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Boundary Waters Winter Scene
Boundary Waters Winter Scene

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Kids enjoying the ski trails

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Lynx track compared to my camera lens cover


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  Voyageur Crew at Mush for a Cure
Tessa, Kristi, Mike, Sue and Chelsea

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Nice Saganaga Lake Trout 

Ham Run Half Marathon
 Ham Run Half Marathon and 5k Fun Run

Brave, Bald and Beautiful
Brave, Bald and Beautiful at Mush for a Cure

"I know now as men accept the time clock of the wilderness, their lives become entirely different. It is one of the great compensations of primitive experience, and when one finally reaches the point where days are governed by daylight and dark...where one eats if hungry and sleeps when tired... when one finally arrives at the point where schedules are forgotten... and becomes completely immersed in the ancient rhythms, then one begins to live."

Sigurd F. Olson

Rain, Sleet and Snow

     Mother Nature certainly was kind to us this March.  She provided cold temperatures that helped to keep our snow in perfect condition for this year's Mush for a Cure on March 11th and 12th.  Almost immediately after that the temperatures warmed up and even soared into the 40's for a few days.
     St. Patrick's Day brought us over a half of an inch of rain and then over the next two days over an inch of new snow fell.  The first day of Spring we received a mixture of snow and rain. 
     The last few days we've experienced a cold spell so the average temperatures have been just that, average.  The average high 29.7, the average low 11.69 and the overall average 24.7 at Poplar Lake.  It's a bit cooler up here at Voyageur but nobody keeps track.  We've received .6 inches of rain and only 5.95 inches of snow.  We didn't get any snow this last week when they predicted we'd get another 8-12 inches.
     Most people were happy we didn't get dumped on again with more snow.  I wasn't one of those people.  Not only do I love winter but I also want the water levels to be up this spring and the ground to be saturated.
     Mud season will be back once the temperatures warm up again, whether we like it or not.  There's no avoiding it unfortunately.  But soon after that the paddling season will be upon us so make some plans to come see us soon.

      In case you didn't know it Voyageur Canoe Outfitters is on Facebook.   We have a business page you can like and a group page you can become a member of.  We invite you to visit our pages, post your photos and join in the online discussions.
     There's a discussion out there about Luxury Canoe Camping Items and although it's been up there awhile not many people have commented.  I would love to find out what your luxury item is so I can compile a list to share with my blog readers. 
     If you would please join the group and comment on the discussion then you may just get a gift in return.  Maybe it's an extra one of your luxury items or a Voyageur patch, you'll never know unless you join and take part in the discussion. 
Hudson Bay Expedition Celebrates Voyageur's 50th Anniversary

     It seems difficult to believe Voyageur has been around since 1961 and even more difficult to imagine Mike and I having been owners since 1993.  We were in our early 20's and both Mike and I had the enthusiasm and energy for an adventure. 
     Now there are four other young men ready for an adventure of a lifetime.  Three of these men have been part of the Voyageur Canoe Outfitter Crew over the years, Andrew Spaeth, Adam Maxwell and Mike Swenson.  The fourth crew member for the Hudson Bay Expedition is Will Tanner who has worked on the Gunflint Trail at nearby Wilderness Canoe Base. 
     They are busily preparing for the three month or more canoe trip from Lake Superior to Hudson Bay.  Calculating mileage, food drops, transportation and more has them pouring over maps on a daily basis.
      Voyageur is sponsoring this trip and we'll be sending them off May 23rd.  We'd love to have you join us.  We'll have details about how you can participate in the weekend's activities coming soon.  Until then you can read blog posts to keep up to date.
Voyageur Canoe Outfitters 1961-2011 50 YEARS!
Wild Life and Death

     In the last Voyageur E-Zine I sent out I wrote about the declining moose numbers in Northeastern Minnesota.  I'm sad to say we have at least one less moose in our neck of the woods since then.
     Last week some cabin owners on Saganaga notified us of a dead moose on the shore of the Saganaga Lake Channel.  I quickly went to investigate the carcass and not long after a biologist from the DNR arrived. 
     We knew the moose had been killed by a pack of wolves since the wolves had been seen and heard howling at night.  There were also tell-tale tracks all over the snow.  The biologist told me the moose was approximately one and a half years old and was a female that looked to have been in good shape.
     Generally only the very old, young or weak moose are taken by wolves but the snow in the woods is very deep.  It looked like the wolves had been chasing the moose on the lake and when she ran to shore she sunk into the snow while the wolves stayed on top of the snow and gained the advantage.
     It wasn't a pretty site but I took pictures anyway.  It's a part of nature and although it upsets me it's the circle of life and death.
     I sighted some new wildlife on our road the other day.  I was driving on Sag Lake Trail when I rounded a corner and saw a lynx lying on the road.  What a surprise to see this beautiful creature right in front of me.  I have only seen a lynx a few other times while out snowmobiling in the Canadian wilderness so I was absolutely thrilled to see one so near Voyageur.
     Experts were always telling us there wasn't a reproducing population of lynx living in Minnesota.  A number of the locals disagreed with the experts and according to a recent article in the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer even the experts were disagreeing with other experts.
     There have been studies and monitoring of lynx in Minnesota over the years.  While there may not be a large population of reproducing lynx in Minnesota there is indeed reproduction happening.  This is good news if you ask me because seeing a lynx in the wild is a wonderful thing and I'd love it if it wasn't such a rare thing.  


Voyageur Vacations

     Don't wait until Memorial Weekend to start off the fishing season. You can visit us at Voyageur as soon as the ice goes off and get some early season fishing in.
      Ice out on Saganaga Lake is normally the first week of May. Northern Pike fishing stays open year round on Saganaga and we'd love to have you come and stay with us at Voyageur.
      We're including a boat and motor rental, gas and Boundary Waters Day Use Motor Permits with any new 3-night or more stay at Voyageur from ice out until May 24th.  We have cabins available so gather some friends and head to Voyageur for some early season fishing.

A Little Bit of This and That

Fishing Seasons Open and Closing- The ice fishing season for lake trout both inside and outside of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area closes on March 31, 2011.  It's been a phenomenal year for catching lake trout on Saganaga Lake and our guests had a blast catching them.
     Saganaga Lake shares a border with Canada so we can continue to fish for walleye until April 14th.  Northern pike fishing stays open year round on the border so there's no need to quit fishing.
      As soon as the ice goes out we'll be searching the shallows for the trophy northern.  They like to hang out in weedy bays for their spawn so come on up and see if you can catch and release your trophy.
Going to Canada eh?- Don't forget to take care of all of the permits necessary for a Quetico Park canoe trip.  Reserving a Quetico Entry Permit allows you to enter the Quetico Park on a given day.  Upon your check-in at the Ranger Station you'll pay your overnight camping fees for your stay.
     In order to go into Canada you'll need a passport and a Remote Area Border Crossing Permit.  To come back into the United States you need a passport and an I-68 if you don't want to stop in Grand Marais to check-in with authorities. 
     An I-68 costs $16/person 14 and older with a maximum family charge of $32.00.  The cost isn't a big deal but finding the place that issues them in your area may be. Airports or other Customs Border Patrol offices issue the permit that must be renewed in person annually.  
     For more information about Canadian travel please refer to our website.

Mush for a Cure-  We experienced another successful Mush for a Cure  on March 11th-12th.  The mushers raised over $28,000 in pledges and the Bald, Brave and Beautiful Competition brought in $3000.  The Pink Masquerade Ball was a hoot and everyone had a wonderful time raising money for the fight against breast cancer.  If you'd still like to make a donation then feel free to do so by donating through Paypal at this website.

Ham Run Half Marathon- It's going to bigger, better and greener than ever!  The Ham Run Half Marathon and 5k Fun Run is happening on the Gunflint Trail this May 1st, 2011.  Come Run the Trail Less Traveled, we'd love to see you here.