BWCA canoe trip into East Bearskin and Pine Lake

E Bearskin Pine

East Bearskin, Canoe, Pine

BWCAW Entry Point 64 East Bearskin
Minimum Trip Length 3 Days

Route Description coming soon.

BWCA Maps Needed:
  • Fisher Maps: F-14
  • McKenzie Maps: 2
  • Voyageur Maps:

Fast Facts:
Lake DNR # Fish Species Maximum Depth Acres Elevation Campsites
East Bearskin 16014600 Lake Trout, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye 66 593.29 1782 2
Alder 16011400 Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye 72 528.92 60 7
Canoe 16011200 Walleye 40 55 30 3
Pine 16019400 Smallmouth Bass, Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout 34 97.72 1467 10

Portages out of East Bearskin Portages out of Alder Portages out of Canoe Portages out of Pine
-NW 100 rod to Aspen Lake
-South 100 rod to Crocodile Lake
-North 86 rod to Flour Lake
-NE 80 rod to Alder
-SE 48 rod to Alder
NW 80 rod to E. Bearskin
-SW 48 rod to E. Bearskin
-NE 22 rod to Canoe
-East 15 rod to Pierz
SW 22 rod to Alder
-SE 48 rod to Crystal
-NE 232 rod to Pine
 -SW 232 rod to Canoe
-NW 80 rod to Little Caribou
-South 62 rod to Vale
-South 85 rod to Gadwall
-North 317 rod to West Pike
-South 150 rod to Long
-NE 2 rod to McFarland
Route Description:

A Short Story:
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