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Pileated Woodpecker


Weather Report

March is the time of year on the Gunflint Trail with the most predictable weather, it is predictable in the sense that you can never tell what the weather will be like. We've had temperatures in the 40's one day, then 20's the next, bright sunshine one day and 6 inches of snow the next.  This will most likely continue throughout the month of March and probably into April.  We will continue to keep our shovels on our doorstep and rakes in the closet while the temperatures alternate from freezing to thawing.  A predictable state of constant change that allows us to continue our winter sports of cross-country skiing, ice fishing, snowmobiling and snowshoeing well into April.  If you are looking for a little more winter, then come on up to the Gunflint Trail, there's more in store for us this Spring.


Pileated Woodpecker(Dryocopus pileaturs)-  This is the largest and most distinguished woodpecker around.  We were recently awakened by a pileated woodpecker pecking on a tree outside of our window one morning.  They are most active in the morning and they peck on trees to find insects as well as to gain access into the hollowed out tree for a place to live.  Pileated woodpeckers will sometimes create 1-16 different entrances in the same tree and these holes can be used to escape predators.  They prefer to live in pine forests with widely spaced trees for room to fly around.  The pileated woodpecker is 16-19" in length and is comparable in size to a crow.  It is easily recognized by it's prominent red head and looks like no other bird.  It's black body with white throat and long beak make it extremely distinct in the bird world.  To learn more about the pileated woodpecker and to hear one you can go to this site. 



Voyageur Canoe Outfitters

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Mike and Sue Prom

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Remember...  For those of you who live near Milwaukee and are looking for something to do it's Sport Show time.  Mike and Sue Prom from Voyageur will be in booth #715 until the 22nd of March.  The show is located at the State Fairgrounds and Mike and Sue would love to talk about your wilderness canoe trip.

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Act celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year. The Public Law 95-495  was passed in 1978 and is what created the BWCA.  Prior to this Act there were no motor restrictions, quotas or permits needed to travel, camp or fish in the area.  Boats with motors and snowmobiles could be used to access all of the lakes for fishing or camping.  Residents and businesses were involved in the process of creating the BWCA and the rules and regulations.  There were many sacrifices made in order to create the park as it exists today.  Special interest groups are continually challenging the law and promises that were made regarding this wilderness area.  There are always disputes about our wonderful wilderness area and our newsletter will keep you abreast on issues that threaten the intent of this law.  If you want to see the BWCA Law as it was created then you can read the actual 1978 Act at this site. 







Canoe Trip Pack List-  Ever wonder what you need to pack for a wilderness canoe camping trip?  We have the pack list for you.  Our new business cards have this pack list printed on the backside so e-mail us today for your very own copy.

Voyageur Canoe Outfitter's BWCA Checklist

  • Canoe, PFD, Paddles and Yoke Pads
  • Spare Paddle, Bailer, Throw Rope
  • "Duluth" Packs w/ Liner
  • Tent, Fly, Ground Cloth
  • Sleeping Bag, Liner, Camp pillow, Stuff Sack
  • Sleeping Pad
  • Cook Kit , Utensils, and Clean up kit
  • Water Filter and Water Bottle
  • Stove, Lantern and Fuel
  • Fire Grate (Quetico)
  • Matches, Lighter, Fire Starter
  • Camp Shovel
  • Saw and/ or Axe
  • Kitchen Fly and Utility Cord
  • Bear Hanging Rope
  • Food, Snacks and Staples
  • Maps, Case, Compass, GPS
  • First Aid Kit, Repair Kit with Duct Tape
  • Camp Chair, Hammock
  • Camera and Film
  • Headlamp, Flashlight
  • Book, Journal and Pencil
  • Playing Cards, Hacky Sack
  • Pocket Tool, Filet Knife
  • Hat, Sunscreen, Lip Balm
  • Mosquito Spray, Head Net
  • Sunglasses, Extra Glasses or Contacts
  • Fishing Gear
  • Gore-Tex Boots, Sandals, Moccasins
  • Underwear, Bras, Socks
  • T Shirt and Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Shorts, Swimsuit
  • Long Pants or Zip Offs
  • Sweat Shirt, Flannel or Fleece
  • Gore-Tex Rain Suit




 Backpackers Pantry

 Outback Oven






Product Review 

Backpackers Pantry Outback Oven -Remember the days of packing your heavy dutch oven along on camping trips just so you could have fresh baked goods while out on your trip?  You needed a good fire going so you had some great coals for using your large dutch oven.  The temperature was so difficult to regulate that first you found your cake burning and then after raking coals away and waiting two hours you still found the cake raw in the middle.  Well now there is no reason to start a fire or to break your back just to have delicious baked food on your outing.  Backpackers Pantry makes an Outback Oven that you can use over a camp stove.  It is lightweight and easy to use and even comes with a thermometer so you can regulate the temperature in the oven throughout your baking.  They also have some tasty items that we have on our menu including, pizza, apple pie, brownies and focaccia bread.  If you would like to win an Outback Oven then be the 9th person to tell us your favorite food to prepare while on a camping trip.  Bring an outback oven on your next camping trip and you will be delighted at how easy it is to prepare fresh baked goods in the woods.

Congratulations to Sampson Parsons the winner of last newsletter's Aurora  Headlamp from Princeton Tec Products.







Fishing Report  

Quetico Park Fishing Information- There are always different rules and regulations when you fish in different states and different countries.  Since the Quetico Park is located in Ontario, these are the rules anglers must follow if they want to fish.  One interesting rule is that leeches may only be used in the Quetico if they were purchased in Canada.  There is only one place to purchase leeches on the Canadian side of Saganaga Lake and that is at Chippewa Inn.  It doesn't count if you travel to Canada to purchase them and then drive back into the U.S., the leeches are not allowed to leave Canada!  Live bait fish are also not allowed in the Quetico Park unless they are purchased in Canada so most anglers bring night crawlers for their bait. The crawlers must be packaged in artifical worm bedding and not in dirt in order to be transported into Canada.  For those of you who have ever purchased your Canadian Fishing License at a Quetico Park Ranger Station then you know that this process can take up a considerable amount of your paddling time.  You may want to save time by purchasing your license in advance.  There is a website that you can do this at for an added cost of $9.00/license.  They recommend purchasing your license at least two weeks in advance and will take credit cards or money orders for payment.  You can also purchase your license over the phone by calling toll-free1-800-667-1940.  This is the Ministry of Natural Resources and they charge an additional $7.00 per license and suggest purchasing your license 4-6 weeks in advance of your trip.  They have an informative website that has the different types of licenses available for non-residents and the costs.  Be sure to check it out for more information about fishing in the Quetico Park.