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As long as there are young men with the light of adventure in their eyes or a touch of wilderness in their souls, rapids will be run.

  Sigurd F Olson



Rapids and Rivers Will Run

     According to the folks who know weather the rivers are going to be running high this spring.  Record amounts of snowfall on top of saturated soil from a wet fall could cause flooding in southern Minnesota. 
     Here at the end of the Gunflint Trail in northeastern Minnesota we aren't concerned with flooding.  Our water levels last fall were some of the lowest we had seen and our soil was anything but saturated. 
     We have received a great deal of snow this winter and we still have over three feet of it on the ground.  This should help bring our water levels up to a normal level but that won't happen for a few months yet.
     We still have a month or more of winter fun on the Gunflint Trail.  There's a great packed base of snow on the cross-country ski trails and snowmobile trails.  I'm hoping it's one of those years I can cross-country ski well into April.  I'm going to need that much time if I want to reach my goal of skiing 200 kilometers this winter as I'm only half-way there.
     Our temperatures for February are surprisingly average in spite of 10 days with lows below -10 degrees. If it hadn't have been for the balmy temperatures the week of Valentine's Day then it would have been a very cold February. 
     The average high temperature for this month was 18 degrees, the average low .45 degrees and the average temperature 9.67 degrees.  We received 8.2 inches of snow which is also quite average.  As long as the snow sticks around until March 12th for the 5th Annual Mush for a Cure on the Gunflint Trail I'll be plenty happy with the average weather of February.

Celebrating History with Voyageur's 50th Anniversary

     There once was a young man with the light of adventure in his eyes.  His name was Donald Enzenauer and he moved to the Gunflint Trail and started Voyageur Canoe Outfitters in 1961.  Some 30 years passed by and a young couple with a touch of wilderness in their souls found their adventure at the end of the Gunflint Trail when they purchased Voyageur Canoe Outfitters.  Now, almost 20 years later there are young men with the light of adventure in their eyes and a touch of wilderness in their souls.  They have been a part of the Voyageur Crew and will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Voyageur by re-tracing the path of the early Voyageurs from Lake Superior to Hudson Bay.  Join us on this journey and help us celebrate Voyageur's 50th Anniversary this year.  You'll be able to follow along with information coming soon on our blog
Voyageur Canoe Outfitters 1961-2011 50 YEARS!
More Moose Mortality

     The number of moose in northeastern Minnesota continues to drop at a rapid pace. Last year there were an estimated 5500 moose and this year that number is down to 4900.  That is bad news for people like me who love those long legged creatures.
     Living on the Gunflint Trail I have been spoiled by frequent moose sightings.  We've had them walk in our yard, swim by our dock and pose for us on a number of occasions.  A few years ago we counted 17 moose on the way to town from Voyageur to Grand Marais.  The most we've seen this year was 5. 
     There's been a Moose Advisory Committee, many moose studies and several researchers who have placed radio collars or gps units on moose.  All of these efforts have done nothing to slow the rate at which healthy moose are dying.
      No one knows for sure why the moose numbers are declining.  Some say it's climate change, others say it's because of the deer and yet others say it's because of the wolves.  The MN DNR claims hunting isn't a factor yet last year alone 109 bull moose were killed by hunters and another 33 moose were killed by area band members. 
     In spite of their claim hunting doesn't affect the moose population the MN DNR is reducing the number of licenses by up to 1/2 of previous amounts this year.  If it can save just one moose then I'm all for it, especially if it is one of the moose in my neighborhood where moose hunters normally experience 100 percent success rates. 
     That sort of success shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who has watched a moose graze in a pond alongside of the Gunflint Trail.  Our moose are not afraid of human beings and are quite accustomed to being watched and shot with a camera. 
     A number of moose are also killed each year from collisions with motor vehicles.  There are often reports of calves being ran over as they follow their mother across the road.
     Hopefully all of the research will pay off and biologists will not only learn why the moose mortality is so high but also learn how to slow or stop the decline.  With a little luck the population will begin to rise and we'll be back to counting moose on the Gunflint Trail like some people count sheep to fall asleep at night.

Voyageur Vacations

     If you're looking for a place to enjoy the wilderness without sleeping in a tent then plan to spend some time at Voyageur in one of our cabins
     We have a variety of cabins to choose from including basic camper cabins and lodge units with whirlpool bathtubs.  If you have a big group of people then you'll want to check out our Water's Edge Cabin.
     Water's Edge is situated on the Saganaga channel and has it's own private dock and deck.  It's a spacious cabin with plenty of room for a large group to play or relax. 
     The living and dining room are open and large.  One bedroom has a queen sized bed in it and the other has two twin sized beds.  There are three more twin sized beds in the front room and if that isn't enough room then there's Water's Edge II.
     Water's Edge II is a smaller cabin on the same property as Water's Edge.  It has a queen sized bed and a twin sized bed as well as a small kitchen and bathroom.  It can only  be rented when you are occupying the large cabin and it offers your large group privacy.
     Wherever you stay you'll love vacationing at the end of the Gunflint Trail.  Our guests enjoy day trips into the Boundary Waters, hiking the numerous trails in the area, fishing on Saganaga Lake and visiting the nearby Chik-Wauk Museum and Nature Center.
     There's something for everyone to do or no one has to do anything.  Just relaxing on a deck, listening to the loons and enjoying the peace and quiet is what a vacation at Voyageur is all about. 

A Little Bit of This and That

Winter Lake Trout Fishing- Our guests this winter have been having great luck catching lake trout on Saganaga.  One group of five caught over 14 lake trout in one afternoon.  The fishing has been steady all winter long and folks are having a great time ice fishing in the Boundary Waters.  We've got the whole month of March to fish for lake trout yet and a couple of openings in our lodge unit so come on up and see us at Voyageur.

Permit Reservations- We're reserving lots of permits for people to paddle the BWCA this summer.  Don't worry though, there are still plenty of permits left for a canoe country camping trip in the Boundary Waters. 
     We'll be reserving Quetico Park permits for the month of August now that March is here.  We can reserve permits 5 months in advance of the start date of the trip.  There are also permits available throughout the summer months for the Quetico Park. Don't forget you'll need a passport and Remote Area Border Crossing Permit if you're traveling to Canada.
     Feel free to give us a call toll-free at 1-888-CANOEIT and we'll get your permit for wilderness travel reserved today.

Mush for a CureMush for a Cure a Sled Dog FUNdraiser on the Gunflint Trail will be held on March 11th-12th.  Friday, March 11th is the Pink Masquerade Ball and hair cuts for a cure.  Saturday, March 12th there's a pancake breakfast, kid's carnival, the Brave the Bald and the Beautiful Competition and of course the Mushing extravaganza.  It's going to be a fun time for a great cause and we'd love to see you there.  If you have something you would like to donate as a prize for the mushers or if you'd like to make a donation then visit the website and you can donate through PayPal. 

Ham Run Half Marathon- Registration for this year's Ham Run Half Marathon and 5k Fun Run is underway.  Sunday, May 1st, 2011 folks will run the Trail Less Traveled.  If you're up for the challenge then sign up for the Ham Run today.