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VIDEO: Otters Spotted on a Fall Hike

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Winter in the Wilderness

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"Beauty is composed of many things and never stands alone. It is part of horizons, blue in the distance, great primeval silences, knowledge of all things of the earth... It is so fragile it can be destroyed by a sound or thought. It may be infinitesimally small or encompass the universe itself. It comes in a swift conception wherever nature has not been disturbed."

Sigurd F. Olson

Fall on the Gunflint Trail

The leaves have fallen to the ground and the trees are bare. The loons have departed for warmer climates and the ponds and bays are covered in ice.  All inhabitants of the Gunflint Trail are preparing for winter. People are pulling docks, stacking wood and putting away the toys of summer. Animals are gathering food, reinforcing their homes and changing colors to make it through the winter.

We've had snow flurries in the air but we don't have any snow covering the ground yet. It's been a couple of weeks since our last canoe groups returned from the wilderness and with the threat of being iced in, no more canoe groups will go out until next summer.  

We cherish the quiet days on the Gunflint Trail even as they become shorter and darker.  The slow pace of life on the Gunflint Trail in the fall gives us the opportunity to be thankful for the wonderful summer we had and all of our guests past, present and future.  

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Hiking Boots On!

Fall is the time of the year when I take time to hike in the BWCA, on the Gunflint Trail and on the North Shore. Our area has so many awesome places to hike. When the water gets too cold for paddling and the wind too strong for my comfort I strap on my hiking boots and hit the trails.

I'm lucky to live at the end of the Gunflint Trail where I'm surrounded by numerous trails. Less than 2 miles away I can access the hiking trails at Chik-Wauk Museum and Nature Center or the Seagull Lake Nature Trail.

The Border Route Hiking Trail has many spur trails for hiking in the Boundary Waters. I like the hike to Horsetail Falls via the Crab Lake Trail and this fall while on the Mucker Lake Trail I saw otters.

When spending time in Grand Marais, Minnesota I like to hike the Superior Hiking Trail. There are short hikes to vistas like Oberg Mountain or long hikes along rivers like the Devil Track. And don't forget the hike to the Highest Waterfall is in our neck of the woods as well as Eagle Mountain, the highest mountain.

Any time is a great time to hike in Cook County but hiking in the fall when the bugs are gone and my paddle is put away is my favorite time to get my hiking boots on.


Winter Visits to Voyageur

Have you ever thought about visiting Voyageur in the winter? It's a magical place when the ground is covered with snow and the lakes solid with ice. There are many activities to enjoy including ice fishing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling as well as events to choose from.

This year there are three dog sled events happening on or around the Gunflint Trail.  My favorite is the Mush for a Cure which I am one of the organizers of. It's a great event for an even greater cause happening March 8-10th. Then there's the Beargrease January 27, 2013 and new this year the  Gichigami Express Dog Sled race January 6-8th, 2013. 

We encourage you to give winter a try on the Gunfint Trail with Voyageur Canoe Outfitters.

Need A New Canoe or Pack?

The canoe season is over but it will be back before we know it. We've been going through our equipment and decided to put some canoes and packs on sale.  Do you need or want a new canoe or pack? Christmas is right around the corner why not give yourself an early gift? Check out our inventory today!

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