dehydrating their own sauces, fruits, and meat and then vaccuum pack it so it is ready for the trip.  With the amount of easy to prepare food in the supermarkets these days it isn't as big of a challenge as it used to be.  You can find dried soup mixes, noodle dishes, and even tuna in a convenient pouch.  One thing to keep in mind for packing food for the BWCA or Quetico is that you cannot have cans or bottles in either parks.  Here are some helpful tips in packing food for a canoe camping trip.

  • Re-package boxed food items into ziplocks or plastic bags.
  • Do not use twist ties, they are too easy to lose, just tie a knot in the bag.
  • If you do not have a vaccuum sealer then press, squeeze, or suck all air out of the plastic bag.
  • Re-package items into disposable plastic containers that are just the right size.
  • If the food item has "sticky spill potential"(jelly, peanut butter, oil), then re-package it in a re-sealable container and bag it in case of a leak.
  • Most of all, have fun and eat well!




 Fishing Report  

GripNWeigh-  Here is a new gadget for the fishing afficionado.  It is a handy digital fish scale from XTOOLS.  It has a fish gripper that allows you to control and lift your fish and weigh it at the same time.  It weighs fish up to 25 pounds and will store the 5 heaviest fish caught in it's memory.  It has a watertight electronic housing and it even floats.  The GripNWeigh works in both saltwater and freshwater and costs around $80.00.  You can find them at some Gander Mountain stores as well as Cabelas.  You can order them online at just do a search on products and enter the GripNWeigh.  The only downfall to this product is that it eliminates all of the guessing and exaggerations about how big that fish really was!