Voyageur Quote:  "Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after." Henry David Thoreau  



Weather Report

There has been ample rainfall and no concern as to whether or not there will be a fire ban anytime soon.  The land is saturated, the lake levels high and temperatures low.  The forecast is for highs in the 60's and lows in the high 40's for the next week.  It doesn't feel like summer is here but it's great paddling weather so come on up and enjoy it. 



Camp Bear 









Animals Everywhere-  This is the bear who has been visiting all of our neighbors, and has now been visiting us.  We have found it in our garbage truck on a couple of different occasions.  He is a young bear that hasn't learned to be afraid of people yet and is barely afraid of our dogs.  His mother is a large bear and weighs over 300 pounds. 

The moose are out everywhere.  A cow and her last year's calf can be found almost every evening on Moose Pond Road.  They are eating water plants and leaves from low hanging trees.  Along the entire Gunflint Trail there have been numerous moose spotted including a majestic bull that always hangs out in his favorite swamp.

There are many deer on the Gunflint Trail and they can be seen eating in the ditches of the Trail.  There is one that is either on lookout or that is suicidal since it likes to play on the curves in the middle of the road near the Cross River.




Moccassin Flower or Stemless Lady-slipper








What's New?

There are a few new varieties of wildflowers that have started to bloom in our area over the past couple of weeks.  Our moccasin flowers are in full bloom and are as plentiful as ever.  The Northern Blue Flag that is a native iris is also blooming.  It is a beautiful blue/purple flower that can be found along the edges of water or in other wet soil.  The Columbine are also flowering around our yard and the hummingbirds absolutely love them.  They are a pretty red and yellow flower that are quite fragrant. To learn more about the wildflowers in our area check out this site.

We have had a few groups out in the woods over the past couple of weeks. One is a school group from Pius High School in Milwaukee who had a great time camping and fishing on the Canadian side of the Granite River.  A group of paddlers from St. John's Lutheran Church of Annandale, MN enjoyed their time out in the BWCA as well.  There is always an adventure waiting for you in the wilderness waters of Northeastern Minnesota.




St. Johns' Group    





Book Review 

Gunflint The Trail, The People, The Stories by John Henricksson -

This is a great read about life on the Gunflint Trail.  The Gunflint Trail is surrounded by the Superior National Forest and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.  It is a unique area to live in and has a history rich in character.  John Henricksson has done a great job describing the people of the past and stories about their lives on the Gunflint Trail.  The book also includes an audio CD of people who have lived on the Gunflint Trail.  To order your copy e-mail or give us a call and we'll send you one for $15.00.  



Voyageur Canoe Outfitters

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Bearproofing your campsite-  We haven't heard any reports of bears causing trouble at BWCA or Quetico Campsites yet...  But this time of year before the berries have ripened is when you run a good chance of seeing one out and about.  A group of canoeists in the west arm of Saganaga saw one walking along the shoreline but it did not bother them at all.  When camping in an area where there are bears it is always a good idea to keep a clean campsite.  Bears have great noses and can smell from very far distances.  If you have fish remains then it is best to take the remains away from your site and onto a rock for scavengers to find.  If scavengers have not eaten it by the time you are ready to move camps, then bury the remains underneath  a rock.  When you have food scraps it is best to try to burn them and pack away what doesn't burn.  Never put food scraps into the latrine and always wash your dishes and self at least 150 feet from shore and away from camp.  Remember to leave sweet smelling items including lotions and toothpastes outside of the tent.  You do not want to invite a curious bear inside of your tent.  Keep a clean site and keep the bears away for your stay and for those who come to visit after you.



Kretschmer's Catch! 



Fishing Report  

Fishing Fun-  Tim Kretschmer and his son were fishing on Saganaga and caught and released this nice 29" walleye.  The walleye are biting but still not as aggressively as normal for this time of year.  The ones that our paddlers and guests have been catching have been bigger than normal and they have been releasing numerous 29" walleyes back into the cool waters.  Anglers are catching walleyes on slip bobbers with leeches and crawlers and on Rapalas at dusk.  The Lake Trout are hungry and have been biting nicely on Sutton Spoons and jigging spoons.  Come try your luck at fishing in the Boundary Waters.