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Riverside Cabin is Available June 6-15th, 2014  Call for Additional Vacancies throughout the summer.


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Come See Us at Voyageur
Come See Us At Voyageur


“... there's a silent voice in the wilderness that we hear only when no one else is around. When you go far, far beyond, out across the netherlands of the Known, the din of human static slowly fades away, over and out.”
Rob Schultheis, Fool's Gold: Lives, Loves, and Misadventures in the Four Corners Country

Summer is Here
We thought summer would never come but here it is. The leaves on the trees have appeared, the loons have returned and the lakes are liquid once again.
Our guests have been having a great time in the Boundary Waters, Quetico Park and at Voyageur. The fishing has been fantastic with lots of big fish being caught. Many walleyes over 30" have been caught and released back into Saganaga Lake. Lake Trout fishing has been terrific too and soon the bass will be biting like crazy. 
Wildlife sightings have been numerous. There are quite a few neighborhood moose on Sag Lake Trail and a few bears as well.  The loons are singing, eagles soaring overhead and rabbits are hopping around.
Summer is here and the only thing missing is you! We hope you will come visit us at Voyageur this summer.

It's Going Great

Sometimes when people ask you, "How's it going?" you just respond with the normal, "Everything is great!" even if you don't mean it. Well, this year when people have asked us that question and we've given that answer we really mean it.
Things are going great at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters and we couldn't be happier.  We were sad to see Mike and Ashley leave but we have found some great folks to take their place and help out at Voyageur.
Jacob and Meg are here and are doing an outstanding job. Things haven't looked this clean and organized at Voyageur since, well, maybe never! Jacob likes things neat and clean and it is evident everywhere. The outfitting building and equipment is in tip-top shape.
Meg is helping guests in the office, store and on the telephone. She's cheerful, helpful and has learned things quickly. She makes multi-tasking look easy and we know you'll love her.
Mark, Matt and Evan have returned and of course Elsa. Elsa has been cooking in the kitchen and our guests and crew are thrilled. We're serving evening meals on certain nights and Elsa has been preparing delicious entrees. If you are coming up on a canoe trip or for a vacation then find out if you can take part in one of our servings, you'll be happy you did.
New crew has arrived for the summer too.  Hannah, Abigail, Kira, Paul, Luke and Tony have joined us and they are all awesome. Some things get better with age and I believe my ability to hire "winners" is one of them.  These guys are friendly, enthusiastic go-getters whose primary job is to make our guests happy.  They have done an outstanding job so far according to Matt Blue.
"The Blues had a GREAT time at the BWCA and having Voyagers be our outfitter. Mike and team are first class people and know their business."
Come find out for yourself, the Voyageur Crew is ready to serve you!
Visit Voyageur During Great Outdoors Month

It's always a great time to visit Voyageur but if you can do it during Great Outdoors Month this June then that would be terrific. Outdoor recreation provides many benefits to those who go outside to play.  You can reduce stress and anxiety and improve your mood by spending just a little bit of time outside so think about how good it would be to spend a week in the woods.


President Obama's proclamation this year stated, "Great Outdoors Month is a time for all Americans to share in the natural splendor of which we are all proud inheritors. Whether camping, fishing, rock climbing, or playing in a neighborhood park, nature offers each of us the opportunity to get active, explore, and strengthen our bonds with family and friends. This month, let us celebrate our natural heritage by experiencing it together."


A canoe camping trip in the BWCA or Quetico Park would be good for you any time.  Sitting on a rock, listening to the waves lap or the wind in the trees is good for your soul.  Everyone needs time to unwind and there is no better place to do so than in the wilderness.


We encourage you to get outdoors this month and every month. We also want to be a part of your outdoor adventure so we hope you will include us this June or whenever you plan your next wilderness vacation.



50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act

Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law the Wilderness Act on September 3, 1964. This set aside 9.1 million acres of land for the use and enjoyment of people. Although the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness had been protected since 1926 the new Wilderness Act made the BWCA a part of the National Wilderness Preservation System. We are so thankful this pristine area of Minnesota has been protected so people have a true wilderness to explore via canoe.
There are wilderness celebrations happening during the summer throughout the United States. We don't have an event planned specifically for the anniversary at this time but we hope you will celebrate with us by visiting the Boundary Waters this summer.