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Memories that will Last a Lifetime

April 26, 2014

It was a four day BWCA voyage that created memories that will last a life time. Friendship Ventures journeyed into the BWCA with 10 boys ages 13-16 years old. Divided into two teams we conquered choppy water, freezing rain, blistering sun, and heavy packs. This trip was a platform for these boys to realize and awaken their true potential. I saw my campers amazed by the wonders of the outdoors, wearing an “AH HA” on their face after every discovery of something new. I watched them stand on the edge of fear as they built the confidence to take a leap, After the water rushes over them revealing the things they afraid of are not so bad. I witnessed the power of empathy and selflessness on portages when someone took on the personal responsible to help out another that was struggling. This Boundary Waters trip was a wonderful experience and Voyageur Canoe Outfitter helped use make it happen. A big thanks to all the staff at Voyageur.

Jason Colvin

Eden Prairie, MN

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