Voyageur Quote:  "I will make a palace fit for you and me of green days in forest and blue days at seas." Robert Louis Stevenson  



Weather Report

You can never tell what the weather will be like in May, especially for Opening Fishing.  We experienced a cold front with temperatures dipping below 30 degrees at night, but the 15th of May brought blue skies, sunshine, and temperatures up into the 50's.  The week prior to the opener we had a significant amount of rainfall with cool and cloudy days.  The forecast for the next week is for daytime temperatures into the 60's and lows at night in the 40's, typical for May.  Showers are likely and predicted off and on for the next ten days along with sunshine and patches of cloudiness.  Whatever the weather, there is no better place to experience it than in the great outdoors, so come on up for a visit.





 Spring Peep Frog








Spring Peep Frogs(Pseudacris Crucifer)-  Have you ever driven by a pond or wet area in the Spring and heard a loud screaming type noise?  Some people say it sounds like sleigh bells jingling, but what I hear is much sharper and louder and it is the sound of the Spring Peep Frogs.  These frogs are the first to breed when winter is over and they like to do this in ponds, marshes and ditches.  They are small tan frogs with an X type marking on their back and are only 2-3.7 centimeters in length.  The sound they make is due to their large vocal sacs under their chin.  They pump this sac full of air until it looks like a balloon and then they let out the air with a sharp, high-pitched peep. To hear what they sound like and learn more about the Peep Frog you can visit this website.  After breeding the peep frogs disperse and move into the woodlands leaving the once noisy ponds quiet once again.



Front Row: Alex, Amber, April                  Back Row: Scott, Joyce, Josh, Abby










What's New?

Summer Crew Members arrive at Voyageur!  The season is here and with it are some bright and shiny faces that are ready to greet you when you arrive.  Amber and April are back for their second summer and Alex and Scott are here for their first full season at Voyageur.  Scott isn't new to the wilderness or Voyageur since he spent two weeks with us last year and has taken numerous wilderness trips.  Alex isn't new to the area either as he grew up spending his summers across the Seagull River at the Gunflint Wilderness Camp where his parents were the directors for 17 years.  It's always fun to welcome our summer crew to Voyageur and we look forward to the arrival of our five other seasonal staff.

Anglers and paddlers are enjoying the great outdoors and we have had quite a few of them pass through Voyageur already this season.  It is so much fun to see excited people preparing for their canoe trip and the smiles on their faces upon their return.  We are ready for the steady flow of visitors to the Boundary Waters and Voyageur.










Product Review 

Sospenders - If you are an adult who can swim then this is the PFD for you.  The Scout Belt Pack by Sospenders is the most comfortable, lightweight PFD there is.  It is a Type V User-Assisted Inflatable Belt Pack Style PFD that is U.S. Coast Guard approved only when worn.  It is so small that it would never get in your way so you would have no reason to not wear it. A life vest will save your life so you want one that you are willing to wear all of the time.  Sospenders has a complete line of self-inflating PFD's that will automatically inflate upon contact with water.  These are perfect for people of any age or swimming ability.  To learn more about Sospenders be sure to check out their website.

We have both the Scout model by Sospender available that retails for $69.95 and the Sport Series Inflatable PFD for $89.95.  You can purchase one by e-mailing or calling us or you can win a Scout model by being the 9th person to e-mail us after forwarding our newsletter to 5 people.(We'll trust you did it!)




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May Specials 


Skills USCG Classification of Inflatable PFDs

  • Type I: Recommended for offshore cruising, racing and fishing. Ideal for rough conditions and for situations where rescue may be delayed.
  • Type II: NEAR-SHORE VEST is intended for calm, inland water or where there is a good chance of quick rescue. World Class and Sentinel SOSPENDER Inflatable PFDs are approved for offshore sailing and power boating. Inflatable Type II PFDs will turn most people from face down to face up breathing position.
  • Type III: Good for conscious users in calm, inland water, or where there is a good chance of quick rescue. It is designed so wearers can place themselves in a face-up position in the water. This type inflatable turns as well as a Type II foam PFD. Manual inflated PFDs are classified as Type III because of reliance on user to activate and (in the case of belt packs) don the unit.
  • Type IV: THROWABLE DEVICE is intended for calm, inland water with heavy boat traffic, where help is always present. It is designed to be thrown to a person in the water and grasped and held by the user until rescued.  It is not designed to be worn. Type IV devices include buoyant cushions, ring buoys, and horseshoe buoys. There are no inflatable type IV devices.
  • Type V: A TYPE V PFD, SPECIAL USE DEVICE is intended for specific activities and may be carried instead of another PFD only if used according to the approval condition(s) on its label. A Type V PFD provides performance of either a Type I, II, or III PFD (as marked on its label). If the label says the PFD is "approved only when worn" the PFD must be worn, except for persons in enclosed spaces and used in accordance with the approval label, to meet carriage requirements. Some Type V devices provide significant hypothermia protection. Varieties include deck suits, work vests, board sailing vests, and vest with safety harness
  • Type V Inflatable w/ Safety Harness: A TYPE V, Inflatable PFD with Safety Harness is approved as a Type V PFD because its use to prevent falls overboard presents several risks. The Coast Guard has not assessed potential for personal injury as a result of fall arrest. The safety harnesses are designed to be worn at the chest area, to reduce injury potential due to shock loads. Thus, the harness belt must always be worn at least 2 inches above the lowest rib measured from the bottom of the harness belt and adjusted to a tight personal fit. In case of capsizing, or sinking, the boat may take you down, resulting in death. DO NOT attach to boat unless being worn with tether of less than 6.5 feet in length and with quick-release-under-load hardware. READ SAFETY HARNESS SECTION OF OWNER'S MANUAL for intended use. ALERT! Under no circumstances should the safety harness be used for any climbing activity.(taken from the USCG)


Luke with his Catch



Fishing Report  

Take a Kid Fishing- Fishing is a life-long sport anyone can participate in.  It is an inexpensive, easy, outdoor activity that can help foster family values and assist children in emotional and social development.  It also teaches kids to appreciate the great outdoors and all it has to offer.  Fishing is a way to bring families together and the Minnesota DNR helps you do this by sponsoring a Take A Kid Fishing Weekend on June 11-13th.  Adults may fish without a license during this time if they are accompanying a child under the age of 16.  Ontario has their own version of this for Canadian Residents from July 9-11th during their National Fishing Week which runs from July 3-11th.  Do yourself and any child you know a favor by teaching them the joys of fishing this summer.  Check out this site to find fun fishing stuff for kids to do.

The fishing opener was pretty good with guests catching a few walleyes each day.  They weren't jumping in the boat but they were out there and the northern pike and lake trout were out there too.  Water temperatures are pretty cold yet but as it warms up the fishing will will just get better and better.