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Sunset in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness
Boundary Waters Sunset


Don Shelby says, "I spend a lot of quality time in the Superior-Quetico. The Quetico is particularly special to me. On our last trip, I asked Mike Prom of Voyageur Canoe Outfitters to find us a remote route. He found one with three lakes and a river with no names. We were alone. Exactly the way I wanted it. When I go into the Quetico, I rely on Voyageur Canoe Outfitters, whether it's a tow or complete outfitting, nobody does it better."

Boundary Waters Fishing

Fishing & Camping in the Boundary Waters
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Catching fish in the BWCA
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Winter in the BWCA
Winter Camping in the BWCA
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Hudson Bay Expedition safe and sound
The Voyageur Hudson Bay Expedition Crew

"I cannot endure to waste anything as precious as autumn sunshine by staying in the house. So I spend almost all the daylight hours in the open air.
-- Nathaniel Hawthorne

Summer Departs & Autumn Arrives

Nathaniel Hawthorne did a perfect job describing what I feel every autumn. I just can't stand to be inside on a late summer day if it's sunny outside. It makes me feel anxious to be cooped up inside and I start to think about the dwindling warm days.  I get the urge to soak up the sunshine and savor it so I can clearly remember the feeling when winter arrives and it's twenty below zero.

I would think I could get used to the seasons changing and be better able to adjust but each time it's like mourning the death of a friend. I love summer but it's the same thing when winter is coming to an end and I wonder when the last time I can cross-country ski will be. As winter ends I feel the same restlessness as I do at the end of summer.

I guess I'll just have to work outside during the daylight hours and inside when the sun goes down. Soon the hours of daylight will dwindle and I'll be inside by 5:00pm when it gets dark.  I'm going to enjoy the warmth of the sun's rays while it lasts and take each day one at a time.

August treated us with beautiful weather for canoe camping in the wilderness. The temperatures were warm and heated up the water nicely for swimming.  The high temperature for the month was 88.4 degrees and the average temperature was 65 degrees.   Only a few days saw rain fall from the sky  for a total of 1.38" of precipitation.  The nights were comfortable for sleeping in a tent and the lowest temperature was 43.9 degrees..

September is here and with it one of the best months for canoe camping in the BWCA or Quetico Park. The lack of bugs is appreciated as well as the decline in the number of canoe trippers. The wildlife emerges with a sense of urgency as they prepare for the winter season. If you can find the time to take a canoe trip this September then we urge you to do so. September in the canoe country is something you don't want to miss out on.

Deals, Steals and Free Meals

You should know by now there isn't such a thing as a free lunch but we will be offering other deals and steals to subscribers of our "Boundary Waters Blog Lady Bargain Bulletin."  As a recipient of this newsletter you will automatically be subscribed to the new "Bulletin" but can choose to opt out at any time.  But don't worry, you'll still receive this newsletter.

The Boundary Waters Blog Lady Bargain Bulletin will announce things like a last minute offer on lodging or outfitting, specials on used gear for sale, new camping products, limited quantities of special packages and much more.  We're very excited to be able to offer our loyal readers this opportunity.  Some items may be time sensitive so be sure to open the email right away so you won't miss out on anything.  Keep your eyes open this next week and we'll look forward to offering you some great deals, steals and who knows, maybe even a free meal!

Canoes For Sale

Part of the reason people love outfitting with Voyageur Canoe Outfitters is because of the quality and condition of our equipment. We have been replacing almost half of the fleet of canoes each year and would ideally like to replace them all each year.

This means you have the opportunity to purchase used canoes for a great price. This year we have a variety of canoes available for a broad range of prices.
  • 17' Alumacrafts aluminums for sale from $450 - $900
  • 17' Wenonah Spirit II in Royalex from $500 - $900
  • Wenonah MN II in Kevlar from $1450 - 1650 (1 to 2 seasons old)
  • Wenonah Boundary Waters canoes at $1600 (all one season)
  • New CanYaks at $1800 (new this year)
  • 3 person Wenonah Kevlars from $900 - 1650
Details for purchasing a canoe...
A deposit of $250.00 for non Kevlar canoes and $500.00 for Kevlar canoes holds your canoe. Deposits are refundable if you don't want the canoe after inspection. Some canoes are available for pick up now and some after October 1st. We can help make delivery arrangements to areas around the Twin Cities and possibly Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. We can also make arrangements to store your canoe until next season. Please call with any questions you may have. 1-888-CANOEIT

Fall Fishing in the Wilderness Waters

The great thing about fish in the wilderness waters of the Boundary Waters and Quetico Park is they like to bite.  Many canoe groups don't even bring along a rod and a reel on their canoe trip.  Needless to say there isn't much fishing pressure and the catching is pretty simple.

The smallmouth bass and northern pike fishing is tremendous all summer long and into the fall.  You can troll a spoon, jig a crawler, cast a lure and almost always catch something within an hour.  Even on a hot sunny day you can catch fish if you're in the right place.

Fall is a great time to catch trophy northern pike as well as lake trout.  The trout spawn in the fall and head to the shallower waters once the water temperature cools off again.

Walleye fishing is most consistent in the early summer but you can still catch them throughout the summer.  Our guests caught a couple yesterday in the Seagull River and Mike's Quetico group caught a bunch while in the Quetico Park last week.  With the no live bait law in the Quetico those walleye were caught using artificial bait. 

If you want to catch fish then come on up and give it a try.  We have fishing poles available for rent and would love to hear some new fish stories.

Winter in the Wilderness

Winter in the Boundary Waters is a magical experience. We've been selfish and have pretty much kept the place to ourselves during this wonderful time. Mike has been talked into taking a few groups out into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness for a winter camping trip over the years and all who experience it love it.

This year we are feeling a little less selfish and are offering a few people the opportunity to winter camp with Voyageur. We want these adventures to happen so we are pre-selling a few packages at half off the regular price. We have a limited number of packages and to secure a private guide for your trip you'll need to purchase 6 packages. The trips are offered most weekends from January 6-April 4th but you don't need to know your dates in order to purchase the voucher that expires in 2013.

A winter camping trip is an awesome adventure. You'll snowshoe into the BWCA and spend your nights in a canvas tent complete with a wood stove. Everyone helps with camp chores like collecting firewood, gathering water and cooking but in spare time guests can fish, relax or explore the winter wonderland.

The deal includes a group guide, camping gear, sleeping bag and food. Guests must bring their own winter clothing & boots. We'll provide a list of what to bring along. Snowshoes are available to rent & fishing licenses for purchase.

Original cost $999- purchase from now until September 9th for only $499.50. Click here to purchase the voucher online. Feel free to email or call with any other questions you may have or to book your dates.


Celebrating 50 Years of Promoting Wilderness Trips

The Voyageur Hudson Bay Expedition Crew made it safely to Hudson Bay. After paddling, portaging and camping for 77 days and traveling 1300 miles they arrived at York Factory Hudson Bay. They took a float plane from there to Gilliam, a train from Gilliam to Winnipeg and the Voyageur Crew drove them from Winnipeg to Voyageur for their welcome home party on August 15th. The guys shared tons of great stories, photographs and a display of their equipment.

Two of the Voyageur Crew took BWCA canoe trips with family and friends just 2 days after spending 77 nights camping. These are true wilderness Voyageurs who are just as comfortable on the ground as they are in a bed.

The Voyageur Hudson Bay Crew has joined the ranks of only a handful of other wilderness explorers who have paddled from Lake Superior to Hudson Bay. Congratulations guys, we're proud of you!